From: Mike Ksar
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 10:15 AM


I have a copy of the brochure on this new high level standards group in China, in Chinese and English.  Here is the English text:


State Administration of the People’s Republic of China for Standardization


The State Administration of the People’s Republic of China for Standardizations (SACS) is established by the State Council of China in April 2001 (actually they had their first meeting on 10 October 2001, which Mr. Zhang attended.  Mr Zhang is the SC2/WG2/IRG Rapporteur responsible for development of the Han Ideographs in ISO 10646/Unicode.  He also represents China in SC2 and SC2/WG2 programs of work).  SACS is authorized by the State Council to exercise the administrative functions and carry out centralized administration for standardization in China.


I.                    The Main Responsibilities

1.       To draft and revise the state laws and regulations on standardization, to formulate and implement the policies on standardization; to prepare the national administrative rules on standardization and develop relevant systems; to organize the implementation of laws, rules and systems on standardization.

2.       To be responsible for formulating the development programs on standardization of China; organizing, coordinating and drafting the programs on development and revision of national standards.

3.       To be responsible for organizing the development and revision of national standards; to be responsible for the examination, approval, numbering and publication of national standards.

4.       To be responsible for the management of funds used for developing and revising national standards and the funds specially used for research on standards and standardization activities.

5.       To manage and guide scientific and technical work related to standardization as well as the dissemination, education and training concerned.

6.       To be responsible for coordinating and administering national technical committees of standardization concerned.

7.       To be responsible for coordinating and guiding sector and local standardization work; to be responsible for registration of sector and local standards.

8.       To represent China to join the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and other international and regional standardization organizations; to be responsible for organizing the activities of Chinese National Committee for ISO and IEC; to be responsible for organizing domestic sectors and local areas to participate in the international or regional activities on standardization; to be responsible for signing and implementing international cooperation agreements on standardization, and to examine, approve and organize the implementation of international cooperation and exchanging projects on standardization; to be responsible for examining work on international activies related to standardization.

9.       To administer the work of national systems of organizational entity codes and commodity bar codes;

10.   To be responsible for dissemination, implementation and popularization of national standards; to supervise the implementation of national standards/

11.   To administer nationwide information work on standardization

12.   To carry out the notification and inquiry work of standards stipulated by WTO/TBT Agreement.

II.                  Internal Structure

ˇˇč         Administrative Leadership

1.       General Office

2.       Dept. of Planning and Information

3.       Dept. of International Standards

4.       Dept. of Agriculture, Light Industry and Local Standardization

5.       Dept. of Industry and Transportation

6.       Dept. of New and High Technology

III.                Administrative Leadership

Mr. Li Zhonghai              Administrator

Mr. Wang Zhongmin      Vice Administrator

Mr. Shi Baoquan            Vice Administrator

Mr. Su Zhongmin           Assistant Administrator (votes on JTC1 ballots)