Action Items of the UTC 91 / L2 188 Joint Meeting
Redmond, WA -- August 20 - 23, 2002
October 18, 2002


UTC # L2 # Who? Action Status
92-A1  Mike Ksar Send to Unicore the proposal for consensus on CLAUI. [L2/02-248]  
92-A2  Mike Ksar Send to Unicore a solicitation for comments on the CSDG report by the first week of September.  
92-A3  Peter Edberg Make sure that Cora begins to check the DPRK compatibility character additions (122 chars) in time for them to be included in the US national ballot comments, by end of September 2002. Make sure there are no further duplicates and that the mappings for each character are correct. See the FPDAM document L2/02-300. [L2/02-291, 292]  
92-A4  Rick McGowan, Editorial Committee Post an erratum for two variation sequences ([2278, FE00] and [2279, FE00]), remove from list of variation sequences, and reflect the erratum in Unicode 3.2.1. (see L2/02-291)  
92-A5  Rick McGowan, Editorial Committee Add to the public issues list the U+17A3 and U+17D3 as candidates for deprecation, and U+17B4, U+17B5, U+17A4, and U+17D8 as discouraged for use. Post a public notice. [L2/02-291]  
92-A6  Peter Edberg Ask Cora to verify that the CJK source references are correct in FPDAM document L2/02-300, by the end of October.  
92-A7  Peter Edberg, Mark Davis, Cathy Wissink Check that suggested corrections in Amendment 1 (WG2 N2444, resolution M42.20) don't impact character set mappings. Verify by the end of October.  
92-A8  Lisa Moore Add consideration of the 122 DPRK CJK compatibility characters until UTC 93. [L2/02-292]  
92-A9  Ken Whistler Update the pipeline according to the approved WG2 consent docket, L2/02-292.  
92-A10  Ken Whistler Verify the name of U+0658 with Michael Everson.  
92-A11  Eric Muller Get contrasting examples to show em dashes, 3/4 em dashes and 1/3 em dashes. [L2/02-277]  
92-A12  Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Post as a Public Issue that the UTC is considering adding langauge on en dashes and em dashes that they should connect. Comments due by October 31, 2002.  
92-A13  Ken Whistler Update the pipeline for VERTICAL LINE EXTENSION. [L2/02-278]  
92-A14  Eric Muller Prepare the WG2 proposal summary form for submission to WG2.  
92-A15 all members In preparation for approving Unicode 4.0 at the November meeting, review the draft of chapters 1 to 4 of Unicode 4.0 which will be posted a month in advance of the November meeting.  
92-A16 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Add a reference to Annex B of Unicode Annex: #15: Unicode Normalization that points to useful, informative material including Unicode Tech Notes and FAQs.  
92-A17 Eric Muller Summarize for the Editorial Committee items from the TDIL January 2002 newsletter that pertain to descriptions in the standard. [L2/02-268]  
92-A18 Mark Davis, Officers Encourage Om Vikas and the Gov't of India to work within the UTC process when communicating with the committee. [L2/02-268]  
92-A19 Michael Chaplain, Cathy Wissink Write a FAQ entry within Indic FAQ covering the Unicode position with regard to the TDIL Newsletter document, and send to the editorial committee. [L2/02-268]  
92-A20 Rick McGowan Work with Michael Everson to ensure there is an initial proposal for Egyptian Hieroglyphics ready for the November meeting. It should contain the Gardiner set and all letters of support. [L2/02-281, 288, 290, 295]  
92-A21 Stephan Baums, Rick McGowan Update the Kharoshthi proposal with comments received and produce a modified proposal in time for the upcoming UTC and WG2 meetings. Forward to Mike Ksar for WG2 posting.  
