Agenda - UTC #69 & X3L2 #167

Redmond - June 6-7, 1996

June 6, 1996

I.                   Administrative Issues

A.                UTC Membership Roll Call

1.                  Call for Proxies

2.                  Roll Call

B.                 Declaration of Joint Meeting

C.                Approval of Agenda of Joint Meeting

D.                Approval of Minutes

1.                  Minutes of UTC #68

Note: X3L2 approval of Minutes of Joint Meeting in December (X3L2 Meeting #166/UTC #67) is on the agenda of X3L2 meeting on Thursday morning.

E.                 Document Registration

1.                  X3L2 Documents

2.                  ISO documents

3.                  UTC Documents

F.                 Calendar Review:






II.                 Interaction with WG2

(See also Specific Scripts below)

A.                Reports and documents from WG2

1.                  Report from X3L2 IR (Suignard) and Unicode Liaison (Freytag)

2.                  N1354 Resolutions from WG2 meeting in Copenhagen - [96/038]

3.                  N1352 Principles and procedures for allocation of new characters and
scripts [96-052]

4.                  N1302 WG2 summary and status of proposals [96-049]

5.                  N1328 Proposal: Publication schedule for amendments and revisions
of 10646 [96-050]

B.                 Input for next WG2 Meeting

1.                  pDAM 7, Additional characters (Hebrew catillation marks)

2.                  pDAM 8, Informative annex on CJK ideographs
Does the UTC want to provide additional input to IRG on rules for unification? (see topic on the Japanese response to the Character Glyph Model.)

3.                  pDAM 9, Unique identifiers [96-048]

III.              Specific scripts

(Includes interaction with WG2)

A.                Ethiopic

1.                  Status report on WG2 action

B.                 Cherokee (Freytag, Suignard, Moore)

C.                Mongolian

1.                  N1368 Mongolian script proposal - China, Mongolia [96-054]

2.                  N1383 Ad hoc report on Mongolian script - Copenhagen [96-055]

3.                  TC46 document on romainzation of Mongolian

D.                Canadian aboriginal syllabics (McGowan, Umamaheswaran)

Documents are available in English (-en) or French (-fr) at:

E.                 Khmer (Khmer)

1.                  Report from Cambodia

2.                  Proposal from Michael Everson

F.                 Burmese (Burmese)

G.                Sinhala (Sinhalese)

H.                Runic

1.                  N1330 Revised proposal on Runic repertoire [96-035]

2.                  N1382 Runic script - update [96-051]

I.                    Additional Latin characters

1.                  N1361 Proposal for addition of Latin characters - Romania [96-053]

IV.             Character glyph model - status (Hart, Griffee) - [96/037]

A.                Summary of voting on New Project [96-042]

B.                 Response to Japanese Comments

1.                  Feedback on Draft Response [working paper]

V.               Current ISO ballots

A.                DISP 11186-2 [96-036]

B.                 pDAM #9: Indentifiers of characters [96-047, 96-048]

C.                Reports on ISO ballots

1.                  ISO 8859

2.                  ISO 1073

3.                  Cherokee,

4.                  Yiddish

VI.             Internet documents

A.                Francois Yergeau’s RFC draft for UTF-8 (Hart)

B.                 Internationalization of HTML

Peek preview at

VII.          Reports

A.                International Unicode Conferences (Moore)

B.                 The Unicode Standard, Version 2.0 (Davis)

VIII.        Old Business

A.                Arabic characters: revised proposal (Aliprand)

IX.             Other Business

A.                Handling obsolete codes (Davis)

B.                 Unicode compression (Davis)

C.                Behavior of NSM after control/format characters (Davis)

D.                Sorting standards (Winkler)

E.                 Unicode property information and COBOL (Moore)

X.               Other Items

A.                Codes for scripts - proposal from M. Everson

B.                 ISO/TC46/SC2 Transliteration standard


XI.             Closing of Joint Meeting