UTC #80 & NCITS Subgroup L2 #177 Joint Meeting

Redmond, WA -- June 8-11, 1999
Hosted by Microsoft Corporation

This meeting will begin at 9 AM on Tuesday, June 8, and will continue until 5 p.m. on Friday, June 11.

Meetings will be from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. each day unless change in times is announced.

The L2 Plenary meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 09 from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m.

Math will be discussed from 9am to noon on Thursday, June 10.

UTR #15 Normalization will be discussed from 2 pm to 5 pm on Thursday, June 10.

 9 a.m. TUESDAY, JUNE 8

A. Administrative Issues

1. UTC membership roll call

    a. Call for proxies

    b. Roll call

2. Declaration of joint meeting

3. Registration of new documents

4. Approval of joint meeting agenda
    Latest version of this document

5. Minutes and action items

    b. Approval of minutes of Joint Meeting UTC #79 & L2 #176 [L2/99-054]

    c. Review of open action items [L2/SD2]

B. Agenda Topics of Highest Priority

1. WG2 Consent Docket [UTC/1999-009, UTC/1999-010,  Whistler]

2. Changes to Unicode Data 2.9 [UTC/1999-016, Whistler]

3. Unicode V 3
   3.1 Report on status and publication schedule
   3.2 Approval for public posting of Unicode Character Database V 3
   3.3 Approval of technical content of V 3 [UTC/1999-011R, UTC/1999-012, Whistler]
   3.4 Approval of Unicode Character Database V3 Readme [L2/99-183, Davis]

4. Draft and Proposed Draft Technical Reports
    4.1 Draft UTR #9: Bidirectional Algorithm [L2/171, Davis]
    4.2 Draft UTR #10: Unicode Collation Algorithm [L2/99-162-1, Davis]
    4.3 UTR #11: East Asian Width [L2/99-178, L2/99-180, Freytag]
    4.4 Draft UTR #14: Line Breaking Properties [L2/99-162-2, L2/99-179, L2/99-180, Freytag]
    4.5 Draft UTR #15: Unicode Normalization Forms [L2/99-162-3, Davis]
    4.6 UTR #16: EBCDIC-Friendly UCS Transformation Format [L2/99-162-4, Umamaheswaran]
    4.7 Proposed Draft UTR #18: Unicode Regular Expression Guidelines [L2/99-162-5, Davis]
    4.8 Proposed Draft UTR #19: UTF-32 [L2/99-172, Davis]
    4.9 Proposed Draft UTR #20: Characters not Suitable for Markup [L2/99-181, Duerst]

5. Data cross-checks (Unicode 3.0) [UTC/1999-017, Davis]

6. Tildes and micro sign decompositions [UTC/1999-013, Karlsson]

7. Recursion depth limit for Ideographic Description Characters [UTC/1999-014, Jenkins]

8. Raised decimal [UTC/1999-018, Davis]

9. WG 20 Liaison report [L2/99-141, Whistler]

10. ISO/IEC 10646-1 second edition report [L2/99-168, L2/99-170, Ksar]

11. ISO/IEC 10646-2 report [L2/99-169, Suignard]

C. Medium Priority

1. Math [L2/99-159, L2/99-160, Beeton, Sargent]

2. Unicode-based locale resources [UTC/1999-019R, Kido, Hiura]

3. Report on IRG and Extension B [Suignard]

4. Unicode Versions [Freytag]

D. If time permits

1. UTC guidelines for originators for changes other than character additions [Hart]

2. Standard Name for the Collection of Planes 0 to 16 [L2-99/140R, Hart]

E. Close of Joint Meeting

1. Review of recommendations to L2 [L2/99-xxx] and UTC motions [L2/99-175]

2. UTC position on current ballots [Winkler]

3. Review of action items from this meeting [L2/SD2]

4. Review of meeting calendar
    Calendar posted at  www.unicode.org/unicode/timesens/calendar.html

5. Closing of joint meeting