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From UTC #154

Action Who Description Documents Status
154-A1Rick McGowanExtend PRI close dates to April 23, 2018 for PRIs 355, 357, 358, 360, 361, 362. Done
154-A2Rick McGowanCommunicate to the authors of proposed draft UTR #53 that UTC would like to see progress, and would like them to incorporate the feedback already received into another working draft, as "Revision 2". The proposed draft UTR should be converted to HTML for the next revision, and include a modifications section. Done
154-A3Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeImplement stabilization of UTS #6, UTR #16, and UTR #26 based on document L2/17-414.L2/17-414 
154-A4Mark DavisUpdate the emoji charts and data for Emoji property value = "yes" and Emoji Presentation = "no" for U+265F BLACK CHESS PAWN; and add the two emoji variation sequences for Emoji 11.0.L2/18-023Done
154-A5Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with emoji variation sequences for Unicode version 11.0. Closed
154-A6Mark DavisMake U+1F9B8 and U+1F9B9 be emoji modifier base and add emoji sequences for Emoji 11.0.L2/18-023Done
154-A7Mark DavisUpdate emoji charts and data with 20 skin tone sequences for Emoji 11.0.L2/18-023Done
154-A8Jeremy Burge, Emoji SubcommitteePrepare a background document for a PRI on which emoji most need two directions.  
154-A9Rick McGowanPost PRI on emoji directions, to close April 23, 2018.  
154-A10Peter EdbergInclude information about UTC status for emoji proposals in the ESC process document.  
154-A11Michel SuignardChange the glyph for U+1F3B1 BILLIARDS to show a cue and a ball, for Unicode 11.0.L2/18-024 
154-A12Ken WhistlerAdd an annotation to U+1F43F CHIPMUNK indicating that it is also used to represent squirrel, for Unicode 11.0.L2/18-024Done
154-A13Mark DavisAdd RAZOR, YAWNING FACE, AXE,and PARACHUTE as provisional emoji candidates to the emoji charts.L2/18-024 
154-A14Jeremy BurgeHave the emoji subcommittee review the feedback on the name of the DIYA emoji.L2/18-029, L2/18-033 
154-A15Ken WhistlerAdd U+32FF to the pipeline with the required status.L2/17-429Done
154-A16Ken LundeReply to Tet Orita on the new Japanese era name.L2/17-429Done
154-A17Deborah AndersonRespond to author of L2/17-410 with feedback from the script ad-hoc report L2/18-039.L2/17-410, L2/18-039 
154-A18Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd annotation for U+0904 to the names list based on L2/17-425 and L2/18-039, for Unicode 11.0.L2/17-425, L2/18-039Done
154-A19Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+11460 NEWA SIGN JIHVAMULIYA and U+11461 NEWA SIGN UPADHMANIYAL2/17-369Done
154-A20Deborah AndersonAdd U+11460 NEWA SIGN JIHVAMULIYA and U+11461 NEWA SIGN UPADHMANIYA to document requesting new additions.L2/17-369Done
154-A21Liang Hai, Roozbeh PournaderReview the Indic syllabic categories of existing UPADHMANIYA and JIHVAMULIYA.  
154-A22Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+1145A NEWA DOUBLE COMMAL2/17-440Done
154-A23Deborah AndersonAdd U+1145A NEWA DOUBLE COMMA to document requesting new additions.L2/17-440Done
154-A24Deborah AndersonFollow up with authors of L2/17-440 to see if the glyph could be improved.L2/17-440 
154-A25Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+11BD4 NANDINAGARI VOWEL SIGN PRISHTHAMATRA E.L2/17-213RDone
154-A26Ken WhistlerMove the start point of Nandinagari to U+119A0 in the pipeline. (postpone to response on ballot) Closed
154-A27Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Eduardo Marín Silva on COMBINING BINDU BELOW. Done
154-A28Ken WhistlerReview feedback from Eduardo Marín Silva on Dec 9 21:56:38 CST 2017 in PRI #366. Done
154-A29Rick McGowanRespond to David Corbett's feedback of Dec 11, 2017 in PRI #366. Done
154-A30Michel SuignardRevert the glyph of U+1F6BE to the Unicode 10.0 version.  
154-A31Rick McGowanRespond to Charlotte Buff feedback in PRI #366 re reverting the glyph of U+1F6BE to the U10.0 version. Done
154-A32Rick McGowanRespond to Mongolian feedback from SHEN Yilei in PRI #366. Done
