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From UTC #144

Action Who Description Documents Status
144-A1Lisa MooreFollow up with Kabir re actions 139-A107 and 139-A108.  
144-A2Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #24 to fix the sentence starting "However if it becomes established..." for Unicode 9.0.  
144-A3Roozbeh PournaderUpdate ScriptExtensions.txt to add Bengali for U+A8F1 COMBINING DEVANAGARI SIGN AVAGRAHA for Unicode 9.0.  
144-A4Murray SargentFind out the predominant usage of U+218A and U+218B, and review annotations based on those findings.  
144-A5Rick McGowan, Peter ConstableRespond to Richard Wordingham regarding L2/15-192.L2/15-192Done
144-A6Rick McGowanAsk Michael Everson to correct the Lari glyph, and point to page 5, lower left corner of the 9 items shown, as the model.L2/15-168Done
144-A7Lisa MooreRespond to Georgia re Lari sign.L2/15-168 
144-A8Rick McGowanWhen an updated font is available, post glyph erratum for the Lari sign.  
144-A9Ken WhistlerDo action in 2 and 3a through 3d of L2/15-159.L2/15-159In progress
144-A10Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeImplement 3d and 3f of L2/15-159, as discussed by the Emoji SC.L2/15-159 
144-A11Peter ConstableRequest that the editor of 10646 remove the note about StandardizedVariants.html.  
144-A12Lisa MooreRespond to INFITT, Tamil Nadu, and Gov't of India.  
144-A13Deborah AndersonAdd to our UTC comments on the DAM2 ballot a request to remove the 55 Tamil Supplement characters from DAM2. Done
144-A14Deborah AndersonAdd to our UTC comments on the CD ballot our request to include the 3 comments on PRI #302 from David Corbett, submitted July 24, 2015. Done
144-A15Deborah AndersonAdd to UTC ballot comments our request to remove U+1F931, U+1F932, U+1F941 from the CD. Done
144-A16Deborah AndersonAdd to our UTC comments on the CD the UTC thinks that Adlam, Newa, and the remaining emoji characters are urgently needed and are mature enough to progress to the DIS level. Done
144-A17Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd CJK strokes to the definition of IDS for Unicode 9.0  
144-A18Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for U+1032D, U+1032E, and U+1032F. Done
144-A19Deborah AndersonRequest ballot comment to change the name of 1032F and to add 1032D and 1032E to repertoire for the 5th edition of 10646. Done
144-A20Michael EversonSend a font for Old Italic updates to Michel Suignard.  
144-A21Mark DavisUpdate GraphemeBreakProperty.txt to change 12 characters listed in L2/15-183R to "Prepend" for Unicode 9.0.L2/15-183R 
144-A22Laurențiu Iancu, Roozbeh Pournader, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #29 description of the Grapheme_Cluster_Break property "Prepend" for Unicode 9.0.  
144-A23Ken WhistlerUpdate the text of the core spec to address Grapheme_Cluster_Break "Prepend" behavior in the relevant sections.L2/15-183R 
144-A24Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate a glyph erratum for U+0D44.  
144-A25Deborah AndersonRequest a ballot comment that the representative glyph for U+0D44 should be changed in the CD. Done
144-A26Rick McGowanSupply a font for the new glyph for U+0D44.  
144-A27Peter EdbergTake to the CLDR-TC info in L2/15-169 on Montenegrin orthographic reform.L2/15-169 
144-A28Rick McGowan, Peter EdbergRespond to the Montenegrin N.B. re L2/15-169.L2/15-169Done
144-A29Roozbeh Pournader, Mark DavisAdd the Script_Extension value of "Glagolitic" to U+0484 for Unicode 9.0.  
144-A30Ken WhistlerMake editorial updates to the core spec, based on L2/15-182.L2/15-182 
