UTC # 75 -- Cumulative List of Action items - April 1998

 NOTE: updated April 16, 1998 (Status changes from previous version are in red and dated)

Action Items
SD-2: Cumulative List of Action Items of UTC and L2 as of UTC #75

Please review your action items and report status of items to info@uincode.org. If appropriate, attach a brief statement of the status results.


UTC #71 and L2 #168 (December 5-6, 1996, San Diego, CA)

UTC # L2 # Who Action Status
71-29 168-29 Uma, Ken, Jenkins Draft UTC process flow additions to Thygessen document. open (4/10)


UTC #72 and L2 #169 (May 29-30, 1997, Cupertino, CA)

UTC # L2 # Who Action Status
169-01 Jenkins Convey to Mr. Zhong the UTC’s interest in practical implementations of ideographic composition ("proof of concept") we don't know
169-07 Jenkins Add "earmarked for encoding on Plane 1" to Etruscan proposal and all other proposals where missing on web, done
72-08 Jenkins Provide properties and block descriptions for all script proposals accepted by UTC. in progress

Chair to check (e-mail sent 3/3)

169-09 Jenkins Provide updated proposals for all scripts accepted by the UTC and L2 for submission to WG2 open
72-10 Aliprand/ Oesterle Add requirement for character properties and block descriptions as part of a script or character proposal to UTC procedures in progress
72-17 Davis & Mansour Prepare proposal on productive Arabic encoding using letter shape and dot components in progress
72-26 Davis Re Apostrophe proposal: Call out special issue in character properties database via *. Add text on usage. Drop elision from 02BC open
72-31 Editorial Identify multiple ranges of ideographic numbers DONE as of 4/10
72-33 Editorial Re UTF-8: Work on clarification of text for August meeting moved to editorial AI list
72-38 Davis, Jenkins Make space/width changes to Last resort Font. Then make it available on Unicode Web site moot (Apple request withdrawn)
72-53 Aliprand/Oesterle Revise description of Working Group procedures. Publish on Unicode Web site open
72-58 Aliprand/ Oesterle Revise UTC procedures document to document this decision (2 week rules) in progress


UTC #73 and L2 #170 (August 4-6, 1997, Palo Alto, CA)

UTC # L2 # Who Action Status
73-17 Whistler and Edberg Write a UTR on character set identification and structure OPEN 4/10
73-28 Jenkins Prepare proposal for Athenian acrophonics open
73-45 Freytag Post explicit instructions for uploading documents to Web site Open
73-51 Goldsmith Register "UTF-16" as designation for the Unicode Standard, Version 2.0 Open
73-52 Goldsmith Register "UNICODE UTF-16" as alias for "UTF-16" Open
73-53 Goldsmith Register "UNICODE UTF-8" as alias for "UTF-8" Open
73-54 Goldsmith Withdraw registration for "UNICODE-1-1"

Goldsmith wrote Dec. 4:

The IANA Charset registration process is still in the Internet Draft stage. My understanding is that until it is finalized, the IAB would rather just register critical character sets like UTF-8. I have been waiting for the process to be finalized. If someone wants to take it up

with the IETF about how critical UTF-16 or UTF-7 is, and they convince IANA to accept the registration, then I'll be happy to take care of the procedural aspects like writing up the registrations. Probably good people to contact for starters would be Ned Freed

<ned.freed@innosoft.com> and Jon Postel <Postel@ISI.EDU>, the authors of

the draft (draft-freed-charset-reg-04.txt).

73-55 Editorial For Version 3.0, treat UTF-8 as true part of Unicode. Document UTF-16 on similar level moved to
editorial AI list


UTC #74 and L2 #171 (December 3-5, 1997, Mountain View, CA)

UTC # L2 # Who Action Status
74-5 Editorial Committee Re decomposition: revise text & tables as necessary, to make it clear that canonical equivalence means true equivalence moved to editorial AI list
74-13 Moore Revise properties for U+00B7, to add use as extender (in addition to punctuation), done 3/3
74-15 Kobayashi/