154-A33Michel Suignard, Rick McGowanCheck the rendering issues reported by SHEN Yilei in PRI #366, item (4), when producing Unicode 11.0 charts.  
154-A34Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for U+10F45.L2/18-031Done
154-A35Ken WhistlerUpdate the Unicode 11.0 data files to change name of U+10F45.L2/18-031Done
154-A36Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for U+10F58.L2/18-031Done
154-A37Ken WhistlerUpdate the Unicode 11.0 data files to change name of U+10F58.L2/18-031Done
154-A38Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for Hanifi Rohingya name changes. Done
154-A39Ken WhistlerUpdate the Unicode 11.0 data files to change Hanifi Rohingya names. Done
154-A40Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUse L2/17-427 as input for updates to the core spec, for Unicode 11.0.L2/17-427 
154-A41Lisa MooreAdd (C.4.4) L2/18-032 to the agenda for the next UTC meeting.L2/18-032 
154-A42Rick McGowanForward script ad-hoc comments to the authors of L2/17-435 and request an updated proposal for the next UTC meeting.L2/17-435 
154-A43Peter Edberg, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeTake material from L2/18-044 as amended in discussion and add to an appropriate location on the Unicode website.L2/18-044 
154-A44Deborah Anderson, Mark Davis, Peter EdbergCompose a message to SC2/WG2 explaining the position of the UTC and encouraging involvement by WG2 experts.L2/18-044 
154-A45Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeAdd material to UTS #51 explaining why we have not yet added more gender neutral characters to RGI.L2/18-022 
154-A46Jeremy Burge, Emoji SubcommitteeRespond to Charlotte Buff about document L2/17-439.L2/17-439 
154-A47Ken LundeRespond to Eduardo Marín Silva about L2/18-004.L2/18-004Done
154-A48John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #38 based on feedback from Ken Lunde and Jaemin Chung in PRI #361.  
154-A49John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the meaning of status value "W" in UAX #45 to say "encoding as a unified ideograph".  
154-A50John JenkinsAdd the character in L2/18-045 to UAX #45, for Unicode 11.0.L2/18-045 
154-A51John JenkinsUpdate UAX #45 for Unicode 12.0 with a comment field and use the comment field to note the variation relationship that the character in L2/18-045 has with an encoded ideograph.L2/18-045 
154-A52Ken Lunde, Editorial CommitteeRemove last two examples from section 2 item 2 of UTS #37, and prepare for publication. Done
154-A53Ken LundeRespond to Henry on feedback to UTS #37 in PRI #363. Done
154-A54Rick McGowanClose PRI #363 with resolution that the UTS will be updated and published. Done
154-A55Rick McGowanPublish final version of UTS #37. Done
154-A56Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 16 standardized variation sequences based on L2/17-436R.L2/17-436RDone
154-A57Deborah AndersonAdd 16 standardized variation sequences based on L2/17-436R to document requesting new additions.L2/17-436RDone
154-A58Richard Cook, Ken LundeFollow up with author of L2/18-020 about the requirements.L2/18-020Done
154-A59Liang HaiRespond to Jaemin Chung on L2/18-021.L2/18-021 
154-A60Ken LundeRespond to author of L2/18-011.L2/18-011Done
154-A61Lisa MooreAdd B.4.3 and B.4.4 to the agenda for the next UTC meeting.L2/18-012, L2/18-013 
154-A62Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 72 Dives Akuru characters.L2/18-016RDone
154-A63Deborah AndersonAdd 72 Dives Akuru characters to document requesting new additions.L2/18-016RDone
154-A64Anshuman PandeySend Dives Akuru font and names list to Michel Suignard.L2/18-016R 
154-A65Anshuman PandeyShare the Dives Akuru proposal L2/18-016R with the Maldivian Institute.L2/18-016R 
154-A66Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+111CF SHARADA SIGN INVERTED CANDRABINDUL2/17-428Done
154-A67Deborah AndersonAdd U+111CF SHARADA SIGN INVERTED CANDRABINDU to document requesting new additions.L2/17-428Done
154-A68Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+111CE SHARADA VOWEL SIGN PRISHTHAMATRA E.L2/17-214RDone
154-A69Deborah AndersonAdd U+111CE SHARADA VOWEL SIGN PRISHTHAMATRA E to document requesting new additions.L2/17-214RDone
