NCITS Awards 2001



Mark Davis, IBM, UNICODE

Technical Excellence Award

for his technical wizardry for enabling correct implementation of ISO 10646 and in the development of the open source library for enabling many applications to run well with Unicode.



Ed Hart, SHARE

Merit Award

for lending us his experience, knowledge, and political skill, helping us maintain the achievements first reached with the historic 1991 meeting of SC2/WG2 in San Francisco, where the marriage of the Unicode standard with ISO/IEC 10646 was negotiated and finalized. Picture



Ken Whistler, Sybase, UNICODE

Technical Excellence Award

This is the first time that an award is granted for a second consecutive year. Ken deserves this recognition for outstanding technical work on the Universal character set standard 10646, also known as Unicode, and for the application of it in working group 20's internationalization work, specifically in a solution for the intricate problem of culturally correct sorting.  Picture



Arnold Winkler, Unisys

Service Award

for his consistently innovative and effective support for the international standards process, his exemplary leadership in the performance of L2 Chairmanship activities, and his cooperative and selfless support for NCITS efforts.  Picture



November 13, 2001



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