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From UTC #157

Action Who Description Documents Status
157-A1Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the UBA (UAX #9) to note that max_depth of 125 will not change.  
157-A2Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeCreate a proposed update of UAX #9 for Unicode 12.0.  
157-A3Rick McGowanPost a PRI for UAX #9 to close January 7, 2019.  
157-A4Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRewrite R3 of Section 4.8 in the core specification as specified in L2/18-267R, for Unicode version 12.0.L2/18-267RDone
157-A5Ken Whistler, Michel SuignardInvestigate corresponding naming rules in 10646. Done
157-A6Rick McGowanExtend PRI #379 to close January 7, 2019. Done
157-A7Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to correct 3 Wancho character names to U+1E2ED WANCHO TONE TUPNI, U+1E2EE WANCHO TONE KOI, and U+1E2EF WANCHO TONE KOINI. Done
157-A8Lee CollinsProvide a response to L2/18-281.L2/18-281 
157-A9Ken LundeUpdate L2/18-268 by replacing the extension G with the latest extension G.L2/18-268Done
157-A10John JenkinsAdd the fifteen characters documented in L2/18-288 to UAX #45, with status "N", for Unicode version 12.0.L2/18-288Done
157-A11John JenkinsUpdate provisional properties based on L2/18-263 and L2/18-289, for Unicode version 12.0.L2/18-263, L2/18-289Done
157-A12John JenkinsAdd the eleven characters documented in L2/18-290 to UAX #45, with status "N", for Unicode version 12.0.L2/18-290Done
157-A13Ken LundeRespond to authors of L2/18-288 and L2/18-290, with the outcome.L2/18-288, L2/18-290Done
157-A14Ken WhistlerReplace the current IICore radical stroke chart with an update based on L2/18-291.L2/18-291Done
157-A15John JenkinsFix the radical stroke information in UAX #45 for the entries UTC02931 through UTC02934, for Unicode version 12.0.L2/18-292Done
157-A16John JenkinsProvide more correct USource identifiers when printing the radical stroke information.L2/18-292Done
157-A17Ken LundeRevise L2/18-279 based on feedback received in the meeting and submit to IRG.L2/18-279Done
157-A18John Jenkins, Michel SuignardAdd additional property values for U+20063 and U+200DB based on feedback from Ken Lunde (August 2, 2018), in L2/18-274, for Unicode 12.0.L2/18-274Done
157-A19Mark DavisChange the hentaigana (U+1B002 to U+1B11E) to have Identifier_Type=Obsolete, based on feedback from David Corbett (August 7, 2018), in L2/18-274, for Unicode version 12.0.L2/18-274 
157-A20Rick McGowanRespond to David Corbett re feedback on hentaigana identifier type. Done
157-A21Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeRevise the section on choice of simplified versus traditional Chinese in UTS #39 by removing it, for Unicode version 12.0. Done
157-A22Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Williamson re feedback on UTS #39 (July 21, 2018). Done
157-A23Lorna Evans, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTR #53 for publication. Done
157-A24Rick McGowanPost UTR #53. Done
157-A25Rick McGowanClose PRI #378. Done
157-A26Lisa MooreFollow up with Markus Scherer, Richard Ishida, and Addison Phillips regarding possible new ICU break iterator support.  
157-A27Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeCheck wording in UAX #34 based on July 29, 2018 feedback from David Corbett.L2/18-274Done
157-A28Mark DavisCreate proposal for restructuring the information in tables in section 2.4 of UAX #31.  
157-A29Mark Davis, Peter EdbergAdd 36 new ZWJ sequences documented in L2/18-306 to Emoji 12.0 data files.L2/18-306Done
157-A30Mark Davis, Peter EdbergUpdate UTS #51 as necessary for 36 new RGI ZWJ sequences documented in L2/18-306. (No change needed.)L2/18-306Closed
157-A31Mark DavisAdd 55 new ZWJ sequences for people holding hands to Emoji 12.0 data files. Done
157-A32Mark Davis, Peter EdbergUpdate UTS #51 as necessary for 55 new RGI ZWJ sequences for people holding hands. Done
157-A33Mark Davis, Peter EdbergAdd three provisional candidates to the list for Emoji 13.0. Done
157-A34Jeremy Burge, Emoji SubcommitteeReconsider whether to add POTTED PLANT as an additional provisional candidate for Emoji 13.0.  
157-A35Jeremy BurgeCollect information on annotations and ordering for the three new provisional candidates.  
157-A36Jeremy BurgeCollect information on annotations and ordering for new ZWJ sequences.  