154-A70Anshuman PandeySend font for Sharada Sign Candrabindu and Sharada Vowel Sign Prishthamatra E to Michel Suignard.L2/17-214R 
154-A71Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 6 symbols.L2/17-242RDone
154-A72Deborah AndersonAdd 6 symbols to document requesting new additions.L2/17-242RDone
154-A73Rick McGowanCorrespond with Jane Park re 6 CC symbols, and obtain font. Request update with final names and code points.L2/17-242RIn progress
154-A74Mark DavisAdd 6 CC symbols to the UTS #39 confusables data file(s). See L2/17-242R.L2/17-242R 
154-A75Mark DavisMake changes in UAX #31 as specified in L2/18-046 as amended in discussion.L2/18-046 
154-A76Mark DavisMake changes in UTS #39 as specified in L2/18-046 as amended in discussion.L2/18-046 
154-A77Ken LundeReview feedback from Wang Yifan on Dec 11, 2017 in PRI #365. Done
154-A78Michel Suignard, John JenkinsCorrect the radical stroke of U+9FEB based on feedback from Henry Chan in PRI #365, for Unicode 11.0.  
154-A79Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeAdd a section in UTS #51 to say that emoji characters are not closed under certain destructive operations, such as case-folding and NFKC, and provide examples.  
154-A80Mark DavisAdd DIYA LAMP to the provisional emoji candidate list.L2/17-356, L2/18-029, L2/18-033 
154-A81Mark DavisRequest a revised version of L2/17-433 with code points and in code point order.L2/17-433 
154-A82Rick McGowanNotify Andrew West that PRI #364 feedback on Dec 5 was accepted.L2/18-009Done
154-A83Rick McGowanNotify Charlotte Buff of dispositions for Dec 17 feedback in PRI #364. Done
154-A84Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Mark Lynch of Dec 18 in PRI #364. Done
154-A85Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Eduardo Marín Silva of January 3, 2018 in PRI #364. Done
154-A86Mark DavisFix the keywords for Mooncake emoji as per PRI #364 feedback from Huáng Jùnliàng. Done
154-A87Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Christoph Päper in PRI #364. Done
154-A88Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include name change for U+1F9FB ROLL OF TOILET PAPER to ROLL OF PAPER. Done
154-A89Ken WhistlerUpdate UCD data files for Unicode 11.0 to to include name change for U+1F9FB ROLL OF TOILET PAPER to ROLL OF PAPER Done
154-A90Deborah AndersonAdd name change for U+1F9FB ROLL OF TOILET PAPER to ROLL OF PAPER to document requesting new additions. Closed
154-A91Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include name change of U+1F9F1 BRICKS to BRICK. Done
154-A92Ken WhistlerUpdate UCD data files for Unicode 11.0 to include name change of U+1F9F1 BRICKS to BRICK Done
154-A93Deborah AndersonAdd name change of U+1F9F1 BRICKS to BRICK to document requesting new additions. Closed
154-A94Ken LundeAsk Paul Hunt to change the glyph for U+1F9F1 to single brick, and provide font update. In progress
154-A95Ken WhistlerAdd the character pairs from L2/18-049R to BidiMirroring.txt for Unicode 11.0.L2/18-049R 
154-A96Rick McGowanRespond to authors of feedback in L2/18-009 (Päper, Cowan) as per document L2/18-051.L2/18-009, L2/18-051RDone
154-A97Mark DavisRemove characters indicated in L2/18-051 from Extended_Pictographic property, for Emoji 11.0.L2/18-051Done
154-A98Peter Edberg, Mark DavisModify UTS #51 as indicated in document L2/18-051.L2/18-051Done
154-A99Ken WhistlerAdd an annotation to U+1F9A0 as indicated in document L2/18-051.L2/18-051Done
154-A100Michel SuignardCreate new glyphs for U+13432..U+13435 based on L2/18-036 and discussion in the meeting.L2/18-036 
154-A101Roozbeh PournaderUpdate the comments in IndicSyllabicCategory.txt to reflect the actual behavior of KHAROSHTHI VIRAMA as invisible stacker, for Unicode 11.0.L2/17-416Done
154-A102Andrew Glass, Editorial CommitteeChange figure 14.1 and update the text on page 557 of the core spec based on L2/17-423R for Unicode 11.0.L2/17-423R 
154-A103Michel Suignard, Rick McGowanCreate a glyph erratum for U+1105D and U+1105E. (Brahmi 30 and 40)L2/17-426 
