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From UTC #142

Action Who Description Documents Status
142-A1Rick McGowanRespond to proposer of L2/14-302 as in the Script ad hoc report. Done
142-A2Ken WhistlerAdd Tangut components to pipeline. Done
142-A2aKen WhistlerUpdate pipeline for reordering of Tangut Done
142-A3Ken WhistlerReview proposed items 1-6 of document L2/15-014 and make specific recommendations to the UTC.L2/15-014 
142-A4Ken WhistlerUpdate the core spec to document Church Slavic as an alternative term to Old Church Slavonic. Done
142-A5Rick McGowanRespond to authors of L2/15-014 that we are reviewing the input and will update the core spec regarding the terms Church Slavic and Old Church Slavonic.L2/15-014Done
142-A6Laurențiu Iancu, Peter EdbergAnalyze the feedback on topic "Swedish connect" in UAX #29 and update text as appropriate.  
142-A7Rick McGowanRespond to author of "Swedish connect" feedback on UAX #29, PRI #290. Done
142-A8Rick McGowanRespond to those who sent feedback on PRI #280, L2/15-019.L2/15-019Done
142-A9John JenkinsAdd the two new G-Source abbreviations to the syntax and the description fields for kIRG_GSource. Done
142-A10Eric MullerAdd GFC and GGFZ to UAX #42, for kIRG_GSource. Done
142-A11Deborah AndersonAdd to ballot comments, a comment to add 9FD1..9FD5 back into Amendment 2. Done
142-A12John JenkinsCorrect the category of the kJa field based on feedback from Emanuel Vallois. Done
142-A13Rick McGowanRespond to Emanuel Vallois re feedback on UAX #38 in L2/15-019.L2/15-019Done
142-A14Deborah AndersonAdd a comment to the request for future additions to add the 20 Slavonic transcription characters back to the CD. Done
142-A15Ken WhistlerAdjust the pipeline for the 20 Slavonic transcription characters. Done
142-A16John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeAdd a pointer to the IDS site (chise.org) on charts/unihan.html.L2/15-065Done
142-A17Deborah AndersonRespond to the proposer of Khotanese and Tokarian with comments from the script ad hoc group.L2/15-022, L2/15-023Done
142-A18Ken WhistlerUpdate the Bengali section of the core spec for Unicode 8.0 to reflect usage of vowel letter "aw" in Kokborok. In progress
142-A19Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/14-304.L2/14-304Done
142-A20Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/14-303 with feedback from the script ad hoc.L2/14-303Done
142-A21Deborah AndersonRespond to Rajaram, author of L2/14-254, with comments from the script ad hoc.L2/14-254Done
142-A22Andy HeningerUpdate rule LB22 for Unicode 8.0, per consensus (add EX x IN to the rule)  
142-A23Andy HeningerInvestigate whether any other classes should be included in LB22.  
142-A24Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for change of name for U+1F3F8 to BADMINTON RACQUET AND SHUTTLECOCK. Done
142-A25Ken WhistlerUpdate the UCA data files for change of name for U+1F3F8. Done
142-A26Ken WhistlerUpdate appropriate data files for change of name for U+1F3F8. Done
142-A27Deborah AndersonAdd to ballot comments on Amendment 2, re name change of U+1F3F8 from BADMINTON RACQUET AND BIRDIE to BADMINTON RACQUET AND SHUTTLECOCK. Done
142-A28Ken WhistlerNotify editor of 14651 for change of name for U+1F3F8. for the French version. Done
142-A29Deborah AndersonAdd name change of U+1F3F8 to ballot comments on 14651. Done
142-A30Mark DavisChange the name of U+1F3F8 from BADMINTON RACQUET AND BIRDIE to BADMINTON RACQUET AND SHUTTLECOCK in draft UTR #51. Done
142-A31Ken WhistlerUpdate the UCA to reflect removal of U+1F980 DHYANI BUDDHA. Done
142-A32Ken WhistlerUpdate the UCD to reflect removal of U+1F980 DHYANI BUDDHA. Done
142-A33Deborah AndersonAdd removal of U+1F980 DHYANI BUDDHA to ballot comments on Amendment 2. Done
142-A34Deborah AndersonAdd removal of U+1F980 DHYANI BUDDHA to ballot comments on 14651. Done
142-A35Mark DavisDrop U+1F980 DHYANI BUDDHA from the UTR #51 candidate list. Done
142-A36Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 81 Soyombo characters at U+11A50..U+11AA0. Done
142-A37Deborah AndersonAdd 81 Soyombo characters to document requesting new additions. Done
142-A38Anshuman PandeySend a font for Soyombo to Michel Suignard.  
142-A39Anshuman PandeyUpdate document L2/15-004 and also send to Michel Suignard for WG2 posting.L2/15-004 
142-A40Deborah AndersonAlert the Japan and Mongolia national bodies that UTC has accepted Soyombo and there will be ample time for ballot comments. Done
142-A41Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/15-064.L2/15-064Done
142-A42Rick McGowanRemand to the emoji group for discussion, and respond to senders of L2/14-299, L2/15-013, L2/15-048, L2/15-055, L2/14-298.L2/14-299, L2/15-013, L2/15-048, L2/15-055, L2/14-298Done
142-A43Mark DavisInvite Unicode Consortium members to participate in the emoji subcommittee. Done
142-A44Rick McGowanUpdate the member list of mail lists and info to include emoji subcommittee list and info. Done
142-A45Shervin AfsharCreate a document proposing potential religious map symbols, and include stupa and pagoda.  
142-A46Rick McGowanRespond to Andrew West re L2/15-007 that Stupa and Pagoda symbols will be taken up by UTC as part of a larger set of map symbols.L2/15-007Done
142-A47Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+23FF OBSERVER EYE SYMBOL. Done
142-A48Rick McGowanRespond to proposer of L2/15-031 and request an update of the document for our registry.L2/15-031Done
142-A49Rick McGowanAsk Michael Everson for a font for U+23FF OBSERVER EYE SYMBOL, and forward it to Michel Suignard. Done
142-A50Michel SuignardFollow up on Richard Ishida's comment about incorrect glyph for Mongolian YA in L2/15-019.L2/15-019 
142-A51Roozbeh Pournader, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of guideline P9 in the core spec to add "when a non-spacing mark above (CC=230)" Done