144-A30aKen WhistlerMake editorial updates to the names list, based on L2/15-182.L2/15-182Done
144-A31Rick McGowanRespond to Shaikh on his proposal. Done
144-A32Ken WhistlerRefer to L2/15-166 for the ordering of the new Syriac letters in DUCET for 9.0.L2/15-166 
144-A33Deborah Anderson, Stephen SlevinskiCreate a document that give three examples of SignWriting and describes the three different representations for each example. Done
144-A34Deborah AndersonContact the proposer of L2/15-092 with feedback from UTC discussion.L2/15-092Done
144-A35Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 15 new emoji as in Consensus 144-C9. See also document L2/15-195R2.L2/15-195R2Done
144-A36Deborah AndersonAdd 15 emoji to the document requesting future additions.L2/15-195R2Done
144-A37Peter EdbergFollow up on a font for 15 new emoji.  
144-A38Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to add U+1CF7 VEDIC SIGN ATIKRAMA.L2/15-160Done
144-A39Deborah AndersonAdd U+1CF7 VEDIC SIGN ATIKRAMA to document requesting future additions.L2/15-160Done
144-A40Deborah AndersonFollow up with Shriramana Sharma to get font for U+1CF7 VEDIC SIGN ATIKRAMA, and to update the proposal summary form in L2/15-160.L2/15-160Done
144-A41Rick McGowan, Deborah AndersonRespond to proposer of L2/15-082, referring to ad hoc report, see L2/15-149.L2/15-149Done
144-A42Ken WhistlerAdd to U+09FC BENGALI LETTER VEDIC ANUSVARA to pipeline.L2/15-161Done
144-A43Deborah AndersonAdd U+09FC BENGALI LETTER VEDIC ANUSVARA to document requesting future additions.L2/15-161Done
144-A44Deborah AndersonFollow up with Shriramana Sharma to update the proposal (to change code point to U+09FC, rather than U+09CF) and request a font.L2/15-161Done
144-A45Rick McGowanSend e-mail to Manoj Jain listing the Indic character acceptances during this meeting, for information.  
144-A46Ken WhistlerAdd to U+09FD BENGALI ABBREVIATION SIGN to pipeline.L2/15-172Done
144-A47Deborah AndersonAdd U+09FD BENGALI ABBREVIATION SIGN to document requesting future additions.L2/15-172Done
144-A48Deborah AndersonRespond to author to get an updated proposal and a font.L2/15-172Done
144-A49Ken WhistlerProvide an annotation to U+0966 DEVANAGARI DIGIT ZERO based on L2/15-204.L2/15-204Done
144-A50Shriramana SharmaRespond to Shriramana Sharma re L2/15-178, regarding the UTC action.L2/15-178 
144-A51Ken WhistlerAdd 21 Old Church Slavonic characters to pipeline. See L2/15-173R.L2/15-173RDone
144-A52Deborah AndersonAdd 21 Old Church Slavonic characters to document requesting future additions.L2/15-173RDone
144-A53Deborah AndersonFollow up with Alexandr Andreev to get font for 21 Old Church Slavonic characters.L2/15-173RDone
144-A54Deborah AndersonRelay feedback on L2/15-179 from the script ad hoc to Anshuman Pandey.L2/15-179Done
144-A55Deborah AndersonRelay feedback on L2/15-074 from the script ad hoc and UTC to Anshuman Pandey.L2/15-074Done
144-A56John JenkinsUpdate UAX #38 to change the regex for kHangul to [\x{1100}-\x{11FF}]{2,3}  
144-A57Ken LundeProvide John Jenkins the wording for warning on kKorean reading, for Unicode 9.0.  
144-A58John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteePrepare a proposed update for UAX #38 for Unicode 9.0.  
144-A59Rick McGowanPost a PRI for UAX #38 to close October 26, 2015.  
144-A60John JenkinsMake production of the big table in UAX #38 reproducible.  
144-A61Ken LundeExtract Extension E kTotalStrokes data and send to CLDR. Done
144-A62Ken LundeAsk IRG to maintain and supply the kTotalStrokes data. Done
144-A63John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeAdd the 110 ideographs documented in L2/15-177 to UAX #45 for Unicode 9.0.  
