To:                        L2 distribution, Unicore distribution

From:                        Arnold F. Winkler

Date:                        December 28, 2001


Subject:            Thanks, and good luck for the future !






Dear friends,


I had the pleasure and the privilege of working with you for quite a few years. 


Please let me thank you for your continuous support, for your understanding when I screwed up, for your encouragement when I needed it most, and for your contributions when I asked for them. 


Thanks also to the Unicode Consortium for the cooperation with L2, for the web space, the server usage, the technical support, trusting me with the UTC vice chair – and the good times I had with all of you. 


I have, of course, a few last requests: 

·         Support the infrastructure of international standards development.

·         Continue your outstanding work for character set standardization and internationalization.

·         Extend the support you offered me as L2 chair to my successor, Cathy Wissink.  She will do an excellent job, I know that.

·         Please keep me in your memories (and mailing lists).



Personally, I have chosen not to accept Unisys’ generous offer for an early retirement package and thus hope to be around a bit longer.  My job is changing to be more directly supportive of the Unisys product offerings – I guess I will be in touch with you with my questions and requests for implementation advise and help.  I am also giving up the convenorship of WG20, hoping that the working group is disbanded in the current SC22 ballot.  I will travel less and spend more time with Marlene, who sends her regards to all of you – she enjoyed meeting you as much as I did, and we both hope to see you again sometime, somewhere, for whatever reason.



Thanks again, and good luck for the future !


Arnold F. Winkler