142-A52Mark DavisConsider feedback from Véronique Dejeux in L2/15-019 in confusables.txt in the update of UTS #39 coordinated with Unicode 8.0.L2/15-019 
142-A53Rick McGowanRespond to William Overington that UTC declines to take any action on his feedback of 23 Dec 2014, in L2/15-019.L2/15-019Done
142-A54Peter EdbergRemand L2/15-006 to the emoji subcommittee.L2/15-006 
142-A55Mark DavisIn the UTR #51 draft, look at moving external links to the media list and redirect. And make sure there are no links to UNIDATA. Instead use latest.  
142-A56Ken WhistlerAdd an annotation for U+2DF5 to the names list for Unicode 8.0. Done
142-A57Laurențiu Iancu, Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeDocument in the core spec the behavior of combining letters above in manuscript traditions (Cyrillic and Glagolitic).  
142-A58Mark DavisPrepare a list of characters that are in EmojiSources.txt that have default text style and give those emoji and texts variation sequences. Done
142-A59Ken Whistler, Laurențiu IancuUpdate StandardizedVariants.txt based on data from Mark Davis. Done
142-A60Deborah AndersonAdd a request for new standardized variation sequences to the new additions document. Done
142-A61Ken WhistlerAdd new standardized variation sequences to pipeline. Done
142-A62Laurențiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #29 rule SB7 as per Consensus C10.  
142-A63Laurențiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate wording from L2/15-075 as modified in discussion into UAX #29 for Unicode 8.0.L2/15-075 
142-A64Laurențiu IancuPrepare a proposal for recommendations to address remaining inconsistencies between word break and sentence break in UAX #29, for Unicode 9.0.  
142-A65Ken WhistlerUpdate Section 18.2 Ideographic Description Characters in the core spec to add CJK strokes to the allowed syntax for IDS, for Unicode 8.0. Done
142-A66Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Draft UTR #51 per committee discussion. Done
142-A67Rick McGowanPost a PRI for Draft UTR #51, to close April 27, 2015. Done
142-A68Rick McGowanRelay feedback based on dispositions in L2/15-032R.L2/15-032RDone
142-A69Rick McGowanReply to Shawn Steele that we are taking no action on this. Date/Time Wed Nov 5 12:14:44 CST 2014L2/15-019Done
142-A70Rick McGowanRemand to emoji subcommittee and respond to feedback from John Cowan. Date/Time Tue Feb 3 10:46:18 CST 2015L2/15-019Done
142-A71Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for U+0D3B MALAYALAM SIGN VERTICAL BAR VIRAMA. Done
142-A72Deborah AndersonAdd U+0D3B MALAYALAM SIGN VERTICAL BAR VIRAMA to document requesting future additions. Done
142-A73Cibu JohnySend font for U+0D3B MALAYALAM SIGN VERTICAL BAR VIRAMA to Michel.  
142-A74Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for U+0D3C MALAYALAM SIGN CIRCULAR VIRAMA. Done
142-A75Deborah AndersonAdd U+0D3C MALAYALAM SIGN CIRCULAR VIRAMA to document requesting future additions. Done
142-A76Cibu JohnySend font for U+0D3C MALAYALAM SIGN CIRCULAR VIRAMA to Michel.  
142-A77Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for U+0D00 MALAYALAM SIGN COMBINING ANUSVARA ABOVE. Done
142-A78Deborah AndersonAdd U+0D00 MALAYALAM SIGN COMBINING ANUSVARA ABOVE to document requesting future additions. Done
142-A79Cibu JohnySend font for U+0D00 MALAYALAM SIGN COMBINING ANUSVARA ABOVE to Michel.  
142-A80Roozbeh Pournader, Alolita Sharma, Deborah AndersonSuggest names for new Tamil letters based on TVA names in L2/15-060R with the long vowels using double letters.L2/15-060RDone
142-A81Lisa MooreRespond to TVA regarding UTC actions.  
142-A82Peter Edberg, Mark DavisPrepare a proposal on the basis of L2/15-054R as amended in committee. Work with Michel Suignard on appropriate code points.L2/15-054R 
142-A83Mark DavisCreate text for a PRI on additions of hashtags to UAX #31, for Unicode 9.0.  
142-A84Rick McGowanPost a PRI on hashtags in UAX #31.  
142-A85Mark Davis, Roozbeh PournaderPut together a draft PRI for enhancing the rules in section 2.3 of UAX #31, on the use of ZWJ/ZWNJ.  
142-A86Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #31 with edits from committee review. Done
142-A87Lisa MooreAdd L2/15-056 to the May 2015 UTC agenda.L2/15-056 
142-A88Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UTS #39 and data files based on the "recommended for 8.0" section in L2/15-073.L2/15-073 
142-A89Lisa MooreAdd L2/15-073 to the agenda for the May 2015 UTC meeting.L2/15-073 
142-A90Laurențiu IancuUpdate LineBreak.txt to change U+22EF MIDLINE HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS from AL to IN for Unicode 8.0. Done
142-A91Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdjust text about ellipses in the core spec.  
142-A92Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for removal of U+11CA8. Done
142-A93Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for name changes for two Glagolitic combining marks. Done
142-A94Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteePrepare the 8.0 beta review. Done
142-A95Chris LittleProvide feedback to the proposers of Iberian proposal, L2/15-012.L2/15-012 
142-A96Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate and post PRI for the PDAM 2.3 repertoire, to close April 27, 2015. Done
142-A97Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for name changes for Tamil historic characters. Done
142-A98Deborah AndersonAdd to the ballot comments on PDAM 2.3. For comments for updating other annotations see L2/15-060R.L2/15-060RDone
142-A99Rick McGowanVote yes with comments on PDAM 2.3 of 10646 and the CD of 14651. Done
142-A100Lisa MooreAdd to agenda for the May 2015 UTC meeting B.11.12.1 Feedback from prior meetingsL2/15-033 
142-A101Rick McGowanExtend PRIs for 8.0 UAXes and other UTRs to April 26, 2015. PRI numbers are 279, 280, 282, 283, 284, 285, 286, 287, 288, 289, 290. Done

