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DATE:  1999-10-18     


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Japan's comments on National Body contributions on JTC 1 Strategic    

National Body of Japan                                                


This document is circulated to JTC 1 National Bodies for review and   
consideration at the November 1999 JTC 1 Plenary meeting in Seoul.    


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Japan's comments on NB contributions on JTC 1 Strategic Planning


The National Body of Japan (JNB)



Japan reviewed NB contributions of Switzerland (N5908), the USA (N5909), Ireland (N5911) and France (N5919) on JTC 1 Strategic Planning. Among them N5908 and 5909 both propose a reform of JTC 1 based on the same drastic conception. Their proposition in short is to simplify the structure, streamline the standard development cycle, and open up the organization to any parties concerned including industry consortia, user groups, and companies that pay membership fees.

Japan basically welcomes such grand re-design of JTC 1 with an expectation that it will revitalize the organization. To be successful in its efforts for self-reform, however, Japan believes that JTC 1 should also examine the fundamental issues on the standardization activities in JTC 1 as discussed in the Japanese contributions N5924 through N5929 which are designed to address some of such immediate problems. They include the following items to secure JTC 1's reason for existence by winning a high reputation as an SDO that timely delivers market-relevant high quality international standards.

Apart from the Japan's contribution referred to above, we would like to remind that JTC 1, in its work to reform itself, should not overlook the treatment of existing collaborative arrangement with ITU and liaison with various organizations including ECMA.

We hope Japanese contributions together with those from the other national bodies will help activate constructive discussions for JTC 1 to formulate a viable plan to restore its attraction to industry.