Re: Eject Symbol
From: Deborah Goldsmith
Date: 2002-02-10

In L2/UTC document L2/01-414 Apple proposed the addition of a character
for the eject symbol to Unicode. At the November UTC meeting,
consideration of this proposal was postponed, pending the assembly of a
larger collection of characters related to consumer electronics.

Apple is moving ahead with implementation of this character using a PUA
code point. With consideration of new characters for Unicode 4.0 closing
soon, we would like to ask again that this character be encoded. If
there is concern that it should be encoded along with a block of other,
similar symbols (the "consumer electronics" collection), we propose that
a block of code points of appropriate size be reserved, with the eject
symbol being coded for Unicode 4.0, and encoding of other, like symbols
deferred to a future release of Unicode.

Deborah Goldsmith
Manager, Fonts & Language Kits
Apple Computer, Inc.