Updated Tentative Agenda – Meeting # 38 – Updated 2000-03-17


      Topic (Document No.)

Proposed Outcome


1.       Opening and roll call (N2151)         Update WG2Distribution List

2.       Approval of the agenda  (N2155R)         Approved agenda

3.       Approval of minutes of meeting 37 (N2103)         Approved Minutes

4.       Review action items from previous meeting (N2103)         Updated Action Item List

5.         JTC1 and ITTF matters:         FYI

5.1.   DPRK NP on Korean (N2056, N2103, N2167, N2170, N2182, mail)  Review and respond

5.2.   Announcements/publications (N2157, N2172, N2178, N2180, N2186)  FYI

5.3.   Ballot results (Amendments 15, 28, 29, 30, 31)  FYI


6.         SC2 matters:         FYI

6.1.   SC2 Program of Work (N2185)  FYI

6.2.   Submittals to ITTF  FYI

6.3.   Ballot results  FYI

6.4.   References to 10646, Unicode and Unicode Tech Reports (N2177)  FYI

6.5.   Proposal to extend TR 15285 – cha glyph model (N2148)  Review


7.         106464-2:

7.1.    Disposition 10646-2 (N2012R, N2182, N2179, N2168, N2169, N2192)  Develop and confirm

7.2.    Proposal to encode Meroitic in plane 1 (N1638 and N2098)  Review

7.3.    Compatibility Ideographs encoding (N2159R)  Review

7.4.    Roadmap - plane 1, 2, 14 (N2114, N2115, N2116)  Review and approve

7.5.    Old Mongol scripts (N2163)  FYI

7.6.    Overview of characters approved by Unicode (N2187)  Review


8.         10646-1: 2000

8.1.    Proposal for Khmer Amendment 25 (N2149, N2164)  Review

8.2.    Carried over from previous meetings:  Review

8.2.1.  Proposal to supplement Arabic for Uighur, Kazakh & Kirghiz (N2048)

8.2.2.  Early Aramaic, etc. (Unicode Tech Report # 3 – N2042)

8.2.3.  Apostrophe and quotation mark (N2043)

8.2.4.  Encoding of New Tai Lue (N2044)

8.3.    Editorial corrigenda (N2158)    Review and approve

8.4.    Proposal to add 8 Cyrillic Sámi characters (N2173)    Review and approve

8.5.    Proposal to restrict the range of code positions (N2175)    Review and approve

8.6.    Other possible technical corrigenda    Review and approve

8.7.    Roadmap – BMP – plane 0 (N2113)    Review and approve

8.8.    Peso and Peseta Sign (N2156, N2161)  Review

8.9.    Additional info on proposal to add 3 symbols (N1887R, N2184)  Review

8.10.Overview of characters approved by Unicode (N2187)  Review

8.11.Proposal to add German Penny symbol (N2188)  Review

8.12.Encoding of NG and ng for Philippines (N2165)  Review

8.13.Mapping question – Wave Dash –U301C (N2166)  Review

8.14.Lao repertoire  - collection 26 (N2162)  FYI

8.15.Proposal to encode Latin combining characters (N2160)  Review

8.16.Mapping IEC 61286 and 10646 – technical symbols (N2171, N2174)  Review

8.17.Consideration for Encoding a subset of CJK Ext B in BMP (N2183)  Review

8.18.Proposed Lithuanian repertoire additions (N2075R, N2176R, N2189)  Review again

8.19.Implications of Normalization on Character Encoding (N2176R)  Review

8.20.Further discussions on zero-width ligator (N2141, N2147)  Review

8.21.Feedback on Armenian from Armenia (N2190)  Review

8.22.Proposal for encoding additional Math symbols in BMP (N2191)  Review


9.         Architecture issues


10.      Publication issues


11.      IRG status and reports     

11.1.IRG Resolutions (N2143)

11.2.Change in name of HKSAR Hanzi Source (N2145)    Review

11.3.Comments on JCS Proposals (N2142, N2144)    Review


12.      Defect reports


13.      Liaison reports                

13.1.Unicode Consortium

13.1.1.    From Unicode to SC2

13.1.2.    From SC2 to Unicode  




13.5.W3C (N2140)


14.      Other business                

14.1.Web Site Review        

14.2.Future Meetings

14.2.1.    Meeting 39 – 11 – 15 September 2000, Greece – in conjunction with WG3 and SC2 plenary

14.2.2.    Meeting 40 – March 2001 – US


15.      Closing

15.1.Approval of Resolutions of Meeting 38