157-A37Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Eduardo Marín Silva regarding L2/18-282.L2/18-282Done
157-A38Ken WhistlerAdd U+1E94B ADLAM NASALIZATION MARK to the pipeline. Done
157-A39Deborah AndersonAdd U+1E94B ADLAM NASALIZATION MARK to document requesting future additions. Done
157-A40Rick McGowanLet David Corbett know that UTC will not be updating UAX #31 for Coptic Epact numbers in Unicode 12.0, but will plan for a more extensive revision later. Done
157-A41Mark DavisInvestigate Not_XID listing in IdentifierType.txt for consistency, for Unicode 12.0. See the August 4, 2018 error report from Manish Goregaokar in L2/18-274.L2/18-274 
157-A42Rick McGowanRespond to Manish Goregaokar re August 4, 2018 feedback. Done
157-A43Mark DavisUpdate GraphemeBreakProperty.txt for U+1B35 forUnicode 12.0. Done
157-A44Rick McGowanRespond to David Corbett's feedback of August 11 and 12, 2018 re Grapheme_Cluster_Break property of U+1B35 and UAX #31. Also Jul 22, 2018 on U+166D. Done
157-A45Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the regex under A2 in UAX #31 for Unicode 12.0, as per above consensus 157-C15. Done
157-A46Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt to change general category of U+166D CANADIAN SYLLABICS CHI SIGN fron "Po" to "So" for Unicode 12.0. Done
157-A47Mark DavisRemove U+166D CANADIAN SYLLABICS CHI SIGN from Terminal_Punctuation in PropList.txt in Unicode 12.0. Done
157-A48Ken WhistlerAdjust the collation of U+166D CANADIAN SYLLABICS CHI SIGN so it is in the range of symbols rather than punctuation in DUCET for Unicode 12.0. Done
157-A49Rick McGowanRespond to David Corbett's feedback on July 25 re Arabic confusables. Done
157-A50Rick McGowan, Ben YangDiscuss information on U+05C7 HEBREW POINT QAMATS QATAN, based on David Corbett's feedback comment of August 8, 2018 in L2/18-274 and provide a suggested resolution.L2/18-274Done
157-A51Mark DavisReview David Corbett's feedback on Inconsistent Identifier_Type values for excluded scripts from August 8, 2018 in L2/18-274.L2/18-274 
157-A52Deborah Anderson, Script Ad HocReview David Corbett's feedback on Chakma maayyaa of August 8, 2018; and Indic Siyaq numbers of August 9, 2018 in L2/18-274.L2/18-274Done
157-A53Rick McGowanInform David Corbett of disposition for feedback items of August 8 and 9, 2018. Done
157-A54Rick McGowanRespond to Stephen Davis' feedback of August 22, 2018. Done
157-A55Rick McGowanRespond to Henrique Peron's feedback of August 18, 2018 in L2/18-274 to say that Lithuanian is already supported.L2/18-274Done
157-A56Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from François of August 27, 2018. Closed
157-A57Rick McGowan, Lisa MooreRespond to Charlotte Buff's document L2/18-301 that the UTC reviewed this document.L2/18-301Done
157-A58Deborah AndersonContact Lorna Evans and request that she investigate Syloti Nagri issues in document L2/18-259.L2/18-259Done
157-A59Deborah AndersonAsk Srinidhi and Sridatta for a formal proposal on Vedic gomukha characters.L2/18-287Done
157-A60Rick McGowanCreate a glyph erratum notice for U+A86D PHAGS-PA LETTER ALTERNATE YA based on document L2/18-280 Table 5.L2/18-280Done
157-A61Rick McGowan, Michel SuignardCorrect the glyph in code charts for U+A86D PHAGS-PA LETTER ALTERNATE YA based on document L2/18-280 Table 5, for Unicode 12.0.L2/18-280Done
157-A62Lisa MooreSchedule a phone meeting with authors of L2/18-275R.L2/18-275RDone
157-A63Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/18-303.L2/18-303Done
157-A64Liang Hai, Roozbeh PournaderPrepare a proposal for property changes to NNBSP for Unicode 12.0. Done
157-A64aRoozbeh PournaderUpdate scx property for NNBSP for Unicode 12.0, per Mongolian ad hoc report. Done
157-A65Deborah AndersonContact the Mongolian standards body regarding letters of invitation to the April 2019 Mongolian Working Group meeting, and posting to the e-mail list. Done
157-A66Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMove the last three review notes under section 2.3a.2 (Multiperson Skintones) to a separate PRI document for posting. Done
157-A67Mark DavisChange the Identifier_Type of U+05C7 HEBREW POINT QAMATS QATAN from "Obsolete" to "Uncommon_Use Technical" in IdentifierType.txt, for Unicode version 12.0.  
157-A68Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRelease the Unicode 12.0 beta. Done

