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Announcement of the character sets in final draft JIS

"7-bit and 8-bit double byte coded extended Kanji Sets for information interchange"

Japan Standards Association

JIS Coded Character Set (JCS) Committee

Chairman Kohji Shibano

The JIS Coded Character Set Committee of the Japan Standards Association decided to develop a new coded character set standard in July, 1996 to encode characters that should have been encoded in JIS X 0208. Those characters were revealed during the development of JIS X 0208:1997. The development plan was announced on July 22, 1996 as "Extension Plan for JIS Kanji: 7-bit and 8-bit double byte coded Kanji sets for information interchange - Level three and level four"(http://www.tiu.ac.jp/JCS/). The plan requested comments on the plan, and the development was started.

The committee also released a progress report on July 1, 「"Progress report of new JIS Kanji Development"(http://jcs.aa.tufs.ac.jp/jcs/), and requested comments on it.

The proposed Draft standard was available for the public review from November 6, 1998 to February 28, 1999. Disposition of the comments was discussed at the meeting on March 26 and 27, 1999. The committee invited the public to review comments and discussed the disposition of the comments.

After the meeting to discuss the disposition of comments, the committee continued the development incorporating the new information provided by the public reviewer and finalized the character sets in the final draft JIS.

The coded character set standards should be aligned  with other international standards. To align with international standards, iti is necessary to register with the ISO coded character sets registry maintained by the Registration Authority, IPSJ (Information Processing Society of Japan) ITSCJ( Information Technology Standards Committe of Japan) and IANA (Internet assign Number Authority) in order to make it available for the internet, and proposals to ISO/IEC 10646 being developed by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 2 through IPSJ/ITSCJ SC2.

Since the registration information should be incorporated into the standard, registrations and proposals should be started before the finalization of the standards. Since the development of the final character sets is now completed, we decided to start international registration and proposal activities and put this informations on the internet and open to the public.

Major companies and industrial associations requested us to release information about the standard in order to make it possible to implement the standard  as soon as the standard is published. Because of these requests, the committee decided to release the final draft of the character sets of the standard.

The committee also decided to include proposals and registration information to ISO, IANA, and Unicode.

The standard will be submitted to JISC (Japan Industrial Standards Committee) for approval in September, 1999. The contents may be changed based on discussion within JISC. After approval by JISC, the standard will be published in early 2000.

Proposals from JCS committee to IPSJ/IESCJ SC2. These are also proposals to Unicode and other organizations.

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