From: Sigurdur Sigurdarson [sigurdur@stadlar.is]
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 4:38 PM

Subject: (CEN/TC304 N990) TC-ballot results on EOR-2 (corrected)
Dear TC304 member,

I am resending document N990 corrected with the Swedish vote added that I had accidentally left out before.
I have also placed the document on the IST server at: (the whole text is also included below)


CEN TC304 N990
TC-ballot results on EOR-2
Source: Secretary of CEN TC304
Date: 10 October 2001

TC-ballot results on EOR-2
The letter-ballot issued in document CEN/TC304 N989 ended 9th of October 2001. No national member sent in a NO-vote. Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway and Sweden, sent in their positive votes. Norway included a comment with a correction.

The text of the received votes is included below. Also included for information is a letter from ETSI officers written in response to this ballot on the need for co-operation with ordering in the telephone domain.

The EOR project team must now evaluate if the concerns expressed can be fully met and a final document sent to CEN. I believe it is however safe to state that the document has passed the TC ballot as a Technical Report and can be further processed by the CEN management center for BT adoption and publication before end of this year, as planned.

Please note that the links to TC304 documents have been changed.
All documents can still be found under www.stadlar.is/tc304
but the direct link to document N989 is now: http://www.iso9000.is/TC304/DOCS/N989.pdf

Sincerely yours
Žorgeir Siguršsson, acting secretary of CEN/TC304
email: thorgeir@stri.is
Swedish vote
Monica Ståhl
<monica.stahl To: "'Thorgeir@stri.is'" <Thorgeir@stri.is>
@its.se> cc: Arfvidson Wolf <wolf.arfvidson@statskontoret.se>
Subject: TC-enquiry (ballot) on EOR-2

Sweden votes Yes on CEN TC304 N989.
Best Regards
Monica Ståhl Forsberg
ITS, Informationstekniska standardiseringen
Visiting address: Sankt Paulsgatan 6
Direct: +46 (0)8 555 524 96
Office: +46 (0)8 555 524 90
Fax: +46 (0)8 555 524 91
Finish vote
Dear Žorgeir and Wolf,
I agree with the document and appreciate its apparent high quality and readability, although I haven't been in a position to analyse its technical contents in detail.
Jokingly, I suspect that the error in the CWA number in the Scope is an intentional one, a test. Nevertheless, it should be 13873 in both places.
Regards, Erkki
Erkki I. Kolehmainen
TIEKE Tietoyhteiskunnan kehittämiskeskus ry
TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development Centre
Salomonkatu 17 A 10, FIN-00100 HELSINKI, FINLAND
Tel: +358 9 4763 0301, Fax: +358 9 4763 0399
http://www.tieke.fi <erkki.kolehmainen@tieke.fi>
Danish vote:
Från: Brigitte Harslund [mailto:bh@ds.dk] <mailto:[mailto:bh@ds.dk]>
Skickat: den 8 oktober 2001 13:36
Till: 'thorgeir@stri.is'
Kopia: 'wolf.arfvidson@statskontoret.se'; Allan Buchanan
Ämne: Vote on CEN/TC 304 E989 EOR-2
Is Yes, without comments
Allan Buchanan
Italian vote:
Dear Mr. Sigurdsson,
Italy agrees document CEN 304 N 989 as a CEN report on ordering European letters (EOR-2).
Best regards,
Carla Bertinetti
Segreteria UNINFO
e-mail : bertinet@uninfo.polito.it
Norwegian vote:
We agree to document N 989 with the following comment:
The typographic rendering of the character LATIN CAPITAL LETTER ENG (U014A)is incorrect in the table of clause A.8.2. The correct shape is to be based on LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N, with a "hook" under the right vertical line. This is a font problem, that needs to be corrected before issuing the final
version of the document
Best regards,
Bjornhild Saeteroy
NB of Norway
Bjųrnhild Sęterųy
P.O. Box 7072 Majorstua
NO-0306 Oslo, Norway
Tel office: + 47 22 59 01 16
Mobile: + 47 95 03 35 13
Fax: + 47 22 59 01 29
ISO/TC 211 Secretariat:
An email-letter from ETSI officers in response to the letter ballot
(for information)