From UTC #156

Action Who Description Documents Status
156-A13Mark DavisExplore ramifications of dual Unicode/ISO copyrights for code charts.  
156-A15Roozbeh PournaderReview L2/17-430R and propose results at the next UTC meeting, including file format updates and sync with stakeholders.L2/17-430R 
156-A16Markus SchererReview L2/18-185 and make any recommendations back to the UTC.L2/18-185 
156-A19Markus SchererReview L2/18-187 and make any recommendations for updates to chapters 2 and 3 back to the UTC.L2/18-187 
156-A21Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeReview L2/18-188 and propose any text changes to the UTC. (for the core spec)L2/18-188 
156-A35Michel SuignardCreate a UTN about 10646 collections.  
156-A70Ken Lunde, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #50 to accommodate vertical orientation of right-to-left scripts, for Unicode 13.0.  
156-A71Ken Lunde, Editorial CommitteeCreate a proposed update UAX #50 for Unicode version 13.0.  
156-A72Rick McGowanPost the PRI for proposed update UAX #50, for Unicode 13.0. Closing date TBD.  
156-A80Peter Constable, Editorial CommitteePrepare revisions to the Thai block introduction, to take into consideration issues discussed in L2/18-216 and feedback from the script ad-hoc in L2/18-241. For Unicode version 13.0.L2/18-216, L2/18-241, L2/18-248 
156-A83Mark DavisRefer to document L2/18-207 and section 12 of the script ad-hoc report L2/18-241 (pages 11-12). Look at code points U+0BD7 and U+0BB3 to determine whether any of these should be included in the lookalike confusable files. For Unicode version 12.0.L2/18-207, L2/18-241 

From UTC #155

Action Who Description Documents Status
155-A4Chris Chapman, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare a PUA UAX #29 for Unicode 13.0 including Armenian Punctuation U+055A, U+055F, U+058A; and characters from the blocks Modifier Tone Letters and Modifier Spacing Letters.  
155-A6Chris Chapman, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd a review note to PU UAX #29 for Unicode 13.0 asking whether the fullwidth presentation forms of comma and semicolon should be in MidNum (NFKC variants of comma and semicolon and ASCII semicolon).  
155-A7Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Ken WhistlerDraft a document that outlines considerations for making the emoji properties part of the UCD in Unicode 12.0. (retargeted to Unicode 13.0) In progress
155-A20Michel SuignardDraft a document outlining proposed changes to UTS #46.  
155-A32Liang HaiWork with experts from Inner Mongolia to produce a proposal for additional variation sequences for Mongolian and also explain why a fourth FVS is needed.  
155-A40Peter EdbergConvey to the CLDR-TC the feedback about kMandarin in March 13 error report in L2/18-117, and convey results back to UTC.L2/18-117In progress
155-A51John JenkinsSubmit the five characters in the second table of document L2/18-134 to the IRG for a horizontal extension.L2/18-134 
155-A52John Jenkins, Richard CookDiscuss the four characters in table 1 of document L2/18-134 (on the Unihan mail list) and follow up appropriately.L2/18-134 
155-A84Andy Heninger, Mark Davis, Deborah Anderson, Chris ChapmanInvestigate PRI #372 feedback from fantasai on "Apparent Sentence_Break miscategorizations" (Thu Mar 8 02:36:01 CST 2018) and make suggestions for Unicode 13.0, for UTC #158. (January 2019)  
155-A89Mark DavisDocument extra classes used for testing characters in the segmentation text HTML files for 11.0. [E.g. ZWJ_FE, CM1_CM, etc.] (Retargeted for 12.0.)  
155-A90Mark DavisProvide customized versions of the headers for the segmentation test files, for Unicode 12.0.  
155-A107Deborah AndersonFollow up on section 2G of doc L2/18-168, regarding feedback on Meetei Mayek.L2/18-168 

