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From UTC #138

Action Who Description Documents Status
138-A1Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include Tangut characters at U+17000-U+187EF.L2/14-023Done
138-A2Deborah AndersonAdd Tangut characters at U+17000-U+187EF to document requesting new additions.L2/14-023Done
138-A3Michael EversonSend the Tangut font to Michel Suignard. Done
138-A4Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 69 Marchen characters at U+11C70..U+11CB6.L2/13-197Done
138-A5Deborah AndersonAdd 69 Marchen characters at U+11C70..U+11CB6 to document requesting new additions.L2/13-197Done
138-A6John Jenkins, Ken LundeRelay UTC concerns with creating a new Z-Source back to IRG.L2/13-234 
138-A7Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt for U+1BAC and U+1BAD MS to Mn, and L to NSM for Unicode 7.0. Done
138-A8Ken WhistlerAdd 5 standardized variation sequences for Manichaean to pipeline.L2/11-123RDone
138-A9Deborah AndersonAdd 5 Manichaean variation sequences to document requesting new additions.L2/11-123RDone
138-A10Michael EversonSend font for Manichaean variation sequences to Michel Suignard.L2/11-123RDone
138-A11Ken WhistlerAdd U+2E43 DASH WITH LEFT UPTURN to pipeline.L2/13-238Done
138-A12Deborah AndersonAdd U+2E43 DASH WITH LEFT UPTURN to document requesting new additions.L2/13-238Done
138-A13Michael EversonProvide a font to Michel Suignard to print U+2E43 DASH WITH LEFT UPTURN.L2/13-238Done
138-A14Mark DavisAdd a value to script extensions for U+2E43 with a value of Cyrillic. For post 7.0.  
138-A15Deborah AndersonWork with proposers of L2/13-238 to submit proposal to WG2.L2/13-238Done
138-A16Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/13-237 to say thanks for input, and UTC declines to encode these characters.L2/13-237Done
138-A17Ken WhistlerAdd U+20BD Ruble Sign to pipeline.L2/14-039Done
138-A18Deborah AndersonAdd U+20BD Ruble Sign to document requesting new additions.L2/14-039Done
138-A19Ken WhistlerDo necessary steps in UCD for Unicode 7.0 for U+20BD Ruble Sign.L2/14-039Done
138-A20Yuri TimofeevUpdate the document L2/14-039, and forward to WG2 and UTC doc register.L2/14-039Done
138-A21Mark DavisAdd Ruble Sign (and Armenian letter) to confusables for UTS #39, Version 7.0.L2/14-039 
138-A22Laurentiu IancuGive Ruble Sign the Linebreak property of "PR", for the 7.0 beta. Done
138-A23Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeProvide a background document for a PRI reconciling Script and Script_Extensions, updated from L2/13-240 and the discussion in UTC. See Consensus 138-C8. Due March 15, 2014.L2/13-240 
138-A24Rick McGowanPost PRI for Script and Script_Extensions to close July 28, 2014. See Consensus 138-C8.  
138-A25Mark DavisUpdate Script.txt and ScriptExtensions.txt to change ALM to Script=Common and Script_Extensions=Common, and FDFD script from Common to Arabic for Unicode 7.0. Done
138-A26Lisa MooreAdd the discussion of section (B) of L2/13-240 to UTC agenda for next meeting.L2/13-240 
138-A27Laurentiu IancuUpdate the linebreak property of U+275F and U+2760 from AL to QU for Unicode 7.0.L2/14-008Done
138-A28Mark DavisUpdate Proplist.txt to Change U+1735, U+1736, U+10A56, U+10A57 to Terminal_Punctuation=Yes, and U+055C, U+055E to STerm=No for Unicode 7.0.L2/14-010RDone
138-A29Mark DavisAdd an invariant test to check that STerm is a proper subset of Terminal_Punctuation, for Unicode 7.0.L2/14-010R 
138-A30Murray Sargent, Laurentiu IancuUpdate the math classes for the Arabic mathematical alphabetic symbols, for the next version of UTR #25.L2/14-052 
138-A31Murray Sargent, Laurentiu IancuPrepare a revision of UTR #25 to update for the Unicode 7.0 repertoire. Target August 2014 UTC.  
138-A32Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for Mongolian Square script name change.L2/14-032Done
138-A33Deborah AndersonAdd a note requesting removal of Mongolian Square Script in doc requesting future additions. Done
138-A34Ken WhistlerRequest V S Umamaheswaran to update the name of Mongolian Square Script in the roadmap. Done
