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Submit your Unicode character here!

Adding characters to Unicode has never been so easy! And the service is completely free!

Just follow these 5 easy steps to fill in the required data and voila!, your new character will be added to Unicode.

The first 1,048,576 people to submit at least one character will receive a complimentary T-shirt bearing the text:

"I am the information technology guru who added U+0370 ORKIAN SMALL LETTER NANO NANO to Unicode."

where U+0370 ORKIAN SMALL LETTER NANO NANO is just a placeholder for the actual code and name of your character.

Step 1:  

Identify yourself (or you won't get the T-shirt!)

Your name:
Your e-mail:

Step 2:  

Identify your character

Character code: (hex number 0 to 10FFFF)
Script name:
Character short name:

Step 3:  

Categorize your character

General category:
Combining class:
Bidi category:

Step 4:  

Link it to other characters (optional)

Case variant: (hex number 0 to 10FFFF, optional)
Numerical value:
Decomposition: 1: (hex number 0 to 10FFFF)
2: (hex number 0 to 10FFFF)
Decomposition type:

Step 5:  

Draw it for the Unicode charts! (optional)

Use asterisks (*) and spaces to draw a 16x16 bitmap, or just type in some ASCII art.


That's it!


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Important notice:
If your character does not appear in Unicode for the next two days, something might have gone wrong with the automatic proposal. You may try this link to start a real proposal.