From UTC #154

Action Who Description Documents Status
154-A3Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeImplement stabilization of UTS #6, UTR #16, and UTR #26 based on document L2/17-414.L2/17-414 
154-A8Jeremy Burge, Emoji SubcommitteePrepare a background document for a PRI on which emoji most need two directions.  
154-A9Rick McGowanPost PRI on emoji directions, to close July 16, 2018.  
154-A10Peter EdbergInclude information about UTC status for emoji proposals in the ESC process document.  
154-A21Liang Hai, Roozbeh PournaderReview the Indic syllabic categories of existing UPADHMANIYA and JIHVAMULIYA.  
154-A43Peter Edberg, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeTake material from L2/18-044 "Encoding emoji vs other characters" as amended in discussion and add to an appropriate location on the Unicode website.L2/18-044 
154-A74Mark DavisAdd 6 CC symbols to the UTS #39 confusables data file(s). (Target: Unicode 13.0.) See L2/17-242R.L2/17-242R 
154-A104Mark Davis, Andy HeningerProduce working draft version of UAX #14 based on document L2/18-050.L2/18-050 
154-A105Mark Davis, Andy HeningerProduce working draft version of UAX #29 based on document L2/18-050. (for Unicode 13.0)L2/18-050 

From UTC #153

Action Who Description Documents Status
153-A77Jeremy Burge, Emoji SubcommitteeReview the feedback on UTS #51 from David Corbett in L2/17-364, and make a recommendation for the September UTC.L2/17-364 
153-A114Roozbeh PournaderFile a ticket on CLDR to make sure the Kashmiri numbering system and exemplars are correct.  
153-A117Peter EdbergReview feedback from Christoph Päper of Oct 20, 2017, on hair color and style, and feedback on ISO character requests.L2/17-364In progress
153-A126Deborah AndersonWork with Martin Hosken and Andrew Glass to specify the order of the Ahom vowel signs. See September 27, 2017 feedback from David Corbett.L2/17-364In progress
153-A128Behnam EsfahbodProduce a draft policy page for version numbering. In progress
153-A129Behnam Esfahbod, Editorial CommitteeDraft an annex to the TC procedures on versioning of specifications, libraries, and other products. In progress

From UTC #152

Action Who Description Documents Status
152-A5aKen Whistler, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft a new section for Chapter 3 on variation selectors and variation sequences, for Version 11.0. (retargeted to 13.0)  
152-A89Mark DavisPrepare a new document based on L2/17-195 limited to Emoji_Explicit_Gender with an explicit list of the characters and rationale for why it is needed as a property for regexes, property APIs, etc.L2/17-195 

From UTC #151

Action Who Description Documents Status
151-A3Paul Hunt, Laurențiu IancuIdentify those accents that cause a soft-dotted character to usually lose its dot, and bring the list to the UTC for further discussion. In progress
151-A36Peter EdbergTake the proposed corrections to kMandarin in L2/17-109 to the CLDR-TC for their review, and respond back to the UTC.L2/17-109In progress
151-A90Laurențiu IancuInvestigate linebreaking properties of double diacritics, based on feedback from David Corbett on PRI #335 of April 29, 2017 22:48:11.  
151-A91Laurențiu IancuReview feedback from David Corbett on PRI #335 of April 29 and May 4, 2017, and make any recommendations for property changes.  
151-A110Andrew Glass, Roozbeh Pournader, Peter ConstableReview PRI #350 feedback "InPC for Newa Vowels" from Richard Wordingham (April 30, 2017). In progress
151-A143Mark Davis, Laurențiu IancuAdd invariant tests for new property and property values from PRI #344.  
151-A147Richard WordinghamCreate a new document addressing the remaining issues for Tai Tham and Lao, for discussion at the next UTC meeting. In progress
151-A149Mark Davis, Markus Scherer, Andy Heninger, Peter EdbergReview the properties in UTS #18 "Full_Properties" to see which if any properties should be removed and/or segmented into another "RL" clause. Also review new properties "VO" and "RI", and consider all Unicode 10.0 properties. (Updated to include Unicode 11.0 properties.) In progress