92-A22 Ken Whistler Add GREEK CAPITAL LUNATE SIGMA SYMBOL at U+03F9 to the pipeline. [L2/02-314]  
92-A23 Maria Pantelia Provide an amended proposal summary form with the name GREEK CAPITAL LUNATE SIGMA SYMBOL and proposed code point U+03F9, for forwarding to WG2. [L2/02-314]  
92-A24 Maria Pantelia Consult with epigraphers regarding whether a case pair for "san" is needed, and produce a revised proposal. [L2/02-313]  
92-A25 Maria Pantelia Produce new proposal for the eleven New Testament sigla in time for the November meeting, taking into account more generic names, properties, etc. Have the Editorial Committee review the names. [L2/02-317]  
92-A26 Maria Pantelia Update the proposals for ancient Greek editorial and punctuation characters, Greek metrical characters, ancient Greek musical characters, and Greek numerical characters. Include WG2 proposal summary forms. [L2/02-312, 315, 316, 318]  
92-A27 Mark Davis, Ken Whistler Update Unicode Technical Standard #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm. Reflect the consensus items [92-C11] and [92-C12] synchronizing Unicode 4.0 and UCA.  
92-A28 Mark Davis, Cathy Wissink, Editorial Committee Move section 5.17 of the Unicode Standard into Unicode Technical Standard #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm and possibly update with material from Cathy & Michael's tutorial, time permitting.  
92-A29 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Add language to Unicode Technical Standard #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm that describes the current use of soft hyphen to prevent contraction in collation.  
92-A30 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Add an informative section on stability (issues involved and possible ways to handle) to Unicode  
92-A31 Asmus Freytag Verify that U+2615 HOT BEVERAGE is correct in the Unicode charts.  
92-A32 Peter Edberg Ask Cora to check KSC 5601 mappings for the CJK compatibility ideographs in the F900 block, by the end of October.  
92-A33 Rick McGowan, Debbie Anderson Check the spelling of the name of U+10092.  
92-A34 Eric Muller Supply Michel Suignard with information on Mongolian hyphens for US comments on the WD 3rd Edition of 10646. [L2/02-282]  
92-A35 Peter Edberg Investigate the 1.1 to 2.0 Hangul mapping inconsistencies and discuss the results with Michel Suignard, to be included in US comments on the WD 3rd Edition of 10646. [L2/02-282]  
92-A36 Mark Davis Add a section to Unicode Technical Standard #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm on stability of weights for scripts.  
92-A37 Mark Davis, Rick McGowan Update the open issues list regarding the proposed change to default weighting for German sharp s, and follow the notification process.  
92-A38 Mark Davis On behalf ot the UTC, forward the CLAUI consensus (92-C19) to the SC2 secretariat. [L2/02-320]  
92-A39 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Add the proposed text recommending that Unicode Technical Report #22 Character Mapping names be matched solely on the basis of A-Z, 0-9, caseless, disregarding leading zeroes.  
92-A40 Michael Kaplan send example text to Mark for Draft Unicode Technical Report #29 Text Boundaries.  
92-A41 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Clarify the status statement of Unicode Standard Annexes regarding conformance to the standard.  
92-A42 Mark Davis Update the UCD files relating to the correcting inconsistencies in some grapheme properties (see 92-C21) for the 4.0 time frame. [L2/02-304, 311]  
92-A43 Mark Davis Provide text to Julie Allen for the text of Draft Unicode Technical Report #29 Text Boundaries. [L2/02-304, 311]  
92-A44 Julie Allen Post the erratum relating to inconsistencies in some grapheme properties (see 92-C21). [L2/02-304, 311]  
92-A45 Mark Davis Update Draft Unicode Technical Report #29 Text Boundaries with comments received in the meeting and post again as a draft after review by the Editorial Committee. [L2/02-303]  
92-A46 Markus Scherer, Editorial Committee Post a proposed update to Unicode Technical Standard #6 A Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode, adding the update on "XML Suitable". [L2/02-262]  
92-A47 Mark Davis For Unicode 3.2.1, fix PropList.txt for U+034F and U+205F as specified in section 1.A of document L2/02-267R3.  
92-A48 Mark Davis, Ken Whistler For Unicode 3.2.1, fix the properties of U+00AD soft hyphen and clarify the Pd nature of U+058A and U+1806 as specified in section 1.B of document L2/02-267R3, and produce an erratum for posting.  