From: "Bruno Von Niman (EBC)" <Bruno.VonNiman@ebc.ericsson.se>
To: "'knut.nordby@telenor.com'" <knut.nordby@telenor.com>,
Subject: RE: (CEN/TC 304 N989) TC-enquiry (ballot) on EOR-2
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 14:48:05 +0200
X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.2653.19)
Dear Knut,
Dear Sigurdur,
I very much agree with Knut's message, we very much need to coordinate any activities in the area, even of the scope of the ETSI HF STF might be more limited than the one from CEN/TC304.
The only problem we have, for the moment, is that STF 182, as Knut is very much aware of, is NOT about sorting orders and keypad mapping (it's on Generic Spoken Command Vocabulary). Although, we have requested an STF to be financed. This has been basically approved and we look forward to setting it up and beginning with the work at the very end of this year. So, Knut was ahead the forefront of development. However, his message- we MUST collaborate- is fully valid.
As I do not have a password to access the document database, I would kindly ask you to forward it to me.
Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!
Best regards,
Bruno von Niman, M.Sc.
Team Leader End User Applications and Terminals
Specialist Human Factors & Usability
Systems & Technologies Management
Mobile Solutions
Ericsson Enterprise AB
All voice calls: +46 (0)8 422 3252 Ericsson Enterprise AB
Mobile fax: +46 (0)70 3869301 SE- 131 89 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN
Email: bruno.vonniman@ericsson.com
Mobile email: vonniman@dof.se
Visiting: Augustendalsv. 21, Nacka Strand, Stockholm
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From: knut.nordby@telenor.com [mailto:knut.nordby@telenor.com]
Sent: den 29 augusti 2001 08:50
To: sigurdur@stadlar.is
Cc: Bruno.VonNiman@ebc.ericsson.se
Subject: RE: (CEN/TC 304 N989) TC-enquiry (ballot) on EOR-2
Dear Sigurdur Sigurdarson,
Re. CEN/TC 304 N989 TC enquiry on EOR-2.
I write to you as Chairman of ETSI TC Human Factors (TC HF) on the issue of Ordering of European Letters (EOR-2). ETSI TC HF runs a Specialist Task Force (STF 182) 100% funded by the CEC/EFTA under the eEurope Action Plan.This STF is working to produce a standard on the ordering and placing of the letters of the European alphabets on mobile telephones (GSM and UMTS) and thus indirectly on other telecommunication devices.
There is an urgent requirement from the industry to have a guideline or a
standard on this issue, since the mobile telephone has such a deep
penetration in all European societies.
It is therefore of the greatest importance that any proposals from CEN TC
304 and ETSI TC HF are harmonised before any standards can be adopted. The leader of STF 182 is Mr. Bruno von Niman of Ericsson, Sweden, who can be contacted on:
Bruno.VonNiman@ebc.ericsson.se <mailto:Bruno.VonNiman@ebc.ericsson.se>
I strongly urge that ETSI is formally invited to take part in any
standardisation on the ordering of European letters for the sake of all
mobile phone users in Europe.
Considering the problems caused by the two standards on the ordering and
placement of digits on telephone dialling buttons (1 2 3 at the top) and
on the buttons of calculators (7 8 9 at the top), we do not wish once more
to have any conflicting 'standards' on the ordering of the letters of the
alphabet. Since mobile phones have such a deep penetration in the society,
whatever ordering of the letters used by leading mobile phone manufacturers
will become a 'de-facto' standard.
Sincerely yours,
Knut Nordby
Chairman ETSI TC HF
Knut Nordby
Senior Research Scientist
Security & Mobility
Telenor R&D
P.O. Box 83
N-2027 Kjeller
Tel.: +47 63 84 86 30
Fax.: +47 63 81 00 76
E-mail: knut.nordby@telenor.com
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From: Sigurdur Sigurdarson [mailto:sigurdur@stadlar.is]
Sent: 28. august 2001 20:33
To: thorgeir@stri.is
Subject: (CEN/TC304 N989) TC-enquiry (ballot) on EOR-2
Dear TC304 member,
This is a ballot on a CEN report on ordering European letters (EOR-2).
The ballot text and the draft are contained in:

The ballot text is also given below:
Yours sincerely /Žorgeir, acting secretary of CEN/TC304
(note that my email address Thorgeir@stri.is still works)
CEN TC304 N989
Subject: TC-enquiry (ballot) on EOR-2
Source: EOR-PT and TC-secretary
Date: 28 August 2001
This is a 6 week TC -enquiry (a ballot) ending 4th of October 2001 (should have been 9th of October/Žorgeir) on the enclosed document as a CEN report to be published by CEN within the end of this year. The planned time schedule is as follows:
The ballot is hereby issued: (28 August)
The ballot ends 9 October.
The ballot results will be distributed in a document 10 October and a
revised draft issued for CEN BT adoption and CEN publication within the year
Please note that the schedule is condensed compared to that we discussed in
June Brussels plenary to allow us to finish the project in 2001. Also note
that the deliverable is now a CEN report and not an ENV for contractual
reasons. The CEN report may however later be further processed into an ENV.
CEN/TC304 members are asked if they agree to the document or not. Please
send in your vote by email to Thorgeir@stri.is with a copy to
NO votes must be accompanied with comments giving the reason for
Sincerely yours
Žorgeir Siguršsson, secretary of CEN/TC304

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