CEN/TC304 N969

Subject/Title: Work Overview

Source: Wolf Arfvidson, chair of TC304

Date 1 March 2001

Note: This document, in the form of slides, was presented in meetings 22-23 Feb 2001 to give an overview of the work of TC304



and related CEN workshops

Brussels 2001-02-22
Wolf Arfvidson
Tel +46-8-454 46 99


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Standardization in the field of information technology as applied to character sets, to ensure that European requirements are satisfied. The work will be in the areas of the identification, manipulation and coded representation of character data and in its input, interchange and rendition by electronic means.

From 1999: Standardization in the field of Information and Communications Technologies, to ensure that European localization requirements can be satisfied. Localization in this context means the provision of software and hardware support adapted to local linguistic and cultural needs in Europe.

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