Action Items of the UTC 83 / L2 180 Joint Meeting
Cupertino, CA -- April 25-28, 2000

May 9, 2000


UTC# L2# Who? Action Status
83-1 Lisa Moore Bring forward the following issues for comments on 10646-2 at the next UTC meeting: Do not include 1D191 VOID NOTEHEAD (Western Music Symbols); Do not include bold fraktur in math; Do not need open face italic (swap out); Will need to accept the repertoire of CNS 527 Compatibility characters
83-2 Mark Davis  Have Cora Chang verify the collection of compatibility characters given in L2/00-087 (map to source and verify no duplicates)
83-3 Ken Whistler Respond to Japan on the rising and falling tone letters. [L2/00-108]
83-4 V.S. Umamaheswaran Distribute the reference to the TC304 search proposal to Unicore and ask for review. 
83-5 V.S. Umamaheswaran Create a proposal for identifying a collection of base plus combining characters.
83-6 Asmus Freytag Correct the font for KHMER CURRENCY SYMBOL RIEL (U+17DB).
83-7 Asmus Freytag Correct the Ethiopic fonts and related web documents and notify WG2.
83-8 Mike Ksar, Arnold Winkler, Asmus Freytag Ensure that UTC members are aware of W3C documents that need to be reviewed.
83-9 Peter Bishop Incorporate feedback on SCSU proposal received at the meeting and create a new proposal which includes proposed new and changed text to TR#6.
83-10 Ken Whistler Add the private use ranges above FFFF to Unidata and properties files where appropriate.
83-11 Editorial Committee Note the use of U+ 4, 5, or 6 hex digits for Unicode scalar values when announcing Unicode 3.0.1. 
83-12 Mark Davis Communicate the UTC's decision to use U+ 4, 5, or 6 hex digits for Unicode scalar values to WG2 and submit a proposal requesting that WG2 take appropriate action for synchronization.
83-13 Asmus Freytag Update the chart program to work with 4, 5, or 6 hex digits for Unicode scalar values.
83-14 Arnold Winkler, Mark Davis, Rick McGowan Communicate the change in number of hex digits to respective liaison organizations (WG20, W3C, IETF).
83-15 Asmus Freytag Draft proposed language for UTR#9 to clarify mirroring.
83-16 Mark Davis Update the bidi mirroring text file with feedback from the meeting and solicit further input.
83-17 Rick McGowan Relay the UTC feedback on character normalization to the IETF and then let the UTC know the response.
83-18 Lisa Moore Write to the Government of India and Michael Everson, relaying the UTC's concerns, and that the proposal is not yet ready for encoding or submitting to WG2.
83-19 Rick McGowan Inform Marc Kuester of the UTC action on Old Italic.
83-20 Rick McGowan Inform WG2 of the UTC position on Georgian. 
83-21 Asmus Freytag Contact Paul Nelson to find out more information on why these Urdu numbers are being proposed.
83-22 Asmus Freytag Contact Paul Nelson with the following items regarding proposal [L2/00-135]: We need more examples of use of the three combining diacritics; we need to know if the epithets are purely decorative; we are opposed to encoding the ligature.
83-23 Ken Whistler Document the acceptances and rejections of characters on the Unicode web site.
83-24 Asmus Freytag Relay feedback on L2/00-120 to Paul Nelson: Reytu is not yet well established; nishaan usage is as a logo; no more ligatures in Unicode
83-25 Mark Davis Relay UTC feedback to Graham Asher and request an updated proposal: A number are already encoded, should be omitted from proposal; The company specific characters should be eliminated
83-26 Mike Ksar Relay the UTC feedback on Arabic thousands separator to Paul Nelson.
83-27 Editorial Committee and Mike Ksar The Editorial Committee is to prepare an erratum on the Arabic thousands separator and post to the web site. Mike Ksar will then take it to WG2
83-28 Joe Becker Send a note to Tom Milo and Kamal Mansour describing the UTC action on Arabic thousands separator.
83-29 Asmus Freytag Contact the appropriate font designers and let them know of the changes to U+25AA BLACK SMALL SQUARE, U+25AB WHITE SMALL SQUARE, and U+224C ALL EQUAL TO.
83-30 Patrick Ion Analyze math symbols to propose annotations to clarify character usage.
83-31 Editorial Committee Remand to the Editorial Committee to update the two UTR documents (UTR#6 and UTR#10) and web site and announce the changes on Unicore and Unicode.
83-32 Editorial Committee Issue an update version, Version 3.0.1, targeted for June 2000 with the appropriate data table and semantic changes, corrigenda, and renaming of UTRs.
83-33 V.S. Umamaheswaran Update the Unique Sequence Identifiers document with UTC feedback (using angle brackets and commas with optional spaces), and forward to WG2 as an L2

contribution. [L2/00-150R]

83-34 Asmus Freytag Take UTC feedback, update Draft UTR#20: Unicode in XML and other Markup Languages, post on the web site and announce the new version to Unicore and W3C. 
83-35 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Update UTS#10: Collation Algorithm reflecting motion 83-M16.
83-36 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Update UAX#15: Unicode Normalization Forms, reflecting motion


83-37 Editorial Committee Add the case folding file to Unicode database as an informative file and include in V3.0.1.
83-38 Mark Davis Update Draft UTR#22: Unicode Character Mapping Tables with feedback received at the meeting and solicit others to contribute to this work by adding their names to [L2/00-137, L2/00-138]
83-39 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Update UTR#19: UTF-32 to note that WG2 has included a restriction of 10FFFF for interoperability (use words from WG2 resolution M38.6).
83-40 Mark Davis Create a proposed draft TR on script codes, based on motion83-M19.
83-41 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Update UTS#10: Collation Algorithm, for shifted trim definition and examples, reflecting motion 83-M20.
83-42 Toby Phipps Working with other interested parties, draft a white paper on implementing Unicode in databases.
83-43 Mark Davis Incorporate feedback received at the meeting on the proposal for a zero width grapheme joiner, and post an updated document to Unicore for further discussion before the August UTC. [L2/00-156]
83-44 Lisa Moore Ask for more justification on these duplicate radical characters.
83-45 John Jenkins Document in Unicode 3.1 that the radical characters are compatibility characters and ensure that this is communicated to WG2 and the IRG.
83-46 Lisa Moore Add the discussion of more information about compatibility ideographs and possible unifications to the August UTC agenda. [L2/00-146, L2/00-147]
83-47 Editorial Committee Maintain appropriate versions of the data tables for all Unicode Technical Standards (UTS).
83-48 Ken Whistler Include the eighteen characters approved in motion 83-M24 and all other approved characters in a proposal for WG2.
83-49 Ken Whistler Update the Unicode web site pipeline document for all characters accepted during this meeting.