Open Letter ballots for NCITS/L2

Last updated: January 20, 2000

Access documents on the SC2 or SC22 document servers from the L2 home page.
"Old" ballot results can be viewed from the ballot history.

Attention: the "Due dates" in this table are the dates for the final vote - since the L2 recommendations have to go through
the US process, I need your votes about 1 month ahead of the given date unless we can vote during a meeting !

We need to vote on these ballots in San Jose !

Doc.# Title Reference Date Project


Text for CD ballot of ISO/IEC 10646 part 2

SC2 N3393




Letter ballot for CD 10646-2




L2/00-020 Request for JTC 1 Approval of Category C Liaison between SC 2 and the (W3C) JTC1 N6040 2000-01-18 admin
L2/00-016 Request for re-affirmation of X3.83 (archival) IT/00-0010 2000-01-05 admin


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