138-A35Laurentiu IancuRegenerate LineBreak.txt and EastAsianWidth.txt with ranges,for Unicode 7.0. See L2/14-051 as amended in discussion. See Consensus 138-C14.L2/14-051Done
138-A36Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the file format conventions documented in UAX #44 to reflect changes related to above Consensus 138-C14 for Unicode 7.0.L2/14-051Done
138-A37Ken WhistlerAdd power symbols to pipeline. See above consensus 138-C15.L2/14-059Done
138-A38Deborah AndersonAdd power symbols to document requesting new additions. See consensus 138-C15.L2/14-059Done
138-A39Mark DavisAdd the Power-On symbols U+23FB, U+23FC to list of confusables. See consensus 138-C15.L2/14-059 
138-A40Peter Edberg, Mark DavisUpdate UAX #31 for 7.0 to add text following Table 3, re 138-C16.L2/13-239Done
138-A41Rick McGowanConvey result of consensus 138-C16 to Montané. See L2/13-239.L2/13-239Done
138-A42Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Steven LoomisPost 7.0, look at the broader question of incorporating more natural language words into looser identifiers in contexts like hashtags. See consensus 138-C16 and UAX #31.L2/13-239 
138-A43Rick McGowanExtend the closing date of PRI #260 to April 28, 2014. Done
138-A44Rick McGowanExtend the closing date of PRI #261 to April 28, 2014. Done
138-A45Rick McGowanExtend the closing date of PRI #262 to April 28, 2014. Done
138-A46Rick McGowanExtend the closing date of PRI #263 to April 28, 2014. Done
138-A47Mark DavisRegenerate the UTS #46 data for Unicode 7.0 by March 1, 2014. Done
138-A48Mark DavisModify the code and regenerate the IDNAMappingTable.txt, per consensus 138-C17 for Unicode 7.0.L2/13-236 
138-A49Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeTable 2B of UTS #46 to add the definition of "XV8", for Unicode 7.0.L2/13-236Done
138-A50Mark DavisUpdate the documentation of the IDNA Status field in IDNATest.txt, for Unicode 7.0. See L2/13-236.L2/13-236 
138-A51Mark DavisModify the code in the test generation for IDNA Test for XV8 and the documentation in the header, for Unicode 7.0.L2/13-236 
138-A52Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake the algorithms for ToASCII and ToUnicode more explicit in section 4.2 and 4.3 of UTS #46, and clarify the issue around DNS lookup. See feedback from Anne van Kesteren in PRI #264. Done
138-A53Mark DavisContact Anne van Kesteren to see what context to see what is meant by non-DNS context, and to see whether or not length restriction can be qualified, and find out about "A.com". Done
138-A54Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeTake the info in L2/14-002 on Grantha virama to Editorial Committee for Unicode 7.0.L2/14-002 
138-A55Lisa MooreAdd L2/14-020 to the agenda for the next UTC meeting.L2/14-020 
138-A56Mark DavisCreate UAX #9 6.3.0bis in SVN. Done
138-A57Aharon Lanin, Andrew Glass, Mark DavisCreate a working draft UAX #9 "6.3.0bis" that addresses the three issues raised in L2/14-040, for the May 2014 UTC meeting.L2/14-040Done
138-A58Andrew GlassCoordinate the development of UBA reference implementations to incorporate the three issues raised in L2/14-040.L2/14-040 
138-A59Mark Davis, Peter EdbergCreate a working draft emoji Technical Report, for the May 2014 UTC meeting. In progress
138-A60John JenkinsIncorporate the new IICore data into Unihan for Unicode 7.0.  
138-A61John JenkinsUpdate production of Unihan.txt for 7.0 (move kRSUnicode into Unihan_IRGSource.txt), and section 4.3 of UAX #38.L2/14-057In progress
138-A62Laurentiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteeHave the editorial committee review L2/14-060 when preparing the beta documentation for Unicode 7.0.L2/14-060Done
138-A63Mark DavisChange Script_Extensions property of U+A830..U+A839 to "Deva Gujr Guru Kthi Mahj Modi Takr Tirh". See L2/14-028 feedback from Roozbeh Pournader.L2/14-028Done
138-A64Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt, GC for U+FD3E and U+FD3F for Unicode 7.0.L2/14-028Done
138-A65Laurentiu IancuUpdate LineBreak.txt, LB for U+FD3E and U+FD3F for Unicode 7.0.L2/14-028Done
138-A66Mark DavisAdd U+AA7D to the exclusion list for generation of Spacing_Mark in GraphemeBreakProperty.txt, for Unicode 7.0. Done
