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Unicode Technical Note #99


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This document provides a template for Unicode Technical Notes.


This document has been approved for publication as a Unicode Technical Note. Publication does not imply endorsement by the Unicode Consortium. For more information, see http://www.unicode.org/notes.


  1. Introduction
    1. Subsection
  2. Style
  3. References
  4. Modifications

1 Introduction

This document contains a template for generating Unicode Technical Notes, using a hypothetical example of Unicode Technical Note #99, with the current version 88.

1.1 Subsection

This subsection is inserted just to have a sample.


When in doubt, follow the Chicago Manual of Style [CMS]. In particular,

Publishing ASCII
questions—and answers—about questions--and answers--about
“phthisic” "phthisic"
‘fish’ 'fish', `fish'
can’t can't


[FAQ] Unicode Frequently Asked Questions
For answers to common questions on technical issues.
[Glossary] Unicode Glossary
For explanations of terminology used in this and other documents.
[CMS] The Chicago Manual of Style:
The Essential Guide for Writers, Editors, and Publishers (14th Edition)
University of Chicago Press (Trd); ISBN: 0226103897
Also see their FAQ at
[Reports] Unicode Technical Reports
For information on the status and development process for technical reports, and for a list of technical reports.
[U3.1] Unicode Standard Annex #27: Unicode 3.1
[Versions] Versions of the Unicode Standard
For details on the precise contents of each version of the Unicode Standard, and how to cite them.


The following summarizes modifications from the previous version of this document.

88 Sample version