Cumulative list of action items

Open action items

July 23, 1998

UTC #71 and L2 #168 (December 5-6, 1996, San Diego, CA)

UTC #L2 # WhoAction Status
71-29168-29 Uma, Ken, JenkinsDraft UTC process flow additions to Thygessen document. open

UTC #72 and L2 #169 (May 29-30, 1997, Cupertino, CA)

UTC #L2 # WhoAction Status
169-01 JenkinsConvey to Mr. Zhong the UTC's interest in practical implementations of ideographic composition ("proof of concept") we don't know
72-08 JenkinsProvide properties and block descriptions for all script proposals accepted by UTC. in progress

Chair to check (e-mail sent 3/3)

169-09 JenkinsProvide updated proposals for all scripts accepted by the UTC and L2 for submission to WG2 open
72-10 Aliprand/ OesterleAdd requirement for character properties and block descriptions as part of a script or character proposal to UTC procedures in progress
72-17 Davis & MansourPrepare proposal on productive Arabic encoding using letter shape and dot components in progress
72-26 DavisRe Apostrophe proposal: Call out special issue in character properties database via *. Add text on usage. Drop elision from 02BC open
72-53 Aliprand/OesterleRevise description of Working Group procedures. Publish on Unicode Web site open
72-58 Aliprand/ OesterleRevise UTC procedures document to document this decision (2 week rules) in progress

UTC #73 and L2 #170 (August 4-6, 1997, Palo Alto, CA)

UTC #L2 # WhoAction Status
73-17 Whistler and EdbergWrite a UTR on character set identification and structure open
73-28 JenkinsPrepare proposal for Athenian acrophonics open
73-51 GoldsmithRegister "UTF-16" as designation for the Unicode Standard, Version 2.0 Open
73-52 GoldsmithRegister "UNICODE UTF-16" as alias for "UTF-16" Open
73-53 GoldsmithRegister "UNICODE UTF-8" as alias for "UTF-8" Open
73-54 Goldsmith Withdraw registration for "UNICODE-1-1"

Goldsmith wrote Dec. 4:

The IANA Charset registration process is still in the Internet Draft stage. My understanding is that until it is finalized, the IAB would rather just register critical character sets like UTF-8. I have been waiting for the process to be finalized. If someone wants to take it up

with the IETF about how critical UTF-16 or UTF-7 is, and they convince IANA to accept the registration, then I'll be happy to take care of the procedural aspects like writing up the registrations. Probably good people to contact for starters would be Ned Freed

<ned.freed@innosoft.com> and Jon Postel <Postel@ISI.EDU>, the authors of

the draft (draft-freed-charset-reg-04.txt).


UTC #74 and L2 #171 (December 3-5, 1997, Mountain View, CA)

UTC #L2 # WhoAction Status
74-15 Kobayashi/


Do revision of Variant Tagging proposal. open
74-20 SuignardPrepare request to WG2 that the two CJK characters in the R-zone that are also in CJK Vertical Extension-A be documented using the same format as for URO characters open
74-35a WinklerWrite contribution to SC22 recommending that the APIs in FCD 14651 be made a separate work item open
74-35 UTC MembersWhen L2 does this, contract national body members to solicit support for the recommendation that the APIs in FCD 14651 be made a separate work item. open

UTC #75 and L2 #172 (February 25-27, Cupertino, CA)