From UTC #141

Action Who Description Documents Status
141-A20Roozbeh Pournader, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to the core spec reflecting the recommendation in L2/14-268 for the use of chillus and ZWJ for version 8.L2/14-268 
141-A22Roozbeh PournaderFollow up with the author of L2/14-203 and L2/14-152 for more information.L2/14-208, L2/14-152 
141-A23Tom Milo, Roozbeh PournaderFollow up and find supporting evidence for the two honorifics proposed in L2/14-152.L2/14-152 
141-A28Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeTake into consideration feedback from Jim Jewett on PRI #277, in section 2.7 and 1.2. of UTS #18.  
141-A30Mark Davis, Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #18 to include the relevant discussion of UAX #24 Script and Script_Extensions properties.  
141-A31Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare a PRI for a proposed update of UTS #18.  
141-A34Roozbeh PournaderLook at potential other changes to Script properties that result from the adoption of Policy B of PRI #277, for the February 2015 UTC meeting.  
141-A42Steven Loomis, Craig CorneliusCreate a dedicated FAQ Myanmar page that addresses the current situation. Translate to Burmese if possible. In progress
141-A55Roozbeh PournaderAdd Adlam to Script_Extensions for U+0640 Tatweel, for Unicode 9.0. See L2/14-219R.L2/14-219R 
141-A57Lisa Moore, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the Grantha block of the core spec to discuss unification of Grantha and Tamil numerals for Unicode 8.0. See L2/14-218.L2/14-218 
141-A62Michel SuignardCreate a Tangut sources file in the UCD for Unicode 9.0.  
141-A65Mark Davis, Roozbeh PournaderAdd the Newa ha+virama+resonant sequences to confusability data in UTS #39, for Unicode 9.0.  
141-A72Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the core spec for changing to a visual model for New Tai Lue.  
141-A73Ken WhistlerHighlight New Tai Lue as a major migration issue for Unicode 8.0. In progress
141-A74Peter ConstableSend an updated New Tai Lue font to Michel Suignard for Unicode 8.0.  
141-A76Mark DavisMake changes in UTS #18 based on general feedback in L2/14-277.L2/14-277 

