Approved Motions of the UTC 91 / L2 188 Joint Meeting
Redmond, WA -- August 20 - 23, 2002
October 18, 2002

[92-C1] Consensus: Add to the issues list the two Khmer characters U+17A3 and U+17D3 as candidates for deprecation, and the four Khmer characters U+17B4, U+17B5, U+17A4, and U+17D8 as discouraged for use. Post a public notice on the "Public Issues" page.  [L2/02-291]

[92-C2] Consensus: The UTC accepts the consent docket L2/02-292 as modified during the meeting:

[92-C3] Consensus: The UTC does not intend to encode any more ligatures in the FBxx range. [L2/02-286]

[92-C4] Consensus: The UTC declines to consider a Unicode Object File (".uof") text format, because such work is out of scope for the Consortium. [Document ref:    http://www.unicode.org/mail-arch/unicode-ml/y2002-m08/0420.html]

[92-C5] Consensus: The UTC accepts the new character VERTICAL LINE EXTENSION used for arrows, proposed for addition at code point U+23D0 with properties as in document L2/02-278.

[92-C6] Consensus: Add an informative reference in Unicode Annex: #15: Unicode Normalization to UTN #5, in the Unicode Version 4.0 time frame, or when appropriate.

[92-C7] Consensus: Approve the minutes of UTC 91/L2 188 as documented in L2/02-166.
[92-C8] Consensus: Synchronize the version and repertoire of the Unicode Collation Algorithm (UCA) with versions of the Unicode Standard starting with Version 4.0. [L2/02-280, 308]

[92-C9] Consensus: The UTC is pleased to see the progress made on Egyptian hieroglyphics and will welcome a proposal on the Gardiner set plus supplements to consider at the next UTC meeting in November, 2002. [L2/02-281, 288, 290, 295]

[92-C10] Consensus: Accept the GREEK CAPITAL LUNATE SIGMA SYMBOL, at U+03F9. [L2/02-314]
[92-C11] Consensus: Synchronize the Unicode 4.0 repertoire and UCA when 4.0 is published.

[92-C12] Consensus: Change the UCA in 4.0 so that characters which are not in the repertoire  associated with the major/minor version of the UCA are not to be decomposed in Step 1 of the    algorithm.

[92-C13] Consensus: Add language to Unicode Technical Standard #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm that describes the current use of soft hyphen to    prevent contraction in collation.

[92-C14] Consensus: Add an informative section on stability (issues involved and possible ways to handle) to Unicode Technical Standard #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm.

[92-C15] Consensus: The UTC requests that WG2 ask SC2 to authorize a 3rd edition of 10646 based upon the draft provided by the editor.

[92-C16] Consensus: The UTC would like the default table to handle the trailing weight problem for Korean, and therefore will change the collation elements for the full width Hangul compatibility characters, specifically the compatibility CV Johab Letters 3131-318E to use expansions in the default table. The UTC will further propose that 14651 do the same. [L2/02-280]

[92-C17] Consensus: The UTC is amenable to the concept of having optional pre-processing to   handle half width compatibility jamo in collation. [L2/02-280]

[92-C18] Consensus: The UTC agrees that German sharp s should have a tertiary difference from "ss" instead of a secondary difference. This will be published on the issues list, with comments due by October 31, 2002.

[92-C19] Consensus: The UTC supports the goal of ensuring support for CLAUI related considerations in JTC1 standards, but disagrees with the "Paris 3" and "Paris 5" recommendations in document JTC 1 N 6744. [L2/02-320]

[92-C20] Consensus: The UTC is not in favor of pursuing the initiative on "Area Codes" documented in L2/02-321 (John Clews, document SC22/WG20 N941).

[92-M1] Motion: UTC approves the addition of a small section of text recommending that       Unicode Technical Report #22 Character Mapping names be matched solely on the basis of A-Z, 0-9, caseless, disregarding leading zeroes.

