Motions of the UTC 94 / L2 191 Joint Meeting
Mountain View, CA -- March 4 - 7, 2003
March 14, 2003

[94-C1] Consensus: Approval of UTC #93 minutes with C33 modified. Item 93-C33 needs to be updated to read: 2 deprecated, 4 discouraged.

Minutes posted publicly at www.unicode.org/unicode/consortium/utc-minutes.html

[94-C2] Consensus: Approve the minutes of UTC #93 as modified with C33.

[94-M1] Motion: When a sequence of default grapheme clusters are linked by a combining grapheme joiner, the enclosing mark may be rendered as enclosing the entire sequence. Make it clear that the target of the enclosing mark is the preceding grapheme cluster or sequence of default grapheme clusters linked by grapheme joiner. Make it clear that the intent of the usage of these characters is on free-standing default grapheme clusters or grapheme clusters linked by grapheme joiner. Clarify this in section 7.7 of TUS 4.0. Make it clear that the rendering of enclosing marks in complex cases should have many caveats.

Moved by Mark Davis, seconded by Ken Whistler

        11 for
        0 against
        2 abstain (Justsystem, Oracle)

[94-C3] Consensus: Change the name of "ID Start Exceptions" to "Other ID Start".

[94-C4] Consensus: Adopt points 1, 2, 3 from document L2/03-094.

[94-C5] Consensus: Accept linebreak classification changes as proposed in L2/03-071 sections 1, 3.3, 3.5, 3.7, and 5. And change the class of U+2044 to IS from NS. [[ insert list of affected chars here]]

[94-M2] Motion: Create a new linebreaking class of NL for 0085. Moved by Asmus Freytag, 2nd Uma (IBM). For 10; against 1 (HP); abstain 1 (Justsystem).

[94-M3] Motion: Do the recommendation in section 4.3 of TUS to create the class WJ that contains U+2060 and FEFF, and to relax the rules for GL to allow the SP linebreak class as well as ZW class to override the non-breaking nature of GL.

Moved by Asmus Freytag, seconded by Mark Davis.
        9 for
        1 against (HP)
        3 abstain (RLG, Sun, Justsystem)

[94-M4] Motion: Rule LB 18b is in the correct place in the algorithm to prevent the breaking of negative numbers and dates using hyphens.

Moved by Ken Whistler, 2nd Mark Davis
        7 for
        0 against
        5 abstain (Oracle, MS, HP, RLG, Basis)

[94-C6] Consensus: Take LB6 and split into two rules, with the Hangul Syllable part first.

[94-C7] Consensus: Remove FF9E and FF9F from "other grapheme extend" property.

[94-C8] Consensus: Give U+180E Mongolian Vowel Separator the linebreak property of GL (change from CM).

[94-C9] Consensus: Accept two symbols (Guarani sign and Austral sign) for encoding at suggested codepoints 20B3 and 20B4 with glyphs as shown in document L2/03-095 for encoding in a future version of Unicode. Document G-slash and G-vertical-line as alternate glyphs for Guarani via annotation in names list or documentation in the standard.

[94-C10] Consensus: Remove decimal digit field value (field 6) from superscripts and subscripts for TUS 4.0.
    1. Include points 2.3, 2.4 of doc L2/03-108 in TUS 4.0; post 2.2 as a public review issue
    2. Math digits: Give general category of "No" and delete the value of field 6.
    3. Editorial action: Make U+2044 capture "Nd"s.
    4. Decimal digit is equivalent to decimal number type as an invariant.

[94-C11] Consensus: Modify the derivation of the default ignorable codepoints to be consistent with the derivation of similar properties in PropList.txt. Refer to document number L2/03-103 for details.

[94-M5] Motion: Approve the change of Sharp-s collation weight from having a secondary difference to a tertiary difference from "ss" in UCA 4.0 and work to make the same change in ISO 14651 and to convey the implications of this to the editor of the European ordering rules (Marc Kuester).

