JTC1/SC2/WG2/IRG  N803

Date: 2001.06.21





Ideographic Rapporteur Group


Resolutions of IRG #17



Source :   IRG

Meeting: HK Convention and Exhibition Centre, HKSAR

Title :      IRG #17 Resolutions


The IRG#17 was attended by China, D.P.R.Korea, HKSAR, Japan, Macau S.A.R., R.O.Korea, TCA, USA, Vietnam, and Unicode (Liaison member) and have made the following resolutions:



Resolution IRG M17.1: Macau S.A.R.’s delegation to IRG



IRG welcomes the participation of Macau S.A.R. and appreciates her contributions. Furthermore, IRG encourages her active participation in the future.


Resolution IRG M17.2: Editorial Work on Extension B


IRG accepts the editorial report, N801, The Final Modification on Glyphs in CJK Ext. B from PreIS to IS,  and IRG thanks the editors for their diligent contribution and effort.


IRG also accepts the following editing schedule:

¨        The chief editor and the technical editor co-work with font vendor and send out modified images based on N801 by July 6, 2001 via email.

¨        IRG editors send back their feedback/confirmation by July 10, 2001 via email.

¨        Chief editor and technical editor consolidate feedback and generate the final Ext. B code table for IS and submit to IRG rapporteur by July 14, 2001.

¨        The rapporteur is instructed to submit the code table for IS to WG2 project editor by July 15, 2001.



Resolution IRG M17.3: D.P.R. Korea Mapping Table         Unanimous


IRG accepts N829, D.P.R. Korea Mapping Table which was checked by Mr. Jenkins for duplicates and gaps in the table. IRG agrees to include N829 in Super CJK for future processing. The rapporteur is also instructed to submit the Ext. B mapping table to WG2 Convenor by July 15, 2001 for inclusion in ISO/IEC 10646-2:2001. IRG recommends D.P.R. Korea to submit the whole mapping table to WG2 for inclusion in future amendment of ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000.


Resolution IRG M17.4: Extension C Working Group Report


IRG recognizes the working group report, N830 and thanks the working group for their diligent contribution and effort.  IRG recommends each IRG member to consider the recommendation in N830 on the format and the cognate character issue.



Resolution IRG M17.5: Future meeting schedule             Unanimous


IRG resolves to adopt the following meeting schedule:


      IRG #18           Tokyo, Japan, 2001.12.3-7


TCA and Macau S.A.R. have expressed their willingness to host IRG #19 (spring or summer 2002) pending approval.

Vietnam and TCA  have expressed their willingness to host IRG #20 (winter 2002) pending approval.



Resolution IRG M17.6: Appreciation                         By Acclamation


IRG would like to express its sincere appreciation to the IRG#17 meeting host, the Information Technology Services Department of HKSAR Government, Mr. Y.C. Cheng and Mr. Stephen H. S. Mak. The IRG would also like to thank Mr. Albert Lai, Mr. Gary Lai, Mr. C.S. So, Mr. Andrew Fung, Mr. Charles Wan, Mr. Eddy Yu and Miss Shamey Chiu for their excellent logistics, arrangements, and hospitality.


IRG would also like to express our special gratitude to Ms. Wang Xiao Ming for her great contribution as the technical editor and Mr. Yamamoto for Ext. B work. We would also like to request for Mr. Yamamoto to re-join IRG work.