Assessing Unicode Support

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An old version of this document was submitted at the last meeting, on testing conformance. I substantially revamped (with help from a number of people) the newer version. The following changes were made:

- Changed focus of document to "assessing Unicode support", and added more qualifying language about tailorings and defaults.

- Added substantial new sections on:

1.1 Conformance_Issues (with text from Ken's document)

1.2 Guidelines

2.1 Canonical Equivalence

- Added new programmatic tests, in particular:






- Added new draft rendering/input tests for Arabic, Hebrew, and Thai.

- Substantial rework of the text in general.

- Removed all conversions except UTFs and 8859-* from 3.1 Character

Conversion Tests

- Broke 5 Programming Support into separate sections, and added to the test section.

5.1 Language Support

5.2 Standard and Supplemental Libraries

5.3 Development Environments

5.4 Programming Support Tests

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