Moved Asmus Freytag, seconded by V.S. Umamaheswaran

        7 for
        1 against (HP)
        4 abstain (RLG, Microsoft, Sybase, Justsystem)

[94-C12] Consensus: Unicode 4.0 will be released with Unihan.txt unchanged from its 3.2 level.

[94-C13] Consensus: A revised Unihan.txt will be posted for beta review as soon as possible for the next available update release.

[94-C14] Consensus: Extend the closing date of issue #7 to June 1, 2003 and post a public link to document L2/03-047.

[94-M6] Motion: Approve option "C" from document L2/03-064 (shape according to display order, but not shape across directional run boundaries). Document this in UAX #9 for TUS version 4.0. Moved by Mark Davis, 2nd Asmus Freytag. For 10; against 1 (Adobe); abstain 1 (Sun).

[94-C15] Consensus: Document the following correction: the character shaping classes of U+0600 through U+0603 and U+06DD are changed to to class "U"; U+070F is changed to class "T" as in document L2/03-064.

[94-C16] Consensus: Have the editorial committee add text from the executive summary and table of L2/02-283R to the text of the Myanmar block introduction of Unicode 4.0.

[94-C17] Consensus: Accept the boilerplate for the Status section of the TR Template [L2/02-393R] as modified by discussion in the meeting.

[94-C18] Consensus: Make document L2/03-081 "Hangul collation requirements" a UTC and US position working proposal for Hangul collation in WG20.

[94-C19] Consensus: UTC authorizes release of a 4.0 UCA beta table and a proposed update of UTS #10 for the June meeting.

[94-M7] Motion: Advance Draft UTR #29 Text Boundaries to Unicode Standard Annex #29 for publication with Unicode 4.0.

Moved by Mark Davis, seconded by V. S. Umamaheswaran

        11 for
        0 against
        1 abstain (HP)

[94-C20] Consensus: Update UTR #18 based on document L2/03-107 and make a draft proposed unicode technical standard (UTS #18) and request review in the status section. Remove "deprecated" property from the list in 2A of L2/03-107.

[94-C21] Consensus: Give the Braille characters the "Braille Script" property in the data file (ScriptNames.txt) of UAX #24 and update the text accordingly.

[94-C22] Consensus: Approve the FDAMs as in Documents L2/03-022, L2/03-024, and have Eric Muller, Ken Whistler follow up with the 10646 editor Michel Suignard about discovered editorial defects in the FDAMs.

[94-M8] Motion: UTC favors progressing CD 15897 as an FCD once the US comments are accepted, as continuing further rounds of balloting and attempted corrections are not a productive enterprise.

Moved by Mark Davis, seconded by Cathy Wissink

        5 for
        2 against (RLG, HP)
        5 abstain (IBM, Adobe, Basis, Sybase, Justsystem).

[94-M9] Motion: CD 15897 continues to fail at satisfying key requirements for a usable standard; UTC does not see the process as condusive to having these deficiencies fixed; UTC doesn't see that the deficiencies will be accommodated; and therefore UTC discourages its use.

Moved by Rick McGowan, seconded by Asmus Freytag

        5 for
        0 against
        7 abstain (IBM, Adobe, Oracle, India, Sybase, Justsystem, RLG)

[94-C23] Consensus: Add to the text of the standard that the way of encoding Bengali ya-phalaa needs further investigation. Alternative approaches to the encoding will be investigated for future versions of TUS. Add this caution to the FAQ.

[94-C24] Consensus: Accept the character "DEVANAGARI GLOTTAL STOP" as described in document L2/02-394 for encoding at U+097D post Unicode 4.0.

[94-C25] Consensus: Accept Cyrillic CAPITAL LETTER GHE WITH DESCENDER at U+04F6 and CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER GHE WITH DESCENDER at U+04F7 as described in document L2/02-394 for encoding post Unicode 4.0.

[94-C26] Consensus: The UTC is considering how to add additional characters to accommodate the Nuskuri alphabet. UTC will need to gather more information on character properties such as sorting order, cursive shaping behavior, and ligatures.