138-A67Mark DavisRemove Sep, CR, and LF from the scope of X in SB5, and clarify that Extend and Format are not broken from X. Done
138-A68Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+0D65 MALAYALAM SIGN PARA.L2/14-016Done
138-A69Deborah AndersonAdd U+0D65 MALAYALAM SIGN PARA to document requesting new additions.L2/14-016Done
138-A70Cibu JohnyForward the proposal L2/14-016 for MALAYALAM SIGN PARA to WG2.L2/14-016Done
138-A71Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to Move MALAYALAM LETTER CHILLU LLL from U+0D4F to U+0D56.L2/14-017Done
138-A72Deborah AndersonAdd the change moving MALAYALAM LETTER CHILLU LLL from U+0D4F to U+0D56 into the document requesting new additions.L2/14-017Done
138-A73Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+0D55 MALAYALAM LETTER CHILLU Y.L2/14-017Done
138-A74Deborah AndersonAdd U+0D55 MALAYALAM LETTER CHILLU Y to the document requesting new additions.L2/14-017Done
138-A75Cibu JohnyForward document L2/14-017 WG2.L2/14-017Done
138-A76Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+0D54 MALAYALAM LETTER CHILLU M.L2/14-013Done
138-A77Deborah AndersonAdd U+0D54 MALAYALAM LETTER CHILLU M to the document requesting new additions.L2/14-013Done
138-A78Cibu JohnyForward document L2/14-013 to WG2.L2/14-013Done
138-A80Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeReview L2/13-228 for potential updates to the Kannada block introduction.L2/13-228Done
138-A81Rick McGowanGet the Kannada Lohit font and forward to Michel Suignard for potential use in Unicode 7.0. Done
138-A82Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeReview L2/13-242 for potential inclusion in the Kannada block introduction.L2/13-242Done
138-A83Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 69 Zanabazar Square letters at U+11A00..U+11A44.L2/14-024Done
138-A84Deborah AndersonAdd 69 Zanabazar Square letters at U+11A00..U+11A44 to the document requesting new additions.L2/14-024Done
138-A85Deborah AndersonFollow up with Shriramana Sharma re Zanabazar Square comments. See L2/14-032, L2/14-033.L2/14-032, L2/14-033 
138-A86Anshuman PandeyForward proposal L2/14-024 to WG2.L2/14-024Done
138-A87Ken WhistlerUpdate the two provisional Indic property files based on input in L2/14-065, for Unicode 7.0.L2/14-065Done
138-A88Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeConsider the fixes to the core specification documented in L2/14-065 for updates to the core spec in Unicode 7.0. (#13-#17)L2/14-065Done
138-A89Mark DavisCreate a working draft proposed update for UTR #36 to add sections on looser identifiers (Catalan) and punycode spoofing. Done
138-A90Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeMake adjustments to section 4 of UAX #34 to provide an explicit namespace section and in that section include a definition of a name uniqueness rule, for Unicode 7.0. Done
138-A91Deborah AndersonRequest an update to the uniqueness clause 25.5.4 of 10646 to include name aliases. Done
138-A92Rick McGowanUpdate SVN boilerplate version of UTS #39 for 7.0 proposed update. Done
138-A93Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeIssue Unicode 7.0 beta. Done
138-A94Mark Davis, Peter EdbergInvestigate changes to sentence break to prevent words from spanning sentences in UAX #29. After Unicode 7.0.  
138-A95Mark DavisAdd a note to UAX #29 noting that there are certain circumstances where a sentence boundary is not a word boundary. For Unicode 7.0. Done
138-A96Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 5 Mongolian characters.L2/14-067Done
138-A97Deborah AndersonAdd 5 Mongolian characters to the document requesting new additions.L2/14-067Done
138-A98Andrew GlassForward L2/14-067 to WG2.L2/14-067Done
138-A99Andrew GlassProvide the missing font for new Mongolian characters to Michel Suignard.  
138-A100Deborah Anderson, Rick McGowanCommunicate with the Unicode representatives from Government of India on various encoding proposals for Indian music symbols. See L2/13-227, and others.L2/13-227Done
138-A101Rick McGowanFollow up with authors of L2/13-227. Done
138-A102Rick McGowanReply to the authors of L2/13-243. Done