From UTC #150

Action Who Description Documents Status
150-A14Laurențiu IancuInvestigate inconsistencies in properties reported by David Corbett in feedback on UAX #9, PRI #340, and prepare a recommendation. (post Unicode 10.0) (Retargeted from 11.0 to 12.0 to 13.0)  
150-A32Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #18 to account for the new Regional Indicator property. (And other new properties up through Unicode 11.0). In progress
150-A57Peter Edberg, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeCreate an internal emoji process page based on the L2/16-337R, info from "selection.html", and feedback during the discussion. Consider feedback from Christopher Päper. (See AI 150-A113.)L2/16-337RIn progress
150-A109Liang HaiUpdate the Indic model spreadsheet and prepare a web page version, then invite wider review. Send link to document registrar for snapshot.  

From UTC #149

Action Who Description Documents Status
149-A47Lee CollinsUpdate the Java Bidi part of the Unicode tools from 7.0 to 9.0. (--> 12.0) In progress
149-A50Andy HeningerReview cases where LineBreak and WordBreak are not aligned, for the January 2017 (--> 2018) UTC meeting.L2/16-336 

From UTC #147

Action Who Description Documents Status
147-A76Andy HeningerPropose a solution to the problem he documented in the PRI #322 feedback of April 20, re linebreaking around numbers. (For Unicode 11.0, postponed to 13.0.)  
147-A131Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeCreate a proposed update of UTR #36 with more descriptions of email issues, and the use of RLO to mask dangerous file names.  

From UTC #144

Action Who Description Documents Status
144-A83Laurențiu IancuReview feedback from Richard Gillam in "Other Feedback" of L2/15-189 and formulate a proposal for the next UTC meeting. (for Unicode 12.0 time frame)L2/15-189In progress
144-A91Mark DavisCreate an explicit release process for UTS #51. (retargeted for Emoji 11.0, then 12.0) In progress
144-A92Mark DavisCreate an explicit release process for UTS #39. (retargeted for 10.0, then 11.0, then 12.0) In progress

From UTC #143

Action Who Description Documents Status
143-A56aRoozbeh Pournader, Andrew Glass, Liang HaiInvestigate the 3 bits of feedback from R.S. Wihananto re Javanese, Balinese, and Sundanese in feedback on PRI #297. (retargeted to 10.0, then 11.0, then 12.0)  
143-A62Laurentiu IancuReview descriptions of white space properties in the standard and come up with a proposal for clearer definitions and new text for Section 6.2 of the core spec. (for Unicode 10.0, retargeted to 11.0, then 12.0)  

From UTC #142

Action Who Description Documents Status
142-A6Laurențiu Iancu, Peter EdbergAnalyze the feedback on topic "Swedish connect" in UAX #29 and update text as appropriate. (postponed to 10.0, then 11.0, then 13.0) In progress
142-A23Andy HeningerInvestigate whether any other classes should be included in LB22. (retargeted to Unicode 10.0, then 11.0, then 11.0, then 13.0) In progress
142-A64Laurențiu IancuPrepare a proposal for recommendations to address remaining inconsistencies between word break and sentence break in UAX #29, for Unicode 9.0. (postponed to 10.0, then 11.0, then 13.0) In progress

From UTC #139

Action Who Description Documents Status
139-A67Roozbeh Pournader, Shervin Afshar, Karan MisraPrepare a background document for a PRI based on item 1 in L2/14-136 (Heh in Sorani Kurdish).L2/14-136In progress

From UTC #129

Action Who Description Documents Status
129-A106Mark DavisProduce a document with recommendations for the use and format of regex for validating UCD data, considering the feedback in L2/11-383. (for 10.0, retargeted for 11.0, then 12.0)L2/11-383In progress

From UTC #125

Action Who Description Documents Status
125-A66Roozbeh Pournader, Shervin AfsharDocument recommendation number 9 (about high hamza) of L2/10-455 more thoroughly.L2/10-455In progress

From UTC #121

Action Who Description Documents Status
121-A11aRoozbeh Pournader, Shervin Afshar, Editorial CommitteeCreate background document for PRI for issue #3 (carrierless harakat) in L2/09-358R.L2/09-358RIn progress
121-A27Peter EdbergReformulate the proposal in L2/09-264 to separate locale-dependent (CLDR) items from locale-independent issues which should be in the Unicode Standard.L2/09-264