UTC #L2 # WhoAction Status
75-08 Whistler/
Investigate completion of 72-26 (May 97: Apostrophe - character properties)
75-10 Aliprand/
Check with Goldsmith re status of 73-57 ff. (IANA charset registration)
UTR #7 (Verison 2.1) to be published [#75-M2]
75-12 MooreRevise L2/98-038 to incorporate agreed modifications (including exclusion of BiDi corrigendum on stack limit [#75-M17]).
75-13 MooreApply UTR style guidelines and publish on Web site.
75-14 MooreAnnounce publication on "unicore" and "news" lists.
75-15 MooreArrange for a version of UTR #7 with fixed page numbering to allow for specific referencing.
Fixes to UnicodeData file [#75-M4]
75-16 WhistlerIncorporate approved changes, and give justification for changes [#75-M5].
75-17 FreytagArrange for numbering of errata and corrigenda on Web site
Revision of transcoding proposal
75-18 EdbergCompile list of Big 5, etc. characters that cannot be transcoded in progress
75-19 AliprandCompile list of EACC characters that cannot be transcoded in progress
75-20 EdbergRevise transcoding proposal, according to [#75-M6], and resubmit.
Criteria for disunification [#75-M7]
Character Properties for Control Codes
75-25 DavisBegin process to add control characters to mapping tables
UTR #10 (Unicode Collation Algorithm) [#75-M9]
75-28 UmaInvestigate IBM's patents re collation algorithm. Provide formal clearance from IBM re patents
RFC 2244: ACAP [#75-M10], etc.
75-36 FreytagEvaluate FTP internationalization Internet Draft
Inline and interlinear annotations
75-37 All membersSend information on hidden yomi to Freytag assigned to Becker
Revised Proposals, etc.
75-43 BeckerEvaluate 98-023 (Glagolitic proposal)
75-48 JenkinsFormat UTR #12 with working title Last Resort Font; following UTR style guidelines
Script/character updates to Web site
75-49 McGowanSupply formatted table entry for Western music proposal to Julie Allen
75-50 McGowanSupply formatted table entry for Enclosing triangle to Julie
75-53 McGowanSupply formatted table entry for Syriac proposal to Julie

UTC #76 and L2 #173 (April 20-22, 1998, Tredyffrin, PA)

L2 #
Aliprand/ Winkler Put these topics on agenda of July UTC/L2 joint meeting.

· TC 46 mapping project

· revision draft of Formal criteria on disunification

· revision of Formal criteria for coding precomposed characters

· revision of Support for implementing interlinear annotations (draft UTR)

· C1 use

· revision of Newline Guidelines (draft UTR)

· revision of Line breaking properties (draft UTR)

· proposal on math symbols

· revision of East Asian width property (draft UTR)

· revised UTC procedures

· proposal on variant tagging

· variation marks for Mongolian and general extension

· presentation on glyphs and font issues (Carroll)

L2 representatives: Provide feedback to Barry by May 5 at latest on potentially problematic mappings for non-alphabetic characters in these standards:

· ISO 5426-2: Extension of the Latin alphabet ... Part 2: Latin characters used in minor languages and obsolete typography;

· ISO 10585: Armenian alphabet ...