From UTC #140

Action Who Description Documents Status
140-A30Peter ConstableCommunicate proposed changes in New Tai Lue to Chinese NB in advance of upcoming WG2 meeting.  
140-A41Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of the core specification, and the names list, for the glyph change of U+301C, for Unicode version 8.0. In progress
140-A42Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeInclude the glyph change to U+301C to the Unicode version 8.0 migration information.  
140-A53Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate document L2/14-155 to propose a definition of block for the core spec, for Unicode 8.0.L2/14-155 
140-A57Mark Davis, Laurentiu IancuProvide a document that details requirements and proposes a solution for Unicode test files, for Unicode 8.0.  
140-A61Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeAdjust the text of UAX #42 for Indic property changes. In progress
140-A72Mark DavisCompare the xidmodifications.txt characters in UTS #39 against the ICANN list(s) of maximal starting repertoire characters, and add as approporiate for 8.0. In progress
140-A78Denis Jacquerye, Deborah AndersonContact the Mazahua language speakers to validate use of characters proposed in L2/14-201.L2/14-201In progress
140-A91Roozbeh Pournader, Tom Milo, Editorial CommitteeWrite a section in the core spec about horizontally stacking Koranic marks. (For Unicode 8.0)  
140-A104Ken WhistlerReview the content of feedback on PRI #276 when processing the names list for Unicode 9.0.L2/14-179 
140-A110Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRelease Unicode 8.0 in the summer of 2015. In progress

From UTC #139

Action Who Description Documents Status
139-A7Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeChange the data file of UTS #46 to use UTS #18 notation instead of two surrogate values. For Unicode 8.0. In progress
139-A11Mark Davis, Laurentiu IancuAdd some test cases to WordBreakTest.txt as in the feedback from Steve Rowe. For Unicode 8.0.L2/14-102In progress
139-A34Roozbeh PournaderProduce a proposal for dealing with ScriptExtensions.txt for historical scripts. (For example Linear A.) In progress
139-A37Roozbeh PournaderWrite a proposal for handling of "shri" in Tamil.  
139-A39Roozbeh PournaderDetermine what needs to be added to ScriptExtensions.txt for Grantha digits and numerics. (remaining open issue is for Grantha fractions) In progress
139-A59Roozbeh PournaderPrepare a working draft of a new Annex on Arabic based on the issues raised during discussion of L2/14-127, for the August 2014 UTC meeting.L2/14-127In progress
139-A60Tom Milo, Roozbeh PournaderCreate a proposal for improving the behavior of Arabic based on L2/14-109 and L2/09-358R.L2/14-109, L2/09-358R 
139-A67Roozbeh PournaderPrepare a background document for a PRI based on item 1 in L2/14-136 (Heh in Sorani Kurdish).L2/14-136 
139-A68Rick McGowanPost the PRI on Sorani Kurdish, to close July 28, 2014.  
139-A72aMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate documentation on website (see, in particular the casing FAQ) regarding case folding to uppercase.  
139-A72bMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate documentation in core spec (see Chapter 3, Chapter 5) regarding case folding to uppercase.  
139-A82Deborah AndersonWork with Anshuman Pandey to revise the proposal for Gujarati Signs.L2/14-131In progress
139-A87Cibu Johny, Roozbeh Pounader, Editorial CommitteeProvide updated text for Malayalam in the core spec, for Unicode 8.0. See PRI #263 and Motion 139-M1.  
139-A95Roozbeh PournaderInvestigate the open issues in L2/14-126R.L2/14-126RIn progress
139-A103Roozbeh PournaderInvestigate the best combining class for Indic sukuns. In progress
139-A107Mohammad Enamul KabirResearch the contrastive use of dandas in Bangla and prepare a new proposal for a future UTC meeting. L2/14-083In progress
139-A108Mohammad Enamul KabirEngage with the CLDR committee to improve the representation of Bangla information in CLDR. In progress