Moved by Mark Davis, seconded by Ken Whistler

         9 for (Adobe, Apple, HP, IBM, Microsoft, RLG, Sybase, Sun, Unisys)
         1 against (NCR)
         0 abstain

[92-C21] Consensus: Bring the properties Grapheme Link, Grapheme Base, and Grapheme Extend into alignment with Draft Unicode Technical Report #29 Text Boundaries in the 4.0 time frame. Post an erratum warning about the inconsistencies, and discouraging their use until that time. [L2/02-304, 311]

[92-C22] Consensus: Add the French/Italian rule set from document L2/02-303 as an
example in Draft Unicode Technical Report #29 Text Boundaries and make a caveat about it breaking functionality in other languages that use apostrophe.
[92-C23] Consensus: Add a definition of "XML Suitable" and a recommendation that SCSU encoders should be "XML Suitable". [L2/02-262]
[92-C24] Consensus: Correct two oversights in PropList.txt for U+034F and U+205F as specified in section 1.A of document L/02-267R3, and include in version 3.2.1.

[92-C25] Consensus: Change the properties of U+ 00AD soft hyphen to "Cf" and other ignorable; clarify that it has no rendering; clarify the Pd nature of U+058A and U+1806 and add annotations. [L2/02-267R3]

[92-C26] Consensus: In addition to the erratum in version 3.2.1, for version 4, update the text of the standard and Unicode Standard Annex #14 Line Breaking Properties with the property change for U+00AD soft hyphen. [L2/02-267R3]

[92-C27] Consensus: Change the general category of 02B9..02BA, 02C6..02CF from Sk to Lm for Unicode 4.0. See section 1.D.a of L2/02-267R3.

[92-C28] Consensus: In version 4, change the word/titlecase definitions in the text of the standard to match the word definitions from the approved version of Draft Unicode Technical Report #29 Text Boundaries. See section 1.D.b of L2/02-267R3.

[92-C29] Consensus: In Unicode 4, introduce a new property ID_Start_Exceptions which contains the characters U+2118, U+212E, U+309B, U+309C. Add associated text explaining that UTC policy is that if characters are removed from ID_Start and ID_Continue they will be put in the exception class. This provides for backwards compatibility of identifiers. See section 1.E of L2/02-267R3.

[92-C30] Consensus: For version 4, document in Unicode Standard Annex #21 Case Mappings that definition D1, condition 3 is redundant. See section 5.B of L2/02-267R3.

[92-C31] Consensus: For version 4, update the case folding in Unicode Standard Annex #21 Case Mappings, sections 1.4 and 2.5. See section 5.C of L2/02-267R3.

[92-M2] Motion: For version 4, put the lists of the three new properties (split, reordrant, subjoined) from section 6.A of L2/02-267R3 into the relevant  block introductions.

Moved by Mark Davis, seconded by Peter Edberg

         8 for (Adobe, Apple, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NCR, RLG, Sybase)
         1 against (Basis)
         1 abstain (Unisys)

[92-C32] Consensus: Add U+2047 DOUBLE QUESTION MARK to terminal punctuation in PropList.txt and add to the "Term" class defined in Draft Unicode Technical Report #29 Text Boundaries. See section 7.A of L2/02-267R3.

[92-C33] Consensus: Delete "Non_Break" from PropertyValueAliases.txt and add "Block_Property" to PropertyValueAliases.txt. See sections 8.A, 8.B of L2/02-267R3.

[92-C34] Consensus: For version 4, add the Numerical, Radical/Stroke, & Source Reference PropertyAliases.txt and PropertyValueAliases.txt as normative properties, and create a "provisional" property and state that all other Unihan tags are provisional. [L2/02-267R3]

[92-C35] Consensus: The UTC authorizes the Editorial Committee to release version 3.2.1 containing property fixes and any other errata to the data files.
[92-C36] Consensus: The UTC has misgivings about over reliance on early, uniform normalization, and will convey that to the Internationalization Working Group in W3C.