Do revision of Variant Tagging proposal. open
74-17 Jenkins Add acceptance of characters proposed by Music Library Association to Unicode Web site done (part of 74-16)
74-18 Suignard Prepare request to WG2 to refrain from encoding the two characters in CJK Vertical Extension-A that are already encoded in the R-zone (as CJK compatibility characters)
74-19 Suignard Prepare request to WG2 to clarify the text of ISO/IEC 10646 to indicate that R-zone characters have equal status with all other characters.
74-20 Suignard Prepare request to WG2 that the two CJK characters in the R-zone that are also in CJK Vertical Extension-A be documented using the same format as for URO characters
74-21 Unicode Editorial Committee Document the two CJK compatibility that are also in CJK Vertical Extension-A using the same format as for URO characters moved to editorial AI list
74-23 Bishop Coordinate change in lead for Khmer and Burmese with Adams. MOOT moved to PDAM prep4/10
74-24 McGowan Add Khmer list people to Unicore DL as needed open
74-25 McGowan Send latest copies of proposal for Khmer to Bishop open
74-29 Suignard Prepare proposal to WG2 for the addition of the mirrored characters in L2/97-250 to 10646. open
74-30 Davis Prepare corrigenda to BIDI algorithm based on L2/97-257. open
To be assigned Write contribution to SC22 recommending that the APIs in FCD 14651 be made a separate work item
74-35 UTC Members When L2 does this, contract national body members to solicit support for the recommendation that the APIs in FCD 14651 be made a separate work item. open


UTC #75 and L2 #172 (February 25-27, Cupertino, CA)

UTC # L2 # Who Action Status
75-01 Winkler Determine whether Unisys meeting facilities are available on May 6-8 and/or May 20-22 by Friday done - meeting is April 20-22, 98
75-02 Winkler Add C violation of ISO 646 to agenda of L2 plenary done
75-03 Aliprand Announce BiDi ad hoc to be held in Seattle on Wednesday, March 18, beginning at 3 pm done
75-04 172-04 Winkler Check whether Alain La Bonté received the revised minutes of the discussion on international string ordering. Done, he did receive them
75-05 172-05 Aliprand/
Include these items on agenda of UTC #76/L2 #173 joint meeting:
  • 1) UTR #11: Criteria for disunification (Freytag)

    2) Format of electronically distributed data (Winkler/Freytag)

    3) Properties for Syriac characters (Kiraz/Nelson)

    4) Inline and interlinear annotations (Freytag)

