UTC # 76 -- Draft Agenda

April 16, 1998

UTC #76 & NCITS Subgroup L2 #173 joint meeting --
Preliminary Agenda

Joint Meeting at Tredyffrin, PA -- April 20-22, 1998
Hosted by Unisys Corporation

I. Administrative Issues

A. UTC membership roll call

1. Call for proxies
2. Roll call

B. Declaration of joint meeting

C. Approval of joint meeting agenda

D. Minutes and action items

1. Approval of minutes of Joint Meeting UTC #75 & L2 #172 [L2/98-070, to be available at meeting]
2. Review of action items [L2/SD2]

E. Registration of new documents

F. Review of meeting calendar at:


G. Appointment of Unicode Consortium representative for IRG meeting #11 (Japan, May 11-15)

(Appointment of US representative is on agenda of L2 Plenary meeting).

II. Interaction with SC2, part 1

A. WG2 meeting #34 (Seattle, WA)

1. Report from Unicode Liaison
2. WG Resolutions from Meeting #34

UTC needs to authorize changes to the Unicode Standard; L2 will deal with these as ISO ballots.

a. Resolution M34.9 (Thaana script) http://www.indigo.ie/egt/standards/dv/thaana.pdf

b. Resolution M34.10 (Burmese script) Source document: L2/98-101

c. Resolution M34.11 (Khmer script) Source document: L2/98-101

d. Resolution M34.12 (part – Bopomofo extensions and modifier letters)
Source document: L2/98-090

e. Resolution M34.12 (part – ideographic variation indicator)

3. Other WG Resolutions

All other WG2 resolutions require no action by the UTC or L2 at this meeting.

III. Technical Issues

A. Errata to Unicode 2.0 (Standing Item)

B. Feedback requested on Version 2.0

C. Revised Proposals

1. Criteria for Disunification (Freytag)
2. Support for implementing inline and interlinear annotations in East
Asian typography (Freytag) [l2/98-99 or revision]

C. New Proposals

1. Line Breaking properties (Freytag)

2. Unicode newline policy (Davis)

IV. Specific scripts

A. Whole Scripts

1. Revised Proposals

a) Properties for Syriac characters (Kiraz/Allen)

B. Ideographic additions

C. Additional non-ideographic characters

1. Proposal for additional mathematical and technical symbols [L2/98-093]

D. Other script issues

1. Status of Mongolian script [L2/98-088, L2/98-104]

2. Euro in 8859 character sets [L2/98-086:Resolution M13.08]

V. Current ballots

A. Yi PDAM 14 analysis (Whistler)

VI. W3C issues

VII. International Unicode Conferences (Standing Item)

A. Report on IUC #12

VIII. Other business

A. Format of electronically distributed data (Winkler/Freytag)

IX. Interaction with SC2, part 2

A. Future WG2 work

1. Progression of proposals [L2/98-078]

2. Second edition of ISO 10646 [L2/98-095, L2/98-096]

3. Part 2 of ISO 10646 [L2/98-081, L2/98-094]

B. Formal criteria for coding precomposed characters [L2/98-096]

C. Collection identification [L2/98-073, L2/98-098, L2/98-105]

D. UTC positions on topics for next IRG meeting

X. Review of motions to L2, and action items

XI. Closing of joint meeting