From: Martin J. Duerst [duerst@w3.org]

Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 1999 5:09 AM

To: lisam@us.ibm.com

Cc: Asmus Freytag; mark.davis@us.ibm.com; Murray Sargent; Winkler,
Arnold F; misha.wolf@reuters.com; hiura@Eng.Sun.COM

Subject: Unicode TR #20

Hello Lisa,

I apologize that this is so late, but I hope you can find five minutes
or so to discuss this at this week's UTC. Please note that I don't
consider it necessary to call in when this is discussed.

Attached please find a first draft of Unicode PDTR #20,
Characters not Suitable for Markup. Asmus has already informed
the UTC about this technical report, and has given out #20 for it.

Please make this mail and the attached TR available to the UTC,
and please feel free to forward it to any appropriate mailing list.
Mark and Hideki have volunteered as co-authors, but please note that
at the moment, I am to blame for everything in the report.

The draft is in a rather early stage, but it should give the attendees
of the UTC an impression of how the final product might look like, and
a chance to comment (e.g. things missing, things to be changed,...).

Please note that the W3C I18N WG would like to make this a joint report
of both the Unicode Consortium and the W3C. Because the procedures on
both sides differ, I would propose the following procedure. The main
idea behind this proposal is to get to a state where the draft can be
updated and refined without much hassles on both sides:

- The draft is accepted as a Proposed or Draft (whatever appropriate)
Unicode TR by the UTC, approving further processing as below.

- Showstopper comments from the UTC are integrated immediately, others
will be integrated later.

- The header/footer sections (status of this document, copyright,...)
for a W3C Working Draft are added, and if necessary, the HTML markup
is adjusted to W3C conventions (which are stricter) in collaboration
between myself (in this case as the W3C staff contact) and a designated
representative from the Unicode Consortium (ideally Asmus Freytag
or Mark Davis).

- The W3C I18N WG/IG is asked for their comments. Showstopper comments
are integrated immediately, others will be integrated later.

- The Director of the W3C is asked for his formal approval of the document
as a new W3C Working Draft. This approval is required for the first
publication only. Before it, we cannot have any public version that
would indicate any kind of endorsement whatever from the W3C.

- The draft, with double headers/footers, is then published on both sides.

- Authoring of the document is continued, and comments from both sides,
as well as from other W3C WGs and the public, are integrated. The document
is frequently republished in parallel on both sides.

- At the respective meetings of both groups (UTC and W3C I18N WG),
the document is further discussed (and at one stage hopefully approved).
Once approval is available on both sides, the document is published
(in parallel) as an Unicode TR and as a W3C Note.

I hope this is not more complicated than necessary. If there are any
questions, please contact me again.


Regards, Martin.