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UTC # 74 -- Action items


Action Items of UTC and L2 as of UTC # 74

Please review your action items and report items as 'done' to If appropriate attach a brief statement of the result.

UTC #71 and L2 #168 (December 5-6, 1996, San Diego, CA)

UTC # L2 # Who Action Status
71-08 168-07 Adams Jenkins re UTC#70-A32: Prepare document for next UTC meeting (fonts for public use) in progress
71-13 168-13 Jenkins Be contact point for Prof. Lancaster in respect to his collection of 15000 characters. no contact
71-15 Jenkins Draft letter from Consortium (for Davis to sign) to IRG re getting fonts for Vertical Extension characters.
71-25 168-25 Glenn Adams Create a "Working Paper" section on the Web site. Install "compression" document on web site and create a section for comments withdrawn
71-29 168-29 Uma, Ken, Jenkins Draft UTC process flow additions to Thygessen document.


UTC #72 and L2 #169 (May 29-30, 1997, Cupertino, CA)

UTC# L2# Who Action Status


Jenkins Convey to Mr. Zhong the UTC’s interest in practical implementations of ideographic composition ("proof of concept") open
72-06 Jenkins Add a pointer to the WG2 submission form N 1215 to the Unicode Web site open
169-07 Jenkins Add "earmarked for encoding on Plane 1" to Etruscan proposal and all other proposals where missing on web, open
72-08 Jenkins Provide properties and block descriptions for all script proposals accepted by UTC. in progress
169-09 Jenkins Provide updated proposals for all scripts accepted by the UTC and L2 for submission to WG2 open
72-10 Aliprand/ Greenfield Add requirement for character properties and block descriptions as part of a script or character proposal to UTC procedures in progress
169-11 Davis Prepare proposal for new character MIDDLE DOT for submission by US International Liaison
72-17 Davis & Mansour Prepare proposal on productive Arabic encoding using letter shape and dot components in progress
72-23 Aliprand Send e-mail from David Tribble requesting additional non-characters to "unicore" open
72-26 Davis Re Apostrophe proposal: Call out special issue in character properties database via *. Add text on usage. Drop elision from 02BC open
72-27 Davis Re Bidi proposal: Withdraw section L3. Query vendors open
72-28 Davis Re Bidi proposal: Bring back proposal re resolution of tables/text issue open
72-31 Editorial Identify multiple ranges of ideographic numbers open
72-33 Editorial Re UTF-8: Work on clarification of text for August meeting
72-36 Edberg Revise proposal on Transcoding hint characters for August meeting open
72-37 Edberg Publish draft on Unicode Web site open
72-38 Davis, Jenkins Make space/width changes to Last resort Font. Then make it available on Unicode Web site open
169-40 All Provide feedback on Western musical notation proposal to Rick McGowan
72-41 McGowan Submit revised proposal on Western musical notation for August meeting deferred to December
72-43 McGowan In revision, address issue of 2-D layout and compare with electrotechnical symbols open
169-44 All Provide feedback on Syriac proposal to Rick McGowan
72-51 Aliprand E-mail description of roles in Unicode delegation and caucus open
72-53 Davis Revise description of Working Group procedures. Publish on Unicode Web site
72-54 Davis Talk to Jenkins about Web space open
169-56 Adams Post Character-glyph model document on Unicode Web site Ed
72-57 All Documents must be received two weeks before the meeting or the item will not be put on the agenda closed, Nov 19 !!
72-58 Aliprand/ Greenfield Revise UTC procedures document to document this decision (2 week rules) in progress
169-59 Jenkins Consider ballots and comments in the WWW page design. Web should also have a list of open ballots and their closing dates.


UTC #73 and L2 #170 (August 4-6, 1997, Palo Alto, CA)