154-A104Mark Davis, Andy HeningerProduce working draft version of UAX #14 based on document L2/18-050.L2/18-050 
154-A105Mark Davis, Andy HeningerProduce working draft version of UAX #29 based on document L2/18-050.L2/18-050 
154-A106Rick McGowanImplement approval update for UTC #153 minutes, L2/17-362.L2/17-362 
154-A107Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeMake changes to UTS #51 draft as proposed in L2/17-434R2 for Emoji 11.0.L2/17-434R2 
154-A108Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeExpand the review note under ED15a in the proposed update of UTS #51 to indicate pros and cons of this approach, for Emoji 11.0.  
154-A109Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteePrepare a new proposed update UTS #51. Done
154-A110Rick McGowanExtend the closing date of PRI #356 to April 23, 2018. Done
154-A111Rick McGowanPost UTS #51 proposed update document. Done
154-A112Lisa MooreAdd agenda items C.9, C.10, C.11, C.12, D.2, D.8.2, D.8.3, D.10, D.12.1, D.12.2, D.17, E.5 to the UTC agenda for the next meeting.  
154-A113Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeReview script ad-hoc feedback on L2/17-423R for potential updates to the core specification.L2/17-423R 
154-A114Mark DavisPost and announce final emoji 11.0 data files and charts. In progress
154-A115Rick McGowanClose PRI #364. Done
154-A116Mark DavisAdd a note to UTS #39 about multi-character sequences with Tamil Shri as an example, for Unicode 11.0.L2/18-054 
154-A117Lisa Moore, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the Tamil block introduction in the core specification with information on Tamil Shri.L2/18-054 
154-A118Roozbeh PournaderUpdate U+A830..U+A832 in ScriptExtensions.txt with script code Mlym for Unicode 11.0.L2/17-340Done
154-A119Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd annotations and update section 12.9 of the core specification based on document L2/17-340.L2/17-340In progress
154-A120Roozbeh PournaderMake script extension changes in version 11.0 as documented in section 6B, pages 6-9 of L2/18-039.L2/18-039Done
154-A121Roozbeh PournaderUpdate Indic Syllabic Category of U+1A5A TAI THAM CONSONANT SIGN LOW PA for Unicode 11.0.L2/18-053Done
154-A122Markus SchererAdd Consonant_Initial_Postfixed as both long and short property value alias in UCD,for Unicode 11.0.L2/18-053Done
154-A123Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeReview feedback from Solra Bizna for possible update to the text of UAX #9, for Unicode 11.0.L2/18-009 
154-A124Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Songchyuan Liou that the UTC cannot change names of characters already in the standard.L2/18-009Done
154-A125Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text of the core specification based on feedback from David Corbett regarding U+1D159 MUSICAL SYMBOL NULL NOTEHEAD in L2/18-009.L2/18-009, L2/18-051In progress
154-A126Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRemove U+180E from Table 6.2 of the core specification.L2/18-009Done
154-A127Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from "Marlen" on Turkish "i" letters. The UTC declines to make such a change.L2/18-009Done
154-A128Ken WhistlerUpdate UAX #14 in the clean-up phase to fix typo in section 5, re delimiter in LineBreak.txtL2/18-009 
154-A129Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Umihotaru Sasea on Mayan/Maya in L2/18-009.L2/18-009Done
154-A130Deborah AndersonTake open feedback from document L2/18-009 to the script ad-hoc for analysis and recommendations.L2/18-009In progress
154-A131Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake changes to UAX #29 based on recommendations in L2/18-055, for Unicode 11.0.L2/18-055 
154-A132Mark DavisUpdate the segmentation property data files based on L2/18-055 for Unicode 11.0.L2/18-055 
154-A133Mark DavisForward requests in L2/18-055 to the CLDR-TC.L2/18-055 
154-A134Mark DavisUpdate UAX #29, for Unicode 11.0.L2/18-055 
154-A134aMark DavisUpdate WordBreak property file, for Unicode 11.0.L2/18-055 
154-A135Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeInitiate the version 11.0 beta. In progress

