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Unicode Technical Notes

Unicode Technical Notes provide for the publication of information that may be of interest to implementers of the Unicode Standard or users of Unicode programs. The available Technical Notes are listed in the contents bar to the left.

As opposed to Unicode Technical Reports, Technical Notes are not approved by the Unicode Technical Committee, and cannot be part of the Unicode Standard. Publication of these Notes does not imply endorsement by the Unicode Consortium.

Technical Notes are versioned in the same way as Technical Reports, so each file version is stable for reference; no content changes are made after a Note is posted. If a Note is withdrawn, then the last version of the note will describe the status, and whether the content will be maintained elsewhere (such as in a Technical Note or on another site).


The Notes are approved by the Notes subcommittee of the Unicode Technical Committee. The criteria for submission are that in the judgment of that committee, the subject matter is useful, is related to use of The Unicode Standard, and does not contravene The Unicode Standard or the Unicode Technical Reports.

Over time, the Notes subcommittee may request that the author update material for consistency with later version of the Unicode Standard or Unicode Technical Reports, or to correct errors. The author is responsible for this maintenance of the Note; if the author does not meet this responsibility the Note may be withdrawn. A Note can also be withdrawn for any other reason by the Unicode Technical Committee or the Unicode Consortium officers.

Submissions must be in HTML using the Technical Note Template, and must pass the W3C HTML Validator. It should be sent to the Unicode office as an email attachment. The content will have joint copyright by the authors and the Unicode consortium. The material in Notes may be used in any future publications by the Unicode Consortium, including Unicode Technical Reports.

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