Recommendations of the UTC #79 /L2 #176 joint meeting

Palo Alto, CA – February 3-5, 1999

March 11, 1999


Soft Space

Moved by Davis, seconded by Becker

[#79-M1] Motion: After further consideration, the UTC stands by its previous decision not to encode SOFT SPACE at this time. We now understand that SOFT SPACE should not be unified with ZERO-WIDTH SPACE, but we do not have enough information to conclude that SPACE and ZERO-WIDTH SPACE used together are insufficient for Khmer. We do not have a specification for behavior of the SOFT SPACE character.

Unanimous (HP absent)

Motion approved.


Moved by Becker, seconded by McGowan

[#79-M2] Motion: The UTC accepts encoding in logical order as per document L2/99-036 on the Myanmar VOWEL SIGN E.

10 for; 0 against; 1 abstention (SAP)

Motion approved.

Eyelash RA

Moved by Davis, seconded by Becker

[#79-M3] Motion: That the UTC follow ISCII practice, treating the eyelash RA as the half-form of RRA. Retain the old behavior using the ZERO-WIDTH JOINER for compatibility.

8 for; 0 against, 4 abstentions

Motion approved.

Motion #79-M4 failed

UnicodeData changes

Moved by Davis, seconded by Moore

[#79-M5] Motion: That the UTC accepts the changes to UnicodeData specified in document L2/99-039.


Motion approved.

Greek compatibility forms

Moved by Davis, seconded by Carroll, amended by Whistler (accepted)

[#79-M6] Motion: To give compatibility decompositions with the label <compat> to U+03D0, 03D1, 03D2, 03D5, 03D6, 03F0, 03F1, 03F2.

9 for; 0 against; 2 abstentions

Motion approved.

Glagolitic script

Moved by McGowan, seconded by Becker

[#79-M7] Motion: That the UTC accept Glagolitic script (as specified in document L2/99-0132) for encoding post 3.0 with suggested code points as in the Road Map (i.e., beginning at 1D80), except for the upper and lower case forms of the character JO, which must be rotated to the end, following IZHICA.

9 for; 0 against; 3 abstentions (Sybase, HP, SAP)

Motion approved.

Newline Guidelines

Moved by Davis, seconded by McGowan

[#79-M8] Motion: The UTC authorizes publication of Newline Guidelines as Unicode Technical Report #13 after all the comments have been incorporated.

11 for; 0 against; 1 abstention (Xerox)

Motion approved.

Compatibility mapping for hangul jamo

Moved by Davis, seconded by Yang

[#79-M9] Motion: To remove compatibility mapping from characters U+1100 through U+11F9 (hangul jamo block).

Motion approved by consensus.

New version of database

Moved by Freytag, seconded by Davis

[#79-M10] Motion: That the UTC authorize creation of a new minor version of the Unicode database, designated version 2.1.9.

Motion approved by consensus.

Control Characters

Moved by Davis, seconded by

[#79-M11] Motion: That the C0 and C1 control characters .be represented in the names list as follows: character code, glyphic image consisting of a dotted box containing the abbreviation for the character, the name <control>, and aliases for the character’s equivalent in other standards.

8 for; 0 against, 2 abstentions (Sun, Justsystem)

Motion approved.

Weierstrass Symbol

Recommendation to L2: Request WG2 to note the name discrepancy (though named "SCRIPT CAPITAL P" it is actually a lower case form) in Annex P.


[#79-M12] Motion: To take the following actions:

1. Roll in roll in all corrections from this meeting, restructuring the BiDi UTR;

2. Have the BiDi Ad Hoc committee review the draft;

3. Editorial changes may be made by the BiDi Editorial Ad Hoc committee;

4. Publish as a Unicode Technical Report.

11 for; 0 against, 1 abstention (SAP)

Motion approved.

Comments on ISO 14651

[#79-M13] Motion: To adopt document L2/99-051 with some of changes as the basis for the U.S. position, and if possible, as a liaison statement for the Unicode Consortium.

10 for, 0 against, 1 abstention (SAP)

Motion approved.

Approval of Minutes

[#79-M14] Motion: To approve the revised minutes in document L2/98-281R.

9 for; 0 against, 3 abstentions

Motion approved.

[#79-M15] Motion: To approve the minutes of joint meeting UTC #78/L2 # in document L2/98-419 as amended.

10 for; 0 against, 2 abstentions

Motion approved.