From: Deborah Anderson, Researcher, Dept. of Linguistics, UC Berkeley

Sent: 5. November 2001

Subject: Greek Acrophonic Numerals Proposal and Proposals for Other Greek Additional Characters


This is to report that a proposal is being readied on Greek acrophonic numerals. The proposal is being prepared by Michael Everson, in conjunction with the Cornell Epigraphy Project (John Mansfield and Kevin Clinton) and other experts. As the name of this numbering system suggests, letters are used to designate numerals, sometimes with additional marks added to the letter. There is still an ongoing discussion whether acrophonic numerals should be handled separately as a whole set, or whether just those missing from Unicode ought to be submitted for inclusion.


Also, the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (hosted at UC Irvine) is currently overseeing the preparation of a number of proposals (“Miscellaneous,” “Measure,” “Metrical,” and “Musical”) for those Greek characters missing from Unicode. These characters occur in the texts contained within in the TLG corpus. Further input is being sought from epigraphical and papyrological experts. Rick McGowan (and myself) met with the TLG group on October 5 to review their preliminary proposals. It is anticipated that the proposal will be completed and presented at the UTC meeting #90 in February 2002.