92-A49 Rick McGowan Post the property erratum for U+00AD, U+058A and U+1806 when available. [L2/02-267R3]  
92-A50 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Update the text of the standard and Unicode Standard Annex #14 Line Breaking Properties for soft hyphen and related hyphens in version 4.0. [L2/02-267R3]  
92-A51 Ken Whistler, Mark Davis Update the general categories of the soft hyphen and related hyphens in the data files for Unicode 4.0. [L2/02-267R3]  
92-A52 Mark Davis, Ken Whistler Clarify the situation regarding the distinctions among characters that have no visible glyph for the November 2002 UTC. [L2/02-267R3]  
92-A53 Ken Whistler, Mark Davis Change the general category of 02B9..02BA, 02C6..02CF to Sk in the data files for Unicode 4.0. [L2/02-267R3]  
92-A54 Mark Davis Supply text to Julie Allen for 4.0 about titlecasing of strings. See 92-C28 and section 1.D.b of L2/02-267R3.  
92-A55 Mark Davis, Officers Update the UTC policies to reflect consensus 92-C29 on backwards compatibility of identifiers. [L2/02-267R3]  
92-A56 Mark Davis Add the new ID_Start_Exceptions property containing the characters U+2118, U+212E, U+309B, U+309C for Unicode 4.0. [L2/02-267R3]  
92-A57 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee For Unicode version 4, change the text of chapter 5 appropriately to reflect the policy on maintaining backwards compatibility of identifiers. [L2/02-267R3]  
92-A58 Editorial Committee Document in Namelist.html the character encoding of the namelist file. For the other files, in Unicode 4.0 document the encoding of the Unicode data files.  
92-A59 Mark Davis Fix the description and property of U+0307 in SpecialCasing.txt in 3.2.1. See section 5.A of L2/02-267R3.  
92-A60 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee For version 4, update Unicode Standard Annex #21 Case Mappings to note that definition D1, condition 3 is redundant. See section 5.B of L2/02-267R3.  
92-A61 Ken Whistler, Editorial Committee Move the material in the three lists (split, reordrant, subjoined) from section 6.A of L2/02-267R3 into the relevant block introductions, for version 4.  
92-A62 Mark Davis Add U+2047 DOUBLE QUESTION MARK to terminal punctuation in PropList.txt for version 3.2.1, and add to the "Term" class defined in Draft Unicode Technical Report #29 Text Boundaries. See section 7.A of L2/02-267R3.  
92-A63 Mark Davis Delete "Non_Break" from PropertyValueAliases.txt and add "Block_Property" to PropertyValueAliases.txt for version 3.2.1. See sections 8.A, 8.B of L2/02-267R3.  
92-A64 Asmus Freytag Use the information in section 4 of L2/02-267R3 and make a proposed update for Unicode Standard Annex #14 Line Breaking Properties, to be available for comment before the November meeting, and incorporated into version 4.  
92-A65 Mark Davis, John Jenkins For version 4, add the Numerical, Radical/Stroke, & Source Reference PropertyAliases.txt and PropertyValueAliases.txt as normative properties, and create a "provisional" property and state that all other Unihan tags are provisional. [L2/02-267R3]  
92-A66 Peter Edberg Discuss with John Jenkins if other Unihan tag properties could be improved to the point at which they could become informative rather than provisional.  
92-A67 Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial Committee Prepare a version 3.2.1 beta ASAP, and release 3.2.1 upon completion of the beta period, targeting the first of October.  
92-A68 Mark Davis Separate document L2/02-305, on assessing Unicode support, into two parts; the definitional part should be moved into Unicode 4.0. Update the remaining portions of L2/02-305 and post for comments.  
92-A69 Mark Davis, Michel Suignard Convey the UTC's misgivings about over reliance on early uniform normalization to the Internationalization Working Group in W3C.  
92-A70 Mark Davis Write a paper for W3C regarding canonical equivalence, early and late normalization.