UTC # L2 # Who Action Status
73-1 Aliprand Check with companies that have not participated in meetings to find out why
73-2 McGowan Ask Bruce Paterson to review Western Music Symbols proposal done
73-3 Winkler Copy action items for the editorial committee onto a separate list done
73-4 Aliprand/Winkler Include numbered action items in the meeting minutes done
73-5 Aliprand Include "Property Related Errata" as standing item on agenda done
73-6 Freytag Put sample implementation of compression algorithm on Unicode Web site Done on server
73-7 Jenkins Tell Peter Edberg that revised transcoding proposal is wanted for December meeting Done (he could not do)
73-8 Aliprand Put transcoding proposal on agenda for December meeting done
73-9 Winkler Arnold to investigate alternative dates for December meeting moot (dates kept)
73-10 Moore Determine availability of rooms for other dates in December moot
73-11 McGowan/Jenkins Reserve room for UTC/L2 meeting on February 25-27 No result
73-12 Winkler Reserve room for UTC/L2 meeting on April 20-22 done
73-13 Aliprand Send out revised meeting dates done
73-14 All Send comments on keyboard symbols to Freytag No input
73-15 Greenfield Add Julie Allen to Roster (Unicode Office section) done
73-16 All Send detailed technical comments on Byzantine Greek Music proposal to "unicore" no later than December UTC meeting
73-17 Whistler and Edberg Write a UTR on character set identification and structure Open
73-18 Whistler and others Prepare Internet draft for Plane 14 proposal (minus source set tagging and generic tagging) Ken done, Glenn in progress
73-19 Adams Draft proposal incorporating Cowan’s proposal on generic tagging plus three-way split described by Adams Withdrawn
73-20 Ksar Send dates for revision of ISO/IEC 10646 to "unicore" Included in #74


73-21 Freytag Prepare complete proposal for keycap cartouche and screen cartouche (to support composable keyboard symbols) Asmus needs a font. Michel to provide.
73-22 Freytag Prepare written proposal on in-line annotation characters for December meeting. Include discussion of existing mechanisms to support ruby, warichu, etc. Open
73-23 Adams Contribute description of use of Plane 14 tagging for in line annotation Withdrawn
73-24 All Send comments on in-line annotation to Freytag. Use "Ruby paper" as subject.
73-25 Jenkins Negotiate with Michael Everson re joint proposal for Gothic Done
73-26 Jenkins Prepare revised proposal for Gothic based on result of negotiations Done
73-27 Jenkins Prepare revised proposal for Etruscan Done
73-28 Jenkins Prepare proposal for Athenian acrophonics
73-29 McGowan Prepare revised proposal for Khmer, incorporating revised summary form, justification for "holes" in encoding, list of character properties Withdrawn
73-30 Adams Advise McGowan re editorial changes for acceptance by WG2 Withdrawn
73-31 McGowan In Khmer proposal, replace "14" by "XX’ Withdrawn
73-32 McGowan Secure a copy of the font mentioned in the summary form for the Consortium and store it on the internal side of the Unicode FTP site Withdrawn
73-33 McGowan In Khmer proposal, strip out annotations in names Withdrawn
73-34 Adams/McGowan Create Khmer proposal (as close to pDAM text as possible) for submission to WG2 Withdrawn
73-35 McGowan (for Living Scripts WG) Work with Everson to complete proposal for Thaana, with target to return it to UTC in December
73-36 McGowan Contact Mr. Manaku for input on the Thaana proposal Reassign to Eberton
73-37 McGowan Send C source code for last known working BiDi reference application to Lloyd Honomichl Done
73-38 Honomichl Create Java applet as reference implementation of BiDi algorithm (to be made available on the Unicode Web site). Include errata from Unicode Web site. Target date: Sept. 1 Done
73-39 Bishop Revise BiDi Property Change proposal, including "figure space" as common separator. Send to "unicore" list, and post on Web site (include Arabic text examples as GIFs in Web version) Done
73-40 Bishop Schedule special meeting on BiDi. Post invitation on "unicore" list. Suggested date: just after IUC Done
73-41 Freytag Publish Compression Algorithm as UTR Done
73-42 Jenkins and others Prepare UTC version of Plane 1 roadmap Done
73-43 Jenkins Invite Everson to participate in roadmap work Done (Everson said yes)
73-44 Jenkins Provide infrastructure for Plane 1 roadmap work: Web space, e-mail discussion list Done
73-45 Jenkins Post explicit instructions for uploading documents to Web site Open
73-46 All Provide input on Banjeom character proposal (L2/97-149) to Adams before December meeting Withdrawn

No UTC opinion

73-47 Adams Prepare recommendation on Banjeom character proposal for December meeting Withdrawn

No UTC opinion

73-48 Adams Consult Lee Collins re Banjeom characters Withdrawn

No UTC opinion

73-49 Aliprand Include Banjeom character proposal on agenda for December meeting Withdrawn

