Motions of the UTC 93 / L2 190 Joint Meeting
Nashua, NH -- November 5 - 8, 2002
January 10, 2003

UTC 92/L2 189 Minutes
[93-M1] Motion: Approve the minutes of UTC 92/L2 189 as documented in L2/02-253R, with the attendee list updated.

Moved by Murray Sargent, seconded by Eric Muller

         7 for (Adobe, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NCR, Sun, Sybase)
         0 against
         5 abstain (Apple, Basis, PeopleSoft, RLG, Unisys )

Properties - ZWJ, ZWNJ

[93-M2] Motion: Revise the semantics of ZWJ for scripts that traditionally have joining behavior such that it conforms with current legacy practice. This change means that ZWJ would be a request to break ligatures for such scripts. [L2/02-363]

     Moved by Asmus Freytag, seconded by Michael Kaplan (NCR)

          7 for (Adobe, Basis, Microsoft, NCR, PeopleSoft, RLG, Sybase)
          1 against (Apple)
          4 abstain (HP, IBM, Sun, Unisys)

Unicode 3.2.1
[93-C1] Consensus: Due to time constraints there will no longer be a 3.2.1 release. Changes formerly scheduled for 3.2.1 will be incorporated into Unicode 4.0.

[93-C2] Consensus: Release the data changes planned for 3.2.1 in a Unicode 4.0 "alpha".

Unicode Technical Reports

[93-C3] Consensus: Leave Unicode Technical Report #16 UTF-EBCDIC and Unicode Technical Report #26 Compatibility Encoding Scheme for UTF-16: 8-BIT (CESU-8) as Unicode technical reports.

[93-C4] Consensus: Prepare a proposed update of Unicode Technical Report #24 Script Names as a UAX and post for public review.

[93-C5] Consensus: Prepare a proposed update of Unicode Technical Report #22 Character Mapping Markup Language (CharMapML) as a Unicode technical standard.

Properties - Default Ignorables

[93-C6] Consensus: Remand the suggested text on default ignorables from L2/02-368 to the Editorial Committee for incorporation into the standard in version 4.

[93-C7] Consensus: Include non-characters in the property, default ignorable code points, for Unicode Version 4. [L2/02-368]

[93-C8] Consensus: Post for public review a discussion of the options for Object Replacement Character and the interlinear annotation characters: whether to treat as default ignorable or as having a default visible representation. [L2/02-368]

[93-C9] Consensus: Arabic End of Ayah and Syriac Abbreviation Mark should be no longer be categorized as default-ignorable; update Proplist.txt for Unicode 4. [L2/02-368]

[93-C10] Consensus: For Unicode 4.0, change the general category of U+180E MONGOLIAN VOWEL SEPARATOR from "Cf" to "Zs"; add it to the "whitespace" property; remove from list of Default Ignorables; and ensure that the line break property is no-break, in order to align it with narrow no-break space. [L2/02-368]

Properties - Fallback Properties

[93-C11] Consensus: Start moving toward using UTF-8 in property files when it makes sense.

[93-C12] Consensus: Make changes to the data files and documentation as described in "Fallback Properties", section 3 of document L2/02-360 as amended in discussion (updating bidi values, giving EA width of wide to 20000..2FFFD and 30000..3FFFD, omitting the titlecase mapping if the same as field 12) for Unicode 4.

[93-C13] Consensus: The UTC would not oppose the addition of a combining right dot above, but firmly opposes any of the precomposed characters proposed in document L2/02-348.

[93-C14] Consensus: Incorporate the shaping behavior of six Syriac letters for Sogdian and Persian into Unicode 4. [L2/02-405]

[93-C15] Consensus: UTC requests WG2 to remove 122 DPRK compatibility characters (FA70..FAE9) from the FPDAM because of significant mapping errors. [L2/02-292]

[93-C16] Consensus: There are problems with the 122 DPRK compatibility characters that are serious enough to require further study before they are added to the standard. UTC requests that they be removed from the FPDAM. [L2/02-292]

Scripts and New Characters - Greek Paleographic Additions

[93-C17] Consensus: The UTC accepts the TLG proposal for two letters, GREEK CAPITAL LETTER SAN and GREEK SMALL LETTER SAN to be encoded at U+03FA and U+03FB, respectively, for Unicode 4. [L2/02-313R]

[93-C18] Consensus: The UTC invites Maria Pantelia to create a technical note on the presentation of archaic Greek symbols and letters in Unicode, including black letters "M" "S" and "H", see proposal L2/02-366.

