Recommendations of the UTC #78 /L2 #175 joint meeting
San Jose, CA – December 1-3, 1998

Consent Docket on WG2 Resolutions
[#78-M1] Motion: To accept the consent docket L2/98-389 as amended
Motion approved.

1. See also Motions #M78-14, #M78-15, #M78-16.
2.     L2/98-389R, a revision incorporating amendments was distributed on Wednesday.  Amendments were:
        Deletion of Resolution M35.2 (no differences in Sinhala as accepted by UTC);
        Insertion of “except the SOFT SPACE” in UTC action re Resolution M35.12 (ZWSP serves same function as SOFT SPACE);
        Deletion of Resolution M35.17 (UTC seeks explanation of CJK Radical Supplement); and
        Editorial changes (correction of typographical errors in note to Resolution M35.6, and addition of L2 equivalent of WG2 documents)

Newline Guidelines
[#78-M2] Motion: To progress the proposed draft UTR #13, Unicode Newline Guidelines, to draft status after all amendments have been incorporated.
13 for; 0 against; 1 abstention (SAP)
Motion approved.

UCS-4 as Compliant Form of Unicode
[#78-M3] Motion: The UTC allows UCS-4 implementations that restrict themselves to characters less than 10FFFF to be compliant in Version 3.0.
4 for; 6 against, 4 abstentions (Xerox, RLG, NCR, SAP)
Motion failed.

Changes to UnicodeData
[#78-M4] Motion: To accept the changes to the Unicode character database specified in document L2/98-390.
12 for; 0 against; 2 abstentions
Motion approved.

Special Casing
[#78-M5] Motion: To adopt special casing specified in document L2/98-398, Special Casing Properties, except for the iota subscript.
Motion approved.

Iota Subscript
[#78-M6] Motion: To fix the iota subscript as in document L2/98-412, option 3b, but to revisit this non-prejudicial decision at the UTC/L2 joint meeting in February.
Motion approved.

East Asian Width
[#78-M7] Motion: To make Draft UTR #11, East Asian Character Width, into a Unicode Technical Report after incorporating editorial changes received  at the meeting and these changes:
1. Drop X-unassigned list and include a prefatory note about characters that are unassigned;
2. Add the Euro to the ambiguous category.
11 for; 1 against; 2 abstentions (Justsystem, Sun)
Motion approved.

Philippine Scripts
[#78-M8] Motion: To accept document L2/98-397, Revised proposal for encoding Philippine scripts, for addition to the Unicode Standard after Version 3.0.
Motion approved.

German Penny
[#78-M9] Motion: To accept document L2/98-309, Proposal for “Script D Symbol with Tail,” but encode the character in the Currency block.
8 for; 0 against; 3 abstentions (SAP, NCR, IBM)
Motion approved.

[#78-M10] Motion: To suggest 20B0 as the code value for the character accepted in Motion #78-M9.
13 for; 0 against; 1 abstention (Xerox)
Motion approved.

Hex Byte Pictures
[#78-M11].The UTC states that encoding hex byte pictures (as proposed in document L2/98-355) is permanently out of scope.
13 for; 0 against; 1 abstention (Sun)
Motion approved.

Additional Control Pictures
[#78-M12] Motion: That the characters proposed in document L2/98-353, Additional control pictures for Unicode, not be encoded.
13 for; 1 against; 0 abstentions
Motion approved.

[#78-M13].Motion: Motion #78-M12 is not to be construed as ever preventing the UTC from accepting a picture of a bell for encoding.
11 for; 1 against; 2 abstentions
Motion approved.

Annotation Characters
[#78-M14]. Motion: That the UTC recommend withdrawal of the interlinear annotation characters from the PDAM for Amd. 30 pending further study.
11 for; 2 against; 1 abstention (SAP)
Motion approved.

[#78-M15]. Motion: The UTC revokes acceptance of the interlinear annotation characters (part of Resolution M35.12) in the consent docket, L2/98-389.
10 for; 2 against; 1 abstention (SAP)
Motion approved (by 2/3 majority, since this amends Motion #78-M1).

[#78-M16]. Motion: The UTC instructs the Unicode representative to NCITS/L2 to vote yes on the PDAM for Amd. 30, and support the US comments that are consistent with UTC motions on this PDAM.
7 for; 2 against; 3 abstentions (SAP, Microsoft, Justsystem); NCR, Oracle absent
Motion approved.