Draft Agenda - UTC #71 & X3L2 #168 ad hoc meeting

San Diego - December 5-6, 1996

December 5, 1996

I.                   Administrative Issues

A.                UTC membership roll call

1.                  Call for proxies

2.                  Roll call

B.                 Declaration of joint meeting

C.                Minutes and action items

1.                  Approval of minutes UTC #70

2.                  Review of action items [X3L2/SD2]

D.                Registration of new documents


Report - IAB character set workshop

Chris Weider




Apostrophe clarification

Mark Davis




Romanian request

Michel Suignard









Summary of allocation proposals

Lisa Moore
Joe Becker









E.                 Approval of joint meeting agenda

F.                 Meeting calendar

UTC, UIC, X3L2, WG2, IRG, WG20 …

II.                 Standing items

A.                Marketing Unicode

1.                  European character set workshop in Bled

2.                  Web Internationalization Symposium, Seville

B.                 Errata to Unicode 2.0

C.                Unicode International Conferences

1.                  Mainz, Germany - March 10-11, 1997

2.                  USA

3.                  Japan

III.              Interaction with SC2

A.                Reports and documents from SC2

1.                  Resolutions from SC2/WG2 meeting in Québec - [96-093]

2.                  Resolutions from SC2/WG3 meeting in Québec - [96-092]

3.                  Resolutions from SC2 meeting in Québec - [96-091]

B.                 Input for next WG2 meeting

1.                  UTC positions on topics of WG2 and IRG

2.                  Unicode Consortium delegate to SC2/WG2 and IRG

IV.             Allocation of scripts

A.                Summary of allocation proposals - Lisa Moore, Joe Becker [96-111]

B.                 Allocating Ogham and Runes to the BMP: a strategy for making the BMP maximally useful - Everson [96-101]

V.               Specific scripts

A.                Deseret alphabet

1.                  Proposal for encoding the Deseret Alphabet in ISO 10646 - Jenkins [96-104]

B.                 Yi script

1.                  WG2 N1187 Encoding the Yi script - Everson [96-098]

2.                  WG2 N1415 Proposal for encoding Yi script on BMP - China [96-099]

C.                Mongolian

1.                  WG2 N1437 Report of 3rd Mongolian encoding meeting [96-102]

2.                  WG2 N1438 Draft on encoding Mongolian character set [96-103]

D.                Runic

1.                  WG2 N1417 2nd revised proposal for Runic character names [96-100]

E.                 Romanian

1.                  Romanian request - Suignard [96-109]

F.                 Armenian

1.                  Suignard

VI.             Current ballots

A.                JTC1 TAG question about JT/96-0432 [96-085]

B.                 SC2 request for comments on IRG proposal for 6585 additional ideographic characters in the BMP [96-084, 96-086]

C.                DAM#5 Korean repertoire [96-079, 96-080]

D.                DAM#8 Unification CJK ideographs [96-081, 96-082]

E.                 Endorsement of Mike Ksar as convenor of SC2/WG2 [96-096, 96-097]

F.                 pDAM#9, Identifiers [96-095]

VII.          Script and language codes

A.                Codes for scripts - proposal from M. Everson [96-088]

B.                 Policy statement on script codes - Everson [96-087]

C.                Language tagging - Mark Leisher

VIII.        Internet issues

A.                Internet charset tags for Unicode (UTF-7, UTF-8) - Misha Wolf

B.                 Report - IAB character set workshop - Chris Weider [96-107]

IX.             Old business

A.                Equivalence of combining characters -WG20 [96-089]

X.               Other business

A.                WG20 request for Character property tables [WG20 N498]

B.                 Unicode compression - Misha Wolf

C.                UNIX and Unicode - Gary Roberts

D.                Apostrophe clarification - Mark Davis [96-108]

XI.             Character glyph model

A.                Status - Hart, Griffee

XII.          Review of motions to X3L2, and action items

XIII.        Closing of joint meeting