[93-C19] Consensus: The UTC accepts the 9 metrical symbols characters from proposal L2/02-315R at 2692..269A for encoding.

[93-C20] Consensus: Accept the repertoire of archaic Greek musical notation symbols in a new block, Archaic Greek Musical Notation,  at 1D200..1D24F,  with character names and glyphs as shown in document L2/02-316R, with properties So or Mn as appropriate, for encoding post Unicode 4.

Properties - Unihan Database Errata

[93-C21] Consensus: Add the JIS 0213 mappings from L2/02-359R to Unihan database, and correct the HKSCS mappings to the values given by Hong Kong Government. [L2/02-359R]

Properties - CJK Compatibility Mapping
[93-C22] Consensus: Add a mechanism to Unicode Standard Annex #15 Unicode Normalization Forms that allows people to make conformance claims to certain tailorings of normalization, including a syntax for that tailoring, and a small number of named tailorings.

[93-M3] Motion: Approve ballot comments on FPDAM1 and FPDAM2 found in L2/02-408 and L2/02-409.

Moved by Michel Suignard, seconded by Mark Davis

          11 for (Adobe, Apple, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NCR, PeopleSoft, RLG, Sun, Sybase, Unisys)
          0 against
          1 abstain (Basis)

[93-C23] Consensus: Recommend adding the principle of "loose name matching" to the principles and procedures document of WG2. [L2/02-365R]
W3C -  Legacy Normalization
[93-C24] Consensus: The UTC believes there is a security issue with transcoding from legacy encodings.
Unicode Technical Reports - Bidi
[93-C25] Consensus: Change the bidi property of code points U+0CBF and U+0CC6 from NSM to L. [L2/02-194]

[93-C26] Consensus: Update the Unicode policies to establish that canonically equivalent sequences behave the same under the bidi algorithm. [L2/02-194]

[93-C27] Consensus: Add the proposed text in section 3 of L2/02-194 to Unicode Standard Annex #9 The Bidirectional Algorithm.

Editorial Committee - Boilerplate for UAX/UTS/UTR
[93-C28] Consensus: Adopt the boilerplate section of document L2/02-393R as modified in discussion at the meeting.
[93-M4] Motion: Update all of the Unicode Technical Reports and Unicode Technical Standards (except superseded ones) with the new conformance boilerplate. Note the change in Modifications" section, update the version number but do not post for review.
Moved by Lisa Moore, seconded by Michael Kaplan

          7 for (Apple, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NCR, PeopleSoft, RLG)
          2 against (Basis, Sybase)
          2 abstain (Adobe, Unisys)

Editorial Committee - Unicode 4
[93-C29] Consensus: The normative content covered in chapters 1-4 (L2/02-342) as modified in
discussion, reflects the decisions taken by the UTC regarding version 4 of the standard.
Properties - Hangul Syllable Type
[93-C30] Consensus: Accept a new property, Hangul Syllable Type, with these six values: [L2/02-360, section 7.C.F]
             Leading_Jamo, L
             Vowel_Jamo, V
             Trailing_Jamo, T
             LV_Syllable, LV
             LVT_Syllable, LVT
             Not_Applicable, NA
Technical Reports - Assessing Unicode Support

[93-C31] Consensus: Post the revised Assessing Unicode Support document, L2/02-400, for three weeks to gather UTC feedback. Then send back to the Editorial Committee and post as  Proposed Draft Unicode Technical Report #31 Assessing Unicode Support.

Public Review Issues
[93-C32] Consensus: Extend the dates on three Public Review Issues to February 14, 2003: deprecating language tags, connecting characters, sharp s collation weight.

[93-C33] Consensus: Deprecate and discourage the use of the six Khmer characters.

Scripts and New Characters - Kharoshthi

[93-C34] Consensus: Accept the proposal to encode sixty six Kharoshthi characters at
10A00..10A5F as described in document L2/02-203R2 for encoding post Unicode 4.
Scripts and New Characters - Diacritics and Double Diacritics
[93-C35] Consensus: Accept COMBINING DOUBLE RING BELOW at U+035A, and forward a revised proposal to WG2 for possible acceptance in December and encoding in
Unicode 4. [L2/02-364]
Public Review Issues - Dashes
[93-C36] Consensus: After further discussion of dashes, the UTC is satisfied that based on widespread implementations, imposing connecting behavior on dashes is not advisable, and the Public Review Issue can be closed.