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 Date: 2000-12-12


Document Type: Information from SC Secretariat

Document Title: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC35/WG 5 New Work Item Proposal for Guidelines for drafting

ISO/IEC standards respecting cultural and linguistic adaptability principles

 Document Source: SC 35 Secretariat

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 Document Status: Per SC 35 Québec resolution 3, this document has been forwarded to SC 35

Member bodies for NP ballot and to JTC 1 for information. Any JTC 1 NB

comments should be sent to the JTC 1 Secretariat by the due date indicated.

 Action ID: COM

 Due Date: 2001-03-15

 No. of Pages: 5


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ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 35 – User Interfaces SC35N0202











Document type New Work Item (NP)


Title New Work Item Proposal for Guidelines for drafting ISO/IEC standards respecting cultural and linguistic adaptability principles

Source ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC35/WG 5

Date assigned 2000-11-22

Status Per Québec resolution 3, this document is forwarded to SC 35 Member bodies for NP ballot ant to JTC 1 for information.

Action Identifier For ballot by SC 35 P-members and comments to be returned to Secretariat not later than 15th March 2000

NO. of pages 4



Date of presentation of proposal:


AFNOR (France)

ISO/IEC JTC 1 N 6360


Title Guidelines for drafting ISO/IEC standards respecting cultural and linguistic adaptability principles

Scope (and field of application)

This Technical Report applies Part 1 Principles (definition and requirement) from NP Assessment of cultural and linguistic adaptability in software and hardware products – Test method (see document ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 35 n 200) as guidelines to be taken into account when writing and reviewing standards.

The field of application of this Technical Report covers standards under the responsibility of JTC 1. It is anticipated that this report will also be useful to all other ISO technical committees.

Purpose and justification - attach a separate page as annex, if necessary

At the Rio de Janeiro plenary meeting (January 1999), JTC 1 has established a Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability and User Interface (CLAUI) Technical Direction with a horizontal guidance responsibility toward all SCs of JTC1. Since, some work has been made inside JTC 1 on the implementation of CLAUI principles in ISO/IEC standards. However, many standards developers willing to implement CLAUI principles mostly do not know where to start. SC 35 then came to the conclusion that some guidance would be useful on how to cater with CLAUI issues in ISO/IEC standards.

Programme of work

If the proposed new work item is approved, which of the following document(s) is (are) expected to be developed?
____ a single International Standard more than one International Standard (expected number: ........ )
____ a multi-part International Standard consisting of .......... parts
____ an amendment or amendments to the following International Standard(s) .......................
__X_ a technical report , type 3

Relevant documents to be considered

·         Identification of Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability and User Interfaces related areas (document JTC 1 N5608)

  • Report to JTC1: work on electronic commerce standardization to be initiated, BT-EC (document JTC 1 N5296)
  • SC22's TR 11017 - Framework for internationalization.
  • Recommendations of the Paris December 1998 CLAUI meeting (document JTC1 N5629, in particular recommendations on unambiguous culturally-neutral identifiers, character coding directions, multilingual provisions in metadata elements, and so on) as adopted by the 1999 Rio de Janeiro JTC1 Plenary (document JTC1 N5748).
  • Electronic commerce and Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability and User Interfaces related areas : practical examples and horizontal issues (document JTC1 N5626)
  • Work under development on ISO/IEC 18038 Identification and Mapping of Various Categories of Jurisdictional Domains
  • Work under development on ISO/IEC 18022 Identification, Mapping and IT-enablement of existing standards for widely used encodable domain


Cooperation and liaison

Cooperation with JTC1/SC22/WG20, JTC1/SC32, JTC1/SC2, TC37, TC46 and with TC211 is initially envisaged.

Preparatory work offered with target date(s)

First draft to be submitted before 2001-05-01. CD registration and ballot 2001-11, FCD ballot 2002-11, FDIS ballot 2003-05.






Will the service of a maintenance agency or registration authority be required? NO
Are there any known requirements for coding? NO
Are there any known requirements for cultural and linguistic adaptability? Yes. This standard directly involves cultural and linguistic adaptability.
Does the proposed standard concern known patented items? NO

Comments and recommendations of the JTC 1 Secretariat - attach a separate page as an annex, if necessary

Comments with respect to the proposal in general, and recommendations thereon:
It is proposed to assign this new item to JTC 1/SC 35


Voting on the proposal – According to a current JTC1 trial, this NP will be sent to SC35 member bodies for a 4-month letter ballot and be sent simultaneously to JTC1 secretariat for information. The vote is to be held at the JTC1 level only if there are objections at this level after submission to the JTC1 Secretariat. According to the year 2000 Tromsø JTC1 Plenary resolution 24, JTC1 National Bodies are reminded that it is still their responsibility to review and check each NP especially on its scope and assignment, inconsistencies or overlaps with other JTC 1 products, and market relevance).







Date of circulation:

Closing date for voting:

Signature of JTC 1 Secretary:
Lisa A. Rajchel





A Business Requirement



A.1 Market Requirement

Essential _X__
Desirable ___
Supportive ___

A Technical report is essential to remove difficulties in implementing CLAUI principles in ISO/IEC standards

A.2 Regulatory Context

Essential _X__
Desirable ___
Supportive ___
Not Relevant _

Many jurisdictions have legal and regulatory requirements about cultural and linguistic adaptability (e.g. South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Québec, France, European Community, NAFTA, etc.).

B. Related Work



B.1 Completion/Maintenance of current standards

Yes __
No _X_


B.2 Commitment to other organization

Yes ___
No _X_


B.3 Other Source of standards

Yes _ X_

JTC1 and ISO IS’s concerned with CLAUI will be referenced (to begin with some produced by JTC1/SC2, SC22, SC35 and SC32)


C. Technical Status



C.1 Mature Technology

Yes _X__


C.2 Prospective Technology

Yes ___
No _X_


C.3 Models/Tools

Yes _X_
No ___


D. Conformity Assessment and Interoperability  

D.1 Conformity Assessment

Yes ___
No _N_


D.2 Interoperability

Yes _X__

One of the goals of the Technical report is to assure adaptability while maintaining interoperability

E. Other Justification