From: mark.davis@us.ibm.com
Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2000 7:28 PM

Subject: Normalization Conformance Test Suite




I have another item for the agenda. Long ago, Martin urged me to put
together a test suite for Normalization. I recently augmented some tests we
had, and made a pretty comprehensive test. The result is up on



(both .zip and .txt versions).


Martin has put his independent implementation of Normalization through
this, and it has also been through a third verification at IBM.


My proposal is to link this file from the Normalization TR as the official
test suite. I can explain more in the meeting about the composition of the
file. Also, Martin also proposes having additional files derived from this
with a format that is easier for some programs to process, which sounds
reasonable to me.


I do not suggest printing off the document for the meeting -- it is much
too large. Instead, anyone who is interested should download it.


Mark Davis, IBM Center for Java Technology, Cupertino
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