From UTC #153

Action Who Description Documents Status
153-A1Bob Hallisey, Lorna EvansIncorporate feedback from Asmus Freytag (PRI #359) into the next revision of Proposed Draft UTR #53.  
153-A3Bob Hallisey, Lorna EvansReview the first feedback from Richard Ishida on PRI #359 when making the next revision of Proposed Draft UTR #53.  
153-A11Peter ConstableAdd the position clarifying the different kinds of pictographic characters and the needed justification for encoding as new characters to the UTC liaison report.  
153-A20John Jenkins, Michel SuignardRemove the UCI source reference for U+24FB9 once it gets a source reference. For Unicode 11.0. (retargeted to 12.0)  
153-A33Peter Constable, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate text based on doc L2/17-365 into the core specification for Unicode 11.0.L2/17-365 
153-A34Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDocument in Proposed Update UTS #39 that virama followed by ZWJ followed by IndicSyllabicCategory=Vowel Dependent, and describe how to check for that sequence. For Unicode 11.0. In progress
153-A35Mark DavisCommunicate the prior action 153-A34 regarding UTS #39 to the ICU team.  
153-A45Roozbeh Pournader and Mark DavisReview data on Indic scripts (including Sinhala) described in the feedback for UAX #29 in L2/17-364 and come up with a proposal to narrow the scope of the rules (GB9c and property values) for the January UTC.L2/17-364In progress
153-A48Liang Hai, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate info from L2/17-309 into the core specification for Unicode version 11.0.  
153-A53Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeMake updates to the Bengali section of the core specification, documenting the behavior described in L2/17-384 for Unicode version 11.0.L2/17-384 
153-A67Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the Armenian section of the core spec for Unicode version 11.0, based on information in L2/17-315.L2/17-315 
153-A77Jeremy Burge, Emoji SubcommitteeReview the feedback on UTS #51 from David Corbett in L2/17-364, and make a recommendation for the January UTC.L2/17-364 
153-A94Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate section 12.8 of the core specification regarding the Kannada glyphs, based on feedback from Shriramana Sharma dated May 8, 2017 in L2/17-224.L2/17-224 
153-A98Ken WhistlerRespond to Marcel Schneider about the two pieces of Marcel's feedback dated July 21, 2017 in L2/17-224.L2/17-224 
153-A113Roozbeh Pournader, Editorial CommitteeProvide text for core specification on Kashmiri based on his feedback dated October 18, 2017 in L2/17-364.L2/17-364 
153-A114Roozbeh PournaderFile a ticket on CLDR to make sure the Kashmiri numbering system and exemplars are correct.  
153-A117Peter EdbergReview feedback from Christoph Päper of Oct 20, 2017, on hair color and style, and feedback on ISO character requests.L2/17-364 
153-A119Mark DavisTake into account feedback from Timothy Gu when updating the UTS #46 conformance test file.L2/17-364 
153-A126Deborah AndersonWork with Martin Hosken and Andrew Glass to specify the order of the Ahom vowel signs. See September 27, 2017 feedback from David Corbett.L2/17-364 
153-A128Behnam Esfahbod, Mark DavisProduce a draft policy page for version numbering.  
153-A129Behnam Esfahbod, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft an annex to the TC procedures on versioning of specifications, libraries, and other products.  

From UTC #152

Action Who Description Documents Status
152-A1Rick McGowan, Mark Davis, Peter EdbergFormulate and send a response to Charlotte Buff on L2/17-232.L2/17-232In progress
152-A2Mark Davis, Markus SchererAdopt the new format and filename for IDNA test file for Unicode version 11.0.L2/17-176 
152-A3Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UTS #46 re testing and test file format and prepare a proposed update for Unicode 11.0.L2/17-176 
152-A4Rick McGowanPost a PRI for proposed update UTS #46, to close October 13, 2017.  
152-A5Rick McGowanUpdate the Unicode version 11.0 release BRS to reflect the new filename for IDNA tests. See consensus 152-C1.L2/17-176 
152-A5aKen Whistler, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft a new section for Chapter 3 on variation selectors and variation sequences, for Version 11.0.  
152-A20Mark DavisLook at feedback from Anna van Kesteren and Domenic Denicola on UTS #46 in L2/17-224. For Unicode 11.0.L2/17-224 
152-A30Deborah Anderson, Rick McGowanPost a glyph erratum for U+1CF5 VEDIC SIGN JIHVAMULIYA and U+1CF6 VEDIC SIGN UPADHMANIYA. See updated details in script ad hoc report: L2/17-384.L2/17-095, L2/17-255, L2/17-384 
152-A33Deborah AndersonUpdate section 12.1 of the core spec based section 15 of L2/17-255.L2/17-255 
152-A52Deborah Anderson, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the Malayalam block intro based on document L2/17-207 and L2/17-230.L2/17-207, L2/17-230 
152-A89Mark DavisPrepare a new document based on L2/17-195 limited to Emoji_Explicit_Gender with an explicit list of the characters and rationale for why it is needed as a property for regexes, property APIs, etc.L2/17-195 