  • done
    75-06 Oesterle Send free copy of Version 2.0 to Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (get address from 97-287) done
    75-07 Aliprand/
    Contact Jenkins re status of AI 169-09 (May 97: provide updated proposals for all scripts for submission to WG2) done 3/4
    75-08 Whistler/
    Investigate completion of 72-26 (May 97: Apostrophe &ndash; character properties) OPEN 4/10
    75-09 172-09 Hart Supply text of PDTR for Character/Glyph Model to Freytag (so 169-56 can be completed)
    75-10 Aliprand/
    Check with Goldsmith re status of 73-57 ff. (IANA charset registration)
    75-11 Aliprand Transfer AI 73-55 (Editorial issue) to Julie Allen done 3/3
    UTR #7 (Verison 2.1) to be published [#75-M2]
    75-12 Moore Revise L2/98-038 to incorporate agreed modifications (including exclusion of BiDi corrigendum on stack limit [#75-M17]).
    75-13 Moore Apply UTR style guidelines and publish on Web site.
    75-14 Moore Announce publication on "unicore" and "news" lists.
    75-15 Moore Arrange for a version of UTR #7 with fixed page numbering to allow for specific referencing.
    Fixes to UnicodeData file [#75-M4]
    75-16 Whistler Incorporate approved changes, and give justification for changes [#75-M5]. OPEN 4/10
    75-17 Freytag Arrange for numbering of errata and corrigenda on Web site
    Revision of transcoding proposal
    75-18 Edberg Compile list of Big 5, etc. characters that cannot be transcoded
    75-19 Aliprand Compile list of EACC characters that cannot be transcoded
    75-20 Edberg Revise transcoding proposal, according to [#75-M6], and resubmit.
    Criteria for disunification [#75-M7]
    75-21 Freytag Make into draft UTR #11 for April UTC meeting, incorporating examples mentioned at this meeting
    Property assignments for quotation characters [#75-M8]
    75-22 Becker Check Japanese standard(s) to determine position of Japanese quote marks relative to "cell" boundaries, and send findings to Freytag.
    75-23 McGowan Check Japanese typographical manuals re quotation marks and send findings to Freytag.
    75-24 Freytag Incorporate comments from discussion and other feedback. File as corrigendum and give justification for changes
    Character Properties for Control Codes
    75-25 Davis Begin process to add control characters to mapping tables
    UTR #10 (Unicode Collation Algorithm) [#75-M9]
    75-26 172-26 Aliprand Check with Royal Library of Sweden to see if 4th level is required for Swedish done
    75-27 Uma Send Red Book examples to Whistler and Davis
    75-28 Uma Investigate IBM&rsquo;s patents re collation algorithm. Provide formal clearance from IBM re patents
    75-29 Aliprand Send NISO sorting examples to Whistler and Davis done
    75-30 173-30 Winkler Send TC46 and TC37 sorting documents to Whistler and Aliprand and Mark Davis DONE 4/10
    75-31 Uma/Moore Research scope of problem for use of proposed collation support tables with EBCDIC systems.
    76-32 Davis/
    Incorporate feedback and post draft UTR for public review DONE 4/10
    75-33 Davis/
    Solicit feedback on draft UTR from outside UTC DONE 4/10
    RFC 2244: ACAP [#75-M10], etc.
    75-34 McGowan Publish statement based on [#75-M10] on Web site Published on lists
    75-35 McGowan Communicate with IETF re problems identified in [#75-M10] done 3/3
    75-36 Freytag Evaluate FTP internationalization Internet Draft
    Inline and interlinear annotations
    75-37 All members Send information on hidden yomi to Freytag
    75-38 Freytag Revise for presentation at April UTC meeting
    Revised Proposals, etc.
    75-39 McGowan Work with Perry Roland on final version of Western music proposal [#75-M11] done
    75-40 172-40 Kiraz/Nelson Prepare final version of Syriac proposal, incorporating errata and action items [#75-M19] done
    75-41 172-41 Kiraz/Nelson Prepare separate proposal for Eastern and Western Syriac crosses as miscellaneous symbols done
    75-42 172-42 Kiraz/Nelson Provide draft properties for Syriac script characters, and for proposed additions to the Arabic block (non-spacing hamzah,, etc.) and Miscellaneous symbols block (Syriac crosses)
    75-43 Becker Evaluate 98-023 (Glagolitic proposal)
    75-44 McGowan Provide evaluation of Everson proposals to Freytag before WG2 meeting
    75-45 Aliprand Provide feedback to Michael Everson (cc WG2) on the proposals that were discussed at this meeting
    75-46 Aliprand Inform Jerome Hellingman that his Javanese proposal was distributed to the UTC
    75-47 Aliprand Draft a UTC response to document SC2/WG2 N1634, per [#75-M16]. Circulate to members for feedback; incorporate feedback, submit to WG2 via Unicode liaison. In progress (draft circulated 3/5)
    75-48 Jenkins Format UTR #12 with working title Last Resort Font; following UTR style guidelines
    Script/character updates to Web site
    75-49 McGowan Supply formatted table entry for Western music proposal to Freytag
    75-50 McGowan Supply formatted table entry for Enclosing triangle to Freytag
    75-51 Uma Supply formatted table entry for KIP currency sign to Freytag done
    75-52 Whistler Supply formatted table entry for H, h with caron to Freytag DONE 4/10
    75-53 McGowan Supply formatted table entry for Syriac proposal to Freytag
    75-54 Freytag Arrange for addition of all formatted additions to pipeline section of Web site kip: done 3/9
    Submissions to WG2
    75-55 172-55 Freytag/


    Submit final version of Criteria for disunification as input to the ISO/IEC 10646 procedures document. [#75-M7] done
    75-56 172-56 Freytag/


    Submit to WG2 for consideration: revised Western music proposal; revised Syriac proposal; proposal for Enclosing triangle; proposal for KIP currency sign. done
    75-57 Freytag As Unicode liaison, submit UTC response to SC2/WG2 N1634
    172-58 Winkler Check, if NCITS dues can be paid with Credit Card done, yes, MC, AX, Visa
    172-59 Winkler Write jeopardy letters where necessary done
    172-60 Ksar Check shapes of symbols in FPDAM 18 done
    172-61 Winkler Send names of Unicore members to Keld for access to SC2/WG2 documents in progress