From UTC #137

Action Who Description Documents Status
137-A18Mark Davis, Laurentiu IancuReview invariant tests and make fixes for Unicode 7.0.L2/13-183 
137-A21Mark DavisCoordinate an ad-hoc committee to look at emoji style default issues and variation selectors.L2/13-207 
137-A25Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeInclude rule LB21B to UAX #14 for the first release after Unicode 7.0.L2/13-211 
137-A37Mark DavisPrepare a version 6.3.1 proposed update of UTS #39 with data tables that include the 55 characters listed in 5.A and section 4 additions of document L2/13-203, and the new confusables after review by Michel Suignard and Roozbeh Pournader. (Retargeted to 7.0.) In progress
137-A48Roozbeh PournaderInvestigate the ScriptExtensions property of U+066A ARABIC PERCENT SIGN, U+066B ARABIC DECIMAL SEPARATOR, and U+066C ARABIC THOUSANDS SEPARATOR to Arabic and Thaana. In progress
137-A66Mark DavisAdd some Hangul normalization test cases to NormalizationTest.txt, for Unicode 7.0.L2/13-202 
137-A68Aharon Lanin, Andrew GlassReview the feedback from Loren Brichter (Oct 18, in L2/13-202) re UAX #9 and suggest any necessary changes, by January 27, 2014.L2/13-202 
137-A71Cibu JohnyRespond to Ajith R on his Malayalam feedback of Oct 29, 2013 in L2/13-202.L2/13-202 
137-A73Eric MullerContact the LDS people working on Marshallese support, re L2/13-225.L2/13-225 
137-A75Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate section 7.1 of the core specification based on L2/13-225, for Unicode 7.0.L2/13-225 

From UTC #136

Action Who Description Documents Status
136-A12Mark DavisSwitch over to a new implementation of the bidi demo to use the new reference code, in Q4 2013.  
136-A21Roozbeh Pournader, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the Arabic section of the core specification to say that lam-alef ligatures are not obligatory; for Unicode 7.0. In progress
136-A22Roozbeh Pournader, Andrew GlassClarify the exact behavior of 202F NARROW NO-BREAK SPACE for Mongolian and report to the UTC.  
136-A44Koji Ishii, Editorial CommitteeInclude information on the orientation for Mongolian and Phags-pa in the next update of UTR #50.  
136-A62Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeReflect WG2 resolution 61.05 in the text of the core spec, for Unicode 7.0. (Double-check changes of references for Korean standards.)L2/13-144 

From UTC #135

Action Who Description Documents Status
135-A17Deborah Anderson, Thomas MiloWork with Osman on the Uyghur proposal. See L2/13-071.L2/13-071In progress
135-A50aJohn JenkinsWork with Michel for 7.0 to ensure that the IRG U-Source and the U values in UAX #45 are consistent. In progress
135-A82Mark DavisReview Malayalam fractions for confusables, particularly 3/80 and 1/16.L2/13-051R 

From UTC #134

Action Who Description Documents Status
134-A34Shriramana Sharma, Cibu Johny, Editorial CommitteeDraft text to update the Malayalam text in the standard for version 7.0. In progress
134-A35Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the Indic block descriptions based on section 1 of L2/12-106, for Unicode version 7.0.L2/12-106 In progress
134-A47Michel SuignardChange the format of IICore in the Unihan database, according to L2/13-017, for Unicode 7.0.L2/13-017 
134-A50Michel SuignardProvide a proposed specification for the file structure of Unihan for 7.0.L2/13-017 
134-A68aRoozbeh Pournader, Behdad Esfahbod, Editorial CommitteeProvide updated text for Mongolian (re U+180E) for Unicode 7.0.L2/13-004 

From UTC #133

Action Who Description Documents Status
133-A3Richard Ishida, Editorial CommitteePrepare a proposed update of UTR #20 to incorporate bidi and other changes.  
133-A4Rick McGowanPost the PRI for UTR #20 to close April 29, 2013.  
133-A8Martin Hosken, Debbie Anderson, Editorial CommitteeCreate draft text for an update to the Thai block description covering the characters discussed in L2/10-451, for version 6.3. (retargeted for 7.0)L2/10-451In progress
133-A25Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the recomendations for proposal submitters. In progress