No UTC opinion

73-50 All Send comments on two Latin characters [L2/97-164] to Adams done
73-51 Goldsmith Register "UTF-16" as designation for the Unicode Standard, Version 2.0
73-52 Goldsmith Register "UNICODE UTF-16" as alias for "UTF-16"
73-53 Goldsmith Register "UNICODE UTF-8" as alias for "UTF-8"
73-54 Goldsmith Withdraw registration for "UNICODE-1-1"

Goldsmith wrote Dec. 4:

The IANA Charset registration process is still in the Internet Draft stage. My understanding is that until it is finalized, the IAB would

rather just register critical character sets like UTF-8. I have been waiting for the process to be finalized. If someone wants to take it up

with the IETF about how critical UTF-16 or UTF-7 is, and they convince IANA to accept the registration, then I'll be happy to take care of the procedural aspects like writing up the registrations.

Probably good people to contact for starters would be Ned Freed

<> and Jon Postel <Postel@ISI.EDU>, the authors of

the draft (draft-freed-charset-reg-04.txt).

73-55 Editorial For Version 3.0, treat UTF-8 as true part of Unicode. Document UTF-16 on similar level accepted
73-56 Adams Respond to Wolf’s mail on SGML base set with proposal from Paterson re collection 300 done
73-57 Whistler Ask Jenkins to allocate "UTC private" section of FTP site to support work on default ordering of Unicode characters Done
73-58 Whistler Make work on default ordering available for UTC comment Open
73-59 Winkler Invite Alain LaBonté to special meeting on default ordering to be held on afternoon of Friday, December 5 Done
73-60 Winkler Talk to LaBonté to postpone next phase of 14561 in order to incorporate common understanding Done, not successful
73-61 Whistler Provide work-to-date document to Winkler for WG20 meeting (November 16-20 in Cairo) done
170-62 Winkler/Aliprand Add item to L2 agenda: to take US position to make output of UTC working group on default ordering as US contribution to WG20 done
73-63 Officers Investigate establishing the Unicode Consortium as PAS
170-64 Winkler On behalf of WG20, reply to letter from Unicode Consortium (dated January 22) re WG20 request to use Unicode properties. In particular, clarify mutual understanding of "verbatim"
73-65 Winkler Send information about PAS application procedures to Freytag and Aliprand (for Unicode Officers) done
73-66 Aliprand As UTC Chair, write to Chairs of SC2, SC18 and SC20 re Cultural Workshop. Mention Unicode Consortium’s relationship/involvement with all groups; stress that we are representing large companies which are active implementers of standards from all the SCs. Express preference for British Columbia as site; SC2 as organizer. Copy to NCTIS superseded by events
170-67 Winkler/Aliprand Include discussion of recommendation for comparable letter from L2 Chair on agenda of L2 meeting (L2 is TAG for two of the SCs, and worked with SC18 on the character-glyph model) superseded by events
73-68 Adams Send copy of document on characters and character sets to Umamaheswaran Done
73-69 Umamaheswaran Gather information on characters and character sets to formulate response withdrawn
73-70 Aliprand Include formulation of UTC positions for IRG December meeting on agenda for December meeting done
73-71 All Corporate Member representatives Seek suitable candidates for Board election in December done
73-72 Bishop Prepare complete proposal for Burmese for December meeting Open
73-73 McGowan Send all information on Burmese to Bishop Open
73-74 Whistler Notify IETF participants in Plane 14 ad hoc meeting about outcome of this meeting; send them revised Plane 14 proposal. Done
73-75 Adams Make revised Plane 14 proposal into Internet Draft, with UTC and IETF representatives as co-authors. Arrange with Chris Newman for reformatting In progress
73-76 Adams Make revised Plane 14 proposal into joint Unicode/IETF proposal to WG2 See preceding
170-77 Aliprand/Winkler Review SC2 resolutions and include them on the December L2 meeting agenda (see M07.28 as an example). Not done


UTC #74 and L2 #171 (December 3-5, 1997, Mountain View, CA)