144-A64John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteePrepare a proposed update of UAX #45 for Unicode 9.0.  
144-A65Rick McGowanPost a PRI for UAX #45 for Unicode 9.0, to close October 26, 2015.  
144-A66Ken LundeFollow up with proposer of L2/15-177 to provide bibliographic information.L2/15-177Done
144-A67Mark DavisUpdate WordBreakProperty.txt and SentenceBreakProperty.txt for the changes to U+202F for Unicode 9.0.  
144-A68Laurențiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteeMake changes to the property classes of U+202F in UAX #29 for Unicode 9.0. Add a review note explaining the rationale and options.  
144-A69Rick McGowan, Laurențiu IancuPrepare and post a PRI for UAX #29, to close October 26, 2015.  
144-A70Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteePrepare a PRI on the possible change of General Category property of U+202F to Connector Punctuation.  
144-A71Rick McGowanPost a PRI for change of general category of U+202F, to close October 26, 2015.  
144-A72Deborah AndersonRelay results of UTC discussion on NNBSP to Addison Phillips. Done
144-A73Rick McGowanFollow up with Cherokee Nation regarding chart fonts. In progress
144-A74Mark Davis, Emoji SubcommitteeEnhance selection factors in draft UTR #51 to take UTC discussion into account.  
144-A75Deborah AndersonRequest a ballot comment on the CD for the 5th edition to update F.1.2 on word boundary indicators as given in L2/15-211.L2/15-211Done
144-A76Laurențiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTR #25 Revision 14 for publication and post.L2/15-215Done
144-A77Rick McGowanRespond to Markus Scherer re SignWriting feedback in L2/15-189.L2/15-189Done
144-A78Rick McGowanRespond to Sebastian Mayr re L2/15-189 feedback.L2/15-189Done
144-A79Markus SchererEnsure that copyright and terms of use statements are added to collation test files for UCA 9.0. See L2/15-189, error reports from Laurențiu Iancu.L2/15-189 
144-A80Mark DavisAdd copyright and terms of use statements to the UTS #39 data files for its 9.0.0 version, and update the release plan for UTS #39. See L2/15-189, error reports from Laurențiu Iancu.L2/15-189 
144-A81Ken WhistlerFix allkeys.txt and decomps.txt to add #EOF line, for Unicode 9.0.  
144-A82Peter Edberg, Mark DavisRemove certain flags from the Android column of the Emoji data chart, as noted in L2/15-189 error report from Roozbeh Pournader.L2/15-189 
144-A83Laurențiu IancuReview feedback on from Richard Gillam in "Other Feedback" of L2/15-189 and formulate a proposal for the next UTC meeting.L2/15-189 
144-A84Ken LundeRelay feedback from the UTC to Japanese National Body on L2/15-193.L2/15-193Done
144-A85Mark DavisUpdate emoji modifier status secondary to U+26F9 PERSON WITH BALL and U+1F3CB WEIGHT LIFTER, for the next revision of UTR #51.  
144-A86Ken WhistlerMake annotations documented in L2/15-199R for Unicode 9.0.L2/15-199RDone
144-A87Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 14 emoji characters with names, codepoints, and annotations as given in L2/15-196R4.L2/15-196R4Done
144-A88Deborah AndersonAdd 14 emoji characters as given in L2/15-196R4 to document requesting future additions.L2/15-196R4Done
144-A89Rick McGowanExtend the closing date of PRI #300 to October 26, 2015. Done
144-A90Mark DavisFix the first two lines and line 20 of emojidata.txt, and post. Done
144-A91Mark DavisCreate an explicit release process for UTR #51.  
144-A92Mark DavisCreate an explicit release process for UTS #39.  
144-A93Rick McGowanClose PRI #299 Done