From UTC #132

Action Who Description Documents Status
132-A52Mark DavisAdd an invariant test for stability, motion 132-M3. (Retargetted for 7.0.)L2/12-240 
132-A55Mark DavisCheck Mende numbers for confusables. U+1E8D1 - U+1E8D9; see motion 132-M4. (Unicode 7.0)L2/12-293 
132-A89Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeReview input from Kent Karlsson on cuneiform glyph errors for U+12423-U+12432 in L2/12-248. (Verified, and targeted fix for 7.0.)L2/12-248In progress

From UTC #131

Action Who Description Documents Status
131-A10Mark DavisAdd to the invariant tests, a check on the kMandarin and KTotalStrokes properties.L2/12-110 
131-A19Mark DavisResearch adding U+20BA and U+3082 (hiragana mo) to list of confusables.L2/12-132, L2/12-117 
131-A23Mark DavisReview Warang Citi repertoire for confusables. (post 6.2)L2/12-118 
131-A31Markus SchererProvide a tool that tests for missing prefix contractions in CLDR tailorings.L2/12-131R 
131-A32Peter EdbergNotify CLDR-TC to add the missing prefix contractions identified by the tool in the CLDR tailorings.L2/12-131R 

From UTC #129

Action Who Description Documents Status
129-A11Peter Constable, Editorial CommitteeProvide suggested text to edcom to contextualize the Hangul breaking in Section 8 (and highlight the Old Korean treatment better). (deferred to 7.0) In progress
129-A106Mark DavisProduce a document with recommendations for the use and format of regex for validating UCD data, considering the feedback in L2/11-383.L2/11-383In progress

From UTC #128

Action Who Description Documents Status
128-A91Mark DavisAdd the U+2E40 DOUBLE HYPHEN to the list of confusables. (after Unicode 6.2)  
128-A92aMark DavisSee L2/11-241 for additions to confusables after Unicode 6.2.L2/11-241 
128-A95Mark DavisResearch Teutonista repertoire for additions to confusables. (See 1AB0..1ABE, AB30..AB5F.)L2/11-240 

From UTC #126

Action Who Description Documents Status
126-A86Mark DavisAdd U+08A1 ARABIC LETTER BEH WITH HAMZA ABOVE to list of confusables, when it has been encoded in the standard. (after Unicode 6.2)L2/10-442R 

From UTC #125

Action Who Description Documents Status
125-A48Mark Davis, Markus SchererFlesh out the collation tests with canonical equivalents, and post in the beta directory for the next version of UTS #10. (postponed to after UCA 6.2)  
125-A64bMark Davis, Roozbeh PournaderAdd list of confusables from L2/10-455R (sent by Roozbeh) to UTS #39. Retargeted to 7.0L2/10-455 
125-A66Roozbeh PournaderDocument recommendation number 9 (about high hamza) of L2/10-455 more thoroughly.L2/10-455In progress

From UTC #124

Action Who Description Documents Status
124-A92Mark DavisUpdate IDNATests.txt to test both cases (disallowed_STD3 and not). After Unicode 7.0.  
124-A104aMark DavisAdd confusables extracted by Roozbeh to UTS #39 (after Unicode 6.1). (split from 124-A104) Retargeted to 7.0.L2/10-288R 
124-A139Van Anderson, Rick McGowanProduce a UTN describing the Duployan shorthand rendering.L2/10-272RIn progress

From UTC #122

Action Who Description Documents Status
122-A38Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeReview Section 5.8, Newline Guidelines in TUS when UTR #20 is updated.  

From UTC #121

Action Who Description Documents Status
121-A11aRoozbeh Pournader, Editorial CommitteeCreate background document for PRI for issue #3 (carrierless harakat) in L2/09-358R.L2/09-358RIn progress
121-A12aRick McGowanPost PRI on Arabic issue (121-A011a), to close ????. (Updated from August, 2010.)  
121-A27Peter EdbergReformulate the proposal in L2/09-264 to separate locale-dependent (CLDR) items from locale-independent issues which should be in the Unicode Standard.L2/09-264 

From UTC #120

Action Who Description Documents Status
120-A51Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeAdd a pointer from UTS #22 to new content of UTR #36 for security issues.  

From UTC #109

Action Who Description Documents Status
109-A40John JenkinsSubmit the characters in L2/06-365, minus the Wenlin variants, to be registered as a variant collection.L2/06-365In progress