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Date: June 1, 2001


Subject:  Re-affirmation ballot for ISO 10586 - Georgian alphabet coded character set for bibliographic information interchange


Reference documents:  L2/01-238, ISO 10586

Project:  SC2 TAG

Ballot Period:   June 1 - June 11, 2001





L2 recommends to re-affirm ISO 10586 for another 5 years

(and archive as a stabilized standard)

Also see Re-affirmation questions




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1 American National Standards are developed by the voluntary participation of all parties and with the intention and expectation that the standard will be suitable for wide application. Since their use is likewise voluntary, an affirmative vote does not commit an organization or group represented on the committee to the use of the American National Standard under consideration

If you find that you cannot vote YES and wish to vote NO, please state this and explain the reasons for your position on a separate sheet.  ABSTENTIONS are not permitted on technical issues




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