From UTC #143

Action Who Description Documents Status
143-A1Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare a PRI on UAX #31 for Unicode 9.0, based on "tr31-22 draft 4". (including hashtags -- see 142-A083) In progress
143-A2Rick McGowanPost the PRI on UAX #31 to close October 26, 2015.  
143-A3Roozbeh PournaderFile a CLDR ticket based on his feedback on UAX #14 in L2/15-144 to not break currency symbols; to be the basis for a CLDR tailoring.  
143-A4Roozbeh PournaderCome up with a proposal to not break currency symbols in rule LB, for Unicode 9.0. In progress
143-A16Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeReview and improve the flow and clarity of UTR #51. (aim for November 2015 UTC)  
143-A24Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeReview the proposal for annotations in document L2/15-115 on Tamil symbols and fractions.L2/15-115 
143-A28Mark Davis, Laurențiu IancuReview Karl Williamson's feedback (Feb 8, 2015 and Apr 30, 2015) on UAX #29 in L2/15-144, and make recommendations for updates to UAX #29, for Unicode 9.0.L2/15-144 
143-A41Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeMake a suggested terminological update in UTS #10 for the term "blocked" in Unicode 9.0. See L2/15-108.L2/15-108 
143-A47Anshuman PandeyIncorporate feedback from the script ad-hoc into the next revision of the Gunjala Gondi proposal.L2/15-103 
143-A52Roozbeh PournaderVerify joining type and joining group for 11 Syriac letters for Garshuni.L2/15-088 
143-A54Roozbeh Pournader, Andrew GlassReview Richard Wordingham's feedback input on the 8.0 beta (PRI #297) and make recommendations for the July UTC meeting. (for Unicode 9.0)  
143-A56aRoozbeh Pournader, Andrew GlassInvestigate the 3 bits of feedback from R.S. Wihananto re Javanese, Balinese, and Sundanese in feedback on PRI #297.  
143-A62Roozbeh PournaderReview descriptions of white space properties in the standard and come up with a proposal for clearer definitions and new texts for Section 6.2 of the core spec. (for Unicode 9.0)  
143-A64Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAnalyze Asmus Freytag's feedback of May 4 on PRI #297 (and come up with actionable suggestions). In progress
143-A65Andrew GlassWork on a revised proposal for Egyptian quadrat formation. See L2/15-123.L2/15-123In progress
143-A79Peter EdbergSuggest updates for UAX #29 for new flag mechanism (Grapheme Cluster Break) for Unicode 9.0.  
143-A101Mark DavisSee if additional limitations should be added to UTS #39 based on feedback on PRI #292 from Roozbeh Pournader in L2/15-144. (for Unicode 9.0)L2/15-144 
143-A102Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd text based on L2/15-080 to a new proposed update of UTS #39, targeted at Unicode 9.0.  
143-A103Rick McGowanPost a PRI for proposed update of UTS #39 for Unicode 9.0, to close October 26, 2015.  
143-A105Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeFor the 9.0 version of UTS #39, make sure that we call out the list of proposed changes early. See L2/15-147.L2/15-147 
143-A109Roozbeh PournaderCreate a proposal to clarify the use of music format characters in the core spec based on discussion in UTC. (for Unicode 9.0)  

From UTC #142

Action Who Description Documents Status
142-A6Laurențiu Iancu, Peter EdbergAnalyze the feedback on topic "Swedish connect" in UAX #29 and update text as appropriate. (postponed to 9.0)  
142-A23Andy HeningerInvestigate whether any other classes should be included in LB22. (for Unicode 9.0)  
142-A45Shervin AfsharCreate a document proposing potential religious map symbols, and include stupa and pagoda.  
142-A50Michel SuignardFollow up on Richard Ishida's comment about incorrect glyph for Mongolian YA in L2/15-019.L2/15-019 
142-A64Laurențiu IancuPrepare a proposal for recommendations to address remaining inconsistencies between word break and sentence break in UAX #29, for Unicode 9.0.  
142-A85Mark Davis, Roozbeh PournaderPut together a draft PRI for enhancing the rules in section 2.3 of UAX #31, on the use of ZWJ/ZWNJ. In progress

From UTC #141

Action Who Description Documents Status
141-A28Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeTake into consideration feedback from Jim Jewett on PRI #277, in section 2.7 and 1.2. of UTS #18.  
141-A30Mark Davis, Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #18 to include the relevant discussion of UAX #24 Script and Script_Extensions properties.  
141-A31Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare a PRI for a proposed update of UTS #18.  
141-A34Roozbeh PournaderLook at potential other changes to Script properties that result from the adoption of Policy B of PRI #277. (target date extended) In progress
141-A42Steven Loomis, Craig CorneliusCreate a dedicated FAQ Myanmar page that addresses the current situation. Translate to Burmese if possible. In progress
141-A55Roozbeh PournaderAdd Adlam to Script_Extensions for U+0640 Tatweel, for Unicode 9.0. See L2/14-219R.L2/14-219R 
141-A62Michel SuignardCreate a Tangut sources file in the UCD for Unicode 9.0.  
141-A65Mark Davis, Roozbeh PournaderAdd the Newa ha+virama+resonant sequences to confusability data in UTS #39, for Unicode 9.0.  
141-A76Mark DavisMake changes in UTS #18 based on general feedback in L2/14-277.L2/14-277 

From UTC #140

Action Who Description Documents Status
140-A53Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate document L2/14-155 to propose a definition of block for the core spec, for Unicode 9.0.L2/14-155 
140-A57Mark Davis, Laurentiu IancuProvide a document that details requirements and proposes a solution for Unicode test files, for Unicode 8.0. (postponed to 9.0)  
140-A91Roozbeh Pournader, Tom Milo, Editorial CommitteeWrite a section in the core spec about horizontally stacking Koranic marks. (For Unicode 8.0 -- retargeted to 9.0.)  
140-A104Ken WhistlerReview the content of feedback on PRI #276 when processing the names list for Unicode 9.0.L2/14-179 