From UTC #151

Action Who Description Documents Status
151-A3Paul Hunt, Laurențiu IancuIdentify those accents that cause a soft-dotted character to usually lose its dot, and bring the list to the UTC for further discussion. In progress
151-A36Peter EdbergTake the proposed corrections to kMandarin in L2/17-109 to the CLDR-TC for their review, and respond back to the UTC.L2/17-109In progress
151-A85Laurențiu Iancu, Ken WhistlerHighlight new fractional numeric values when the Tamil fractions enter beta review.L2/17-069 
151-A90Laurențiu IancuInvestigate linebreaking properties of double diacritics, based on feedback from David Corbett on PRI #335 of April 29, 2017 22:48:11.  
151-A91Laurențiu IancuReview feedback from David Corbett on PRI #335 of April 29 and May 4, 2017, and make any recommendations for property changes.  
151-A95Deborah AndersonUpdate the text of the core spec for Syriac Supplement block based on items 2 and 3 of L2/17-164 for version 11.0.L2/17-164 
151-A109Mark DavisInvestigate Charlotte Buff's feedback "Contradictory Statements in UAX #15" of April 29, 2017 (PRI #350) for Unicode version 11.0.  
151-A110Andrew Glass, Roozbeh Pournader, Peter ConstableReview PRI #350 feedback "InPC for Newa Vowels" from Richard Wordingham (April 30, 2017). In progress
151-A110aDeborah AndersonReview PRI #350 feedback from Marcel Schneider on Mende Kikakui for V11.  
151-A111Deborah AndersonReview PRI #350 feedback on Tifinagh from David Corbett and discuss with Tifinagh experts.  
151-A113Deborah AndersonReview the PRI #350 feedback on N'ko diacritic usage for potential updates to the core spec. See feedback from David Corbett, May 3, 2017.  
151-A114Deborah AndersonReview the PRI #350 feedback on Tibetan from David Corbett for potential update to the core spec for Unicode version 11.0. See feedback from David Corbett, May 3, 2017.  
151-A116Peter ConstableInvestigate feedback on "Vagueness in Thai section" in PRI #350, for possible update to the core spec for Unicode 11.0.  
151-A118Ken Whistler, Laurențiu IancuReview feedback on sentence terminal punctuation in PRI #350 (David Corbett, May 4, 2017), for Unicode version 11.0.  
151-A121Mark DavisLook at data in feedback from S. Gilles (April 2, 2107) on UTS #39, PRI #334, and see if any changes can be made in Unicode version 10.0 or 11.0. (Targeted for 11.0.) In progress
151-A139Eric MullerAdd EquivalentUnifiedIdeograph to UAX #42 for Unicode version 11.0.  
151-A140John JenkinsAdd a reference to the new property EquivalentUnifiedIdeograph to UAX #38, and indicate that there are values for kRSUnicode and kTotalStrokes for characters that are not Unified Ideographs, for Unicode version 11.0. In progress
151-A143Mark Davis, Laurențiu IancuAdd invariant tests for new property and property values from PRI #344.  
151-A147Richard WordinghamCreate a new document addressing the remaining issues for Tai Tham and Lao, for discussion at the next UTC meeting. In progress
151-A149Mark Davis, Markus Scherer, Andy Heninger, Peter EdbergReview the properties in UTS #18 "Full_Properties" to see which if any properties should be removed and/or segmented into another "RL" clause. Also review new properties "VO" and "RI", and consider all Unicode 10.0 properties.  

From UTC #150

Action Who Description Documents Status
150-A14Laurențiu IancuInvestigate inconsistencies in properties reported by David Corbett in feedback on UAX #9, PRI #340, and prepare a recommendation. (post Unicode 10.0)  
150-A32Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #18 to account for the new Regional Indicator property.  
150-A57Peter Edberg, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeCreate an emoji process page based on the L2/16-337R, info from "selection.html", and feedback during the discussion. Consider feedback from Christopher Päper. (See AI 150-A113.)L2/16-337RIn progress
150-A58Peter Edberg, Mark Davis, Emoji Subcommittee, Editorial CommitteeReflect the proposal in L2/17-005 into the process.html and selection.html pages, as amended in discussion.L2/17-005In progress
150-A109Liang HaiUpdate the Indic model spreadsheet and prepare a web page version, then invite wider review. Send link to document registrar for snapshot.  

