From: Mark Davis/Cupertino/IBM [mark.davis@us.ibm.com]

Sent: Friday, October 27, 2000 9:40 PM


Subject: Agenda Item: Script Names TR



I had previously proposed that the Script Names DTR be approved as a TR.

Ken had a number of objections to that, based on the text and the data

file. I have modified the text to meet his objections. The new version is





The data file is not yet changed. I would like to make the data changes all

at once, based on the results of the meeting. The known changes to be made



- Change Aboriginal to UCAS

- Mark the Coptic characters as such.

- Fix the misspelling of "Telugu" as "Telegu"

- Add Kanbun characters 3190..319F*

- Add Kangxi radicals and CJK radicals to Han*

- Add Yi radicals to Yi*

- Add Roman Numerals to Latin*


(The * items are where the items don't have a general category of Letter.)


Open Issue: I believe that the only open issue remaining from Ken's list

was whether or not to make Combining marks in the script blocks be part of

the script or not. The text now makes the script of the combining mark be

the script of its base character. Since this *has* to be done for the

general combining marks, I personally don't see the value of doing it for

others. It also allows combining marks to be used across scripts without

get odd behavior, such as Arabic and Syriac or Greek and Coptic. We can

leave this up to discussion in the UTC.




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