From UTC #139

Action Who Description Documents Status
139-A37Roozbeh PournaderWrite a proposal for handling of "shri" in Tamil.  
139-A59Roozbeh PournaderPrepare a working draft of a new Annex on Arabic based on the issues raised during discussion of L2/14-127 (updated target to November 2015 UTC meeting.L2/14-127In progress
139-A60Tom Milo, Roozbeh PournaderCreate a proposal for improving the behavior of Arabic based on L2/14-109 and L2/09-358R.L2/14-109, L2/09-358R 
139-A67Roozbeh Pournader, Shervin AfsharPrepare a background document for a PRI based on item 1 in L2/14-136 (Heh in Sorani Kurdish).L2/14-136 
139-A68Rick McGowanPost the PRI on Sorani Kurdish, to close (sometime in 2015?).  
139-A95Roozbeh PournaderInvestigate the open issues in L2/14-126R.L2/14-126RIn progress
139-A107Mohammad Enamul KabirResearch the contrastive use of dandas in Bangla and prepare a new proposal for a future UTC meeting. L2/14-083In progress
139-A108Mohammad Enamul KabirEngage with the CLDR committee to improve the representation of Bangla information in CLDR. In progress

From UTC #138

Action Who Description Documents Status
138-A14Mark Davis, Roozbeh PournaderAdd a value to script extensions for U+2E43 with a value of Cyrillic. For 9.0.  
138-A94Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Steven Loomis, Laurentiu IancuInvestigate changes to sentence break to prevent words from spanning sentences in UAX #29. For Unicode 8.0. (postponed to 9.0) In progress

From UTC #137

Action Who Description Documents Status
137-A48Roozbeh PournaderInvestigate the ScriptExtensions property of U+066A ARABIC PERCENT SIGN, U+066B ARABIC DECIMAL SEPARATOR, and U+066C ARABIC THOUSANDS SEPARATOR to Arabic and Thaana. In progress
137-A66Mark DavisAdd some Hangul normalization test cases to NormalizationTest.txt, for Unicode 7.0. (postponed to 9.0)L2/13-202 

From UTC #136

Action Who Description Documents Status
136-A12Mark DavisSwitch over to a new implementation of the bidi demo to use the new reference code, in Q4 2013. (Updated due date to whenever month, someyear, maybe.)  
136-A22Roozbeh Pournader, Andrew GlassClarify the exact behavior of 202F NARROW NO-BREAK SPACE for Mongolian and report to the UTC.  

From UTC #135

Action Who Description Documents Status
135-A82Mark Davis, Roozbeh Pournader, Cibu JohnyReview Malayalam fractions for confusables, particularly 3/80 and 1/16. For Unicode 9.0.L2/13-051R 

From UTC #133

Action Who Description Documents Status
133-A3Richard Ishida, Editorial CommitteePrepare a proposed update of UTR #20 to incorporate bidi and other changes.  
133-A4Rick McGowanPost the PRI for UTR #20 to close April 29, 2013.  

From UTC #129

Action Who Description Documents Status
129-A106Mark DavisProduce a document with recommendations for the use and format of regex for validating UCD data, considering the feedback in L2/11-383.L2/11-383In progress

From UTC #125

Action Who Description Documents Status
125-A48Markus Scherer, Mark DavisFlesh out the collation tests with canonical equivalents, and post in the beta directory for the next version of UTS #10. (postponed to after UCA 6.2) (moved to 8.0) (postponed to 9.0)  
125-A66Roozbeh Pournader, Shervin AfsharDocument recommendation number 9 (about high hamza) of L2/10-455 more thoroughly.L2/10-455In progress

From UTC #122

Action Who Description Documents Status
122-A38Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeReview Section 5.8, Newline Guidelines in TUS when UTR #20 is updated.  

From UTC #121

Action Who Description Documents Status
121-A11aRoozbeh Pournader, Shervin Afshar, Editorial CommitteeCreate background document for PRI for issue #3 (carrierless harakat) in L2/09-358R.L2/09-358RIn progress
121-A12aRick McGowanPost PRI on Arabic issue (121-A011a), to close ????. (Updated from August, 2010.)  
121-A27Peter EdbergReformulate the proposal in L2/09-264 to separate locale-dependent (CLDR) items from locale-independent issues which should be in the Unicode Standard.L2/09-264 

From UTC #120

Action Who Description Documents Status
120-A51Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeAdd a pointer from UTS #22 to new content of UTR #36 for security issues.