From UTC #149

Action Who Description Documents Status
149-A37Mark Davis, Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeSynchronize the properties of UTS #18 with UAX #44 version 10. (updated to 11.0)  
149-A47Lee CollinsUpdate the Java Bidi part of the Unicode tools from 7.0 to 9.0. In progress
149-A50Andy HeningerReview cases where LineBreak and WordBreak are not aligned, for the January 2017 (--> 2018) UTC meeting.L2/16-336 

From UTC #148

Action Who Description Documents Status
148-A65John Jenkins, Mark DavisFix the J- and G-Source reference regex in UAX #38 to be comprehensive for Unicode 10.0. (retargeted to 11.0)  

From UTC #147

Action Who Description Documents Status
147-A20Roozbeh PournaderReview the bidi properties of U+1D377 TALLY MARK ONE and U+1D378 TALLY MARK FIVE. (for Unicode 11.0)  
147-A76Andy HeningerPropose a solution to the problem he documented in the PRI #322 feedback of April 20, re linebreaking around numbers. (For Unicode 11.0, postponed to 12.0.)  
147-A131Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeCreate a proposed update of UTR #36 with more descriptions of email issues, and the use of RLO to mask dangerous file names.  

From UTC #144

Action Who Description Documents Status
144-A83Laurențiu IancuReview feedback from Richard Gillam in "Other Feedback" of L2/15-189 and formulate a proposal for the next UTC meeting. (for Unicode 11.0 time frame)L2/15-189In progress
144-A91Mark DavisCreate an explicit release process for UTS #51. (retargeted for Emoji 6.0) In progress
144-A92Mark DavisCreate an explicit release process for UTS #39. (retargeted for 10.0, then 11.0) In progress

From UTC #143

Action Who Description Documents Status
143-A56aRoozbeh Pournader, Andrew GlassInvestigate the 3 bits of feedback from R.S. Wihananto re Javanese, Balinese, and Sundanese in feedback on PRI #297. (retargeted to 10.0, then 11.0)  
143-A62Laurentiu IancuReview descriptions of white space properties in the standard and come up with a proposal for clearer definitions and new text for Section 6.2 of the core spec. (for Unicode 10.0, retargeted to 11.0)  

From UTC #142

Action Who Description Documents Status
142-A6Laurențiu Iancu, Peter EdbergAnalyze the feedback on topic "Swedish connect" in UAX #29 and update text as appropriate. (postponed to 10.0, then 11.0, then 12.0) In progress
142-A23Andy HeningerInvestigate whether any other classes should be included in LB22. (retargeted to Unicode 10.0, then 11.0, then 11.0) In progress
142-A64Laurențiu IancuPrepare a proposal for recommendations to address remaining inconsistencies between word break and sentence break in UAX #29, for Unicode 9.0. (postponed to 10.0, then 11.0, then 12.0) In progress

From UTC #139

Action Who Description Documents Status
139-A67Roozbeh Pournader, Shervin AfsharPrepare a background document for a PRI based on item 1 in L2/14-136 (Heh in Sorani Kurdish).L2/14-136 

From UTC #129

Action Who Description Documents Status
129-A106Mark DavisProduce a document with recommendations for the use and format of regex for validating UCD data, considering the feedback in L2/11-383. (for 10.0, retargeted for 11.0)L2/11-383In progress

From UTC #125

Action Who Description Documents Status
125-A66Roozbeh Pournader, Shervin AfsharDocument recommendation number 9 (about high hamza) of L2/10-455 more thoroughly.L2/10-455In progress

From UTC #121

Action Who Description Documents Status
121-A11aRoozbeh Pournader, Shervin Afshar, Editorial CommitteeCreate background document for PRI for issue #3 (carrierless harakat) in L2/09-358R.L2/09-358RIn progress
121-A27Peter EdbergReformulate the proposal in L2/09-264 to separate locale-dependent (CLDR) items from locale-independent issues which should be in the Unicode Standard.L2/09-264