· ISO 10754: Extension of the Cyrillic alphabet ... for non-Slavic languages

AliprandPut Anthony Brickell in touch with Bruce Paterson.
BarryObtain LC copy of the CHASE report on mapping of UNIMARC character sets to Unicode/ISO 10646. done
BarryGive Arnold Winkler the name of the Iranian representative on TC 46/SC 4/WG 1 so he can ask her for feedback on FCD 14651 in relation to sorting for Farsi (Persian). done
Freytag Update L2/98-152 Formal criteria on disunification, assign new L2 number, post on the Unicode Web site and notify Umamaheswaran when done.
Umamaheswaran Work with Freytag to prepare revision draft of L2/98-152, Formal criteria on disunification for July UTC meeting, including expansion of text re costs.
Freytag Arrange with Mike Ksar to post soft-copy of L2/98-097 Formal criteria for coding precomposed characters on the Unicode Web site. If soft-copy is not available, scan L2/98-097. Notify Umamaheswaran when soft-copy is available.
Umamaheswaran Work with Freytag to prepare revision draft of L2/98-097, Formal criteria for coding precomposed characters for July UTC meeting, including rewording of first negative point.
Freytag Test disunification of combining characters using umlaut/diaeresis as a test case.
Sargent Send examples of coded math text and the renderings of the text to Freytag. Renderings to be supplied as GIFs.
Freytag Revise document L2/98-099 Support for implementing interlinear annotations … on the basis of input received at this meeting. Publish it as a draft Unicode Technical Report on the Unicode Web site. Solicit public comment.
Davis Edit paragraph T6 of the updated text of the BiDi algorithm as recommended in document L2/98-149..
Sargent Provide text on how CR/LF is used in DOS/Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX to Mark Davis for Newline Guidelines (draft UTR)
Umamaheswaran Work with Mark Davis to add EBCDIC use of NL to Newline Guidelines (draft UTR)
Umamaheswaran Provide comments on different practices in applications on the same platform with respect to CR/LF to Mark Davis for Newline Guidelines (draft UTR)
Davis Revise Newline Guidelines incorporating feedback from Umamaheswaran, Sargent and any other post-meeting comments for July UTC meeting
Whistler Work with Everson and Bauhan to facilitate acquisition of necessary Unicode information about Burmese script.
Suignard Use image of ideographic variation mark from GBK font when preparing US comments on the coming PDAM for the ideographic variation mark.
Whistler Compile property assignments for the characters accepted at this meeting.
McGowanSupply True Type font for Western musical symbols to Suignard (for use in 10646 editorial work).
WhistlerCross-check Runes in AMD 19 against FPDAM version.
Suignard Supply write-up on use of NBSP in HTML to Freytag for revision of Line breaking properties (draft UTR)
All members Provide additional feedback on document L2/98-151 Line breaking properties to Freytag. To be used in next revision, must reach Freytag before May 8,
Freytag Revise document L2/98-151 Line breaking properties incorporating comments from this meeting and any others received later to create a draft Unicode Technical Report. Post on Web site for public review.
Sargent & Carroll Work with submitters of L2/98-093 with the target of submitting a proposal on math symbols at the July UTC.
Freytag Revise document L2/98-155 East Asian width property incorporating comments from this meeting and any others received later to create a draft Unicode Technical Report. Post on Web site for public review, with the intent to Technical Report at the July UTC meeting
Aliprand Contact Jenkins about Action Items 72-08, 169-09.
Aliprand Distribute revised UTC procedures at July UTC meeting.
Aliprand Contact Goldsmith re IANA charset registration.
Editorial Review errata re Japanese quote characters.
KsarConsider UTC request that enclosing triangle proposal be on agenda for WG2 meeting in September.
Oesterle Add WG3 and possible special meeting of SC2 to September 1988 calendar.
Aliprand Send soft-copy of Paul Nelson's Syriac properties file to Whistler and Umamaheswaran.
Editorial Review Syriac shaping proposal.
Sargent (lead) Prepare discussion paper on architectural alternatives to designate variations, laying out pros and cons. Consider previous related proposals (variant tagging; transcoding). To be available at least 2 weeks (preferably 1 month) before July UTC. Co-authors: Hiura, Umamaheswaran, Carroll.
Winkler Send L2 reference number for August 1997 proposal on variant characters from Sun & Justsystem to "unicore"
Carroll Prepare overview of glyphs and font issues for presentation at July UTC meeting.
Hiura Provide information on bounding of Han, and when it will be publishable.
NgContact John Jenkins before IRG meeting to find out what he needs re CJK fonts
NgCoordinate with alternate representatives (Hiura, Kung) to ensure that the delegation expresses a consistent position.
NgPrepare report on IRG meeting #11 highlighting items of significance to the Unicode Consortium
Winkler Send Hart an updated list of L2 members for revision of the X3L2 distribution list done
AllSend ideas about UTC/L2 section of Unicode Web site to Freytag
Sargent Investigate whether Microsoft corporate rate will be available to UTC/L2 attendees in July done
Sargent Send hotel recommendations for July meeting to Julia Oesterle closed
WinklerCheck with SC2 re requirements for a formal response to request for comments on a working draft. done