UTC # L2 # Who Action Status
74-1 Aliprand Place L2/97-262 on Agenda for Next Meeting
74-2 Aliprand Send Mark Davis L2/97-167.
74-3 Suignard Send font for Cartouche symbols to Freytag (to allow him to complete AI #73-21)
Jenkins Add acceptance of cartouche characters to Unicode Web site
74-4 Aliprand/ Winkler At February meeting, verify availability of quorum for April meeting.
74-5 Editorial Committee Re decomposition: revise text & tables, as necessary to make it clear that canonical equivalence means true equivalence
74-6 Whistler Fix BNF error in Plane 14 language tagging proposal.
Whistler Make in Plane 14 language tagging proposal into Unicode Technical Report #7.
74-7 Whistler Send UTR #7 to Mike Ksar for distribution with the December WG2 mailing, with cover memo "For consideration by WG2".
74-8 Suignard Prepare a draft CD based on UTR #7 for WG2 discussion.
74-9 Suignard Prepare application to SC2 for NP subdivision, to allow Plane 14 use in ISO/IEC 10646.
74-10 Moore Draft Unicode Technical Report #8 (Version 2.1) using L2/97-253 as a basis
74-11 Aliprand/


Put UTR #8 on agenda for February UTC/L2 joint meeting.
74-12 Jenkins Revise entry for U+02DF, MODIFIER LETTER MIDDLE DOT, to show that it has been removed
74-13 Moore Revise properties for U+00B7, to add use as extender (in addition to punctuation),
74-14 Moore Distribute revised properties for U+00B7 by e-mail to "unicore"
74-15 Kobayashi/


Do revision of Variant Tagging proposal.
74-16 McGowan Work with Perry Roland on revision of Western Music Symbols proposal

a)Incorporate changes requested as condition of acceptance (BiDi aspects, etc.),
b)Add new characters proposed by Music Library Association and accepted by UTC ,

74-17 Jenkins Add acceptance of characters proposed by Music Library Association to Unicode Web site
74-18 Suignard Prepare request to WG2 to refrain from encoding the two characters in CJK Vertical Extension-A that are already encoded in the R-zone (as CJK compatibility characters)
74-19 Suignard Prepare request to WG2 to clarify the text of ISO/IEC 10646 to indicate that R-zone characters have equal status with all other characters.
74-20 Suignard Prepare request to WG2 that the two CJK characters in the R-zone that are also in CJK Vertical Extension-A be documented using the same format as for URO characters
74-21 Unicode Editorial Committee Document the two CJK compatibility that are also in CJK Vertical Extension-A using the same format as for URO characters
74-22 Davis Publish BiDi property changes as shown in Table 1 of L2/97-248R on the Unicode Web site
74-23 Bishop Coordinate change in lead for Khmer and Burmese with Adams.
74-24 McGowan Add Khmer list people to Unicore DL as needed
74-25 McGowan Send latest copies of proposal for Khmer to Bishop
74-26 McGowan Send latest copies of proposal for Burmese to Bishop Done by Jenkins (Collins proposal posted)
74-27 Bishop Request management approval to work on Khmer and Burmese.
74-28 Jenkins Obtain glyphs for IBM characters in CJK compatibility block from
74-29 Suignard Prepare proposal to WG2 for the addition of the mirrored characters in L2/97-250 to 10646.
74-30 Davis Prepare corrigenda to BIDI algorithm based on L2/97-257.
74-31 Bishop Prepare introductory text of UTR #9 (BiDi Reference Algorithm) and template by January 31, 1998.
74-32 Freytag Assist Bishop in preparation of UTR #9 (BiDi Reference Algorithm)
74-33 Bishop Freytag Send UTR #9 draft to Winkler for distribution by January 31, 1998.
74-34 Aliprand/


Put UTR #9 on agenda for February UTC/L2 joint meeting.
168- To be assigned Write contribution to SC22 recommending that the APIs in FCD 14651 be made a separate work item
74-35 UTC Members When L2 does this, contract national body members to solicit support for the recommendation that the APIs in FCD 14651 be made a separate work item.
74-36 Davis Send numeric version of keys for 14651 based on earlier CD to LaBonté.
74-37 LaBonté Provide update with FCD changes to Whistler.
74-38 Umamaheswaran Check with Austin-IBM to see if they can generate set of numeric keys.


74-39 Davis Draw up, with Whistler and LaBonté:
1) new draft of algorithm that takes into account Canonical equivalence.
2) Look into conformance implications and draft additional text, if necessary.

By January 31, 1998 for review at Feb UTC.

74-40 Aliprand/


Put revision of international sorting algorithm on agenda for February UTC/L2 joint meeting.
74-41 Whistler Look at miscellaneous symbols to do first cut re their sorting
74-42 Jenkins Talk with Mr. Zhong regarding Hiura’s status as an observer at the IRG meeting 10
74-43 Aliprand Notify Hiura of UTC decision re observer status. Done

Februray 16, 1998 version




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