From UTC #138

Action Who Description Documents Status
138-A14Mark Davis, Roozbeh PournaderAdd a value to script extensions for U+2E43 with a value of Cyrillic. For 9.0.  
138-A31Murray Sargent, Laurentiu IancuPrepare a revision of UTR #25 to update for the Unicode 7.0 repertoire. Target August 2014 UTC. In progress
138-A39Mark DavisAdd the Power-On symbols U+23FB, U+23FC to list of confusables. See consensus 138-C15.L2/14-059 
138-A58Andrew GlassCoordinate the development of UBA reference implementations to incorporate the three issues raised in L2/14-040.L2/14-040 
138-A94Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Steven Loomis, Laurentiu IancuInvestigate changes to sentence break to prevent words from spanning sentences in UAX #29. For Unicode 8.0. In progress

From UTC #137

Action Who Description Documents Status
137-A48Roozbeh PournaderInvestigate the ScriptExtensions property of U+066A ARABIC PERCENT SIGN, U+066B ARABIC DECIMAL SEPARATOR, and U+066C ARABIC THOUSANDS SEPARATOR to Arabic and Thaana. In progress
137-A66Mark DavisAdd some Hangul normalization test cases to NormalizationTest.txt, for Unicode 7.0. (postponed to 8.0)L2/13-202 
137-A68Roozbeh Pournader, Aharon Lanin, Andrew Glass, Mark DavisReview the feedback from Loren Brichter (Oct 18, in L2/13-202) re UAX #9 and suggest any necessary changes, by January 27, 2014. (retargeted to 8.0)L2/13-202In progress

From UTC #136

Action Who Description Documents Status
136-A12Mark DavisSwitch over to a new implementation of the bidi demo to use the new reference code, in Q4 2013. (Updated due date to August, 2014)  
136-A22Roozbeh Pournader, Andrew GlassClarify the exact behavior of 202F NARROW NO-BREAK SPACE for Mongolian and report to the UTC.  

From UTC #135

Action Who Description Documents Status
135-A82Mark Davis, Roozbeh Pournader, Cibu JohnyReview Malayalam fractions for confusables, particularly 3/80 and 1/16. For Unicode 8.0.L2/13-051R 

From UTC #133

Action Who Description Documents Status
133-A3Richard Ishida, Editorial CommitteePrepare a proposed update of UTR #20 to incorporate bidi and other changes.  
133-A4Rick McGowanPost the PRI for UTR #20 to close April 29, 2013.  

From UTC #131

Action Who Description Documents Status
131-A32Markus SchererNotify CLDR-TC to add the missing prefix contractions identified by the tool in the CLDR tailorings.L2/12-131R 

From UTC #129

Action Who Description Documents Status
129-A106Mark DavisProduce a document with recommendations for the use and format of regex for validating UCD data, considering the feedback in L2/11-383.L2/11-383In progress

From UTC #125

Action Who Description Documents Status
125-A48Mark Davis, Markus SchererFlesh out the collation tests with canonical equivalents, and post in the beta directory for the next version of UTS #10. (postponed to after UCA 6.2) (moved to 8.0)  
125-A64bMark Davis, Roozbeh PournaderAdd list of confusables from L2/10-455R (sent by Roozbeh) to UTS #39. Retargeted to 8.0L2/10-455 
125-A66Roozbeh PournaderDocument recommendation number 9 (about high hamza) of L2/10-455 more thoroughly.L2/10-455In progress

From UTC #124

Action Who Description Documents Status
124-A92Mark DavisUpdate IDNATests.txt to test both cases (disallowed_STD3 and not). Retargeted to Unicode 8.0.  
124-A104aMark DavisAdd confusables extracted by Roozbeh to UTS #39 (after Unicode 6.1). (split from 124-A104) Retargeted to 8.0.L2/10-288R 

From UTC #122

Action Who Description Documents Status
122-A38Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeReview Section 5.8, Newline Guidelines in TUS when UTR #20 is updated.  

From UTC #121

Action Who Description Documents Status
121-A11aRoozbeh Pournader, Editorial CommitteeCreate background document for PRI for issue #3 (carrierless harakat) in L2/09-358R.L2/09-358RIn progress
121-A12aRick McGowanPost PRI on Arabic issue (121-A011a), to close ????. (Updated from August, 2010.)  
121-A27Peter EdbergReformulate the proposal in L2/09-264 to separate locale-dependent (CLDR) items from locale-independent issues which should be in the Unicode Standard.L2/09-264 

From UTC #120

Action Who Description Documents Status
120-A51Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeAdd a pointer from UTS #22 to new content of UTR #36 for security issues.