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Subject: TR 14652 - Annex D

Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 11:36:30 +0100


Dear Keld,


I am writing to you further to the various e-mail exchanges concerning Annex D of TR 14652.


In order to present the comments in a more general and less country-specific form, I would suggest the following.


- Retain the overall Annex D title "Outstanding issues".

- Start immediately by creating Clause D.1 "General", and continue directly underneath with the first two existing paragraphs.

- Remove the existing Clause D.1 "Comments from the Japanese member body" and create Clause D.2 "Comments".

- Remove the phrase "Japan considered ..." and start with point 1) It is not clear ... etc. Replace the beginning of the second sentence "Japan considers some mechanisms.." with "It is considered that some mechanisms " etc. In point 2) replace "Japan is afraid .." with "There is the risk that those default values .." etc.

- After point 3), remove "D.2 Comments from the U.S. member body" and the following phrase "The U.S. National Body ... " and continue with point 1. which becomes point 4), followed by point 2. which becomes point 5) and so on down to point 8. which becomes point 11). In existing point 5., remove "The U.S. views" and start the sentence with "These "mnemonics" are confusing ..." etc.

- In the paragraph immediately under existing point 7., remove the beginning of the second sentence, "The U.S. National Body objects strongly to this because..." and replace with "There are strong objections to this ..." etc.

- Retain the paragraph immediately following the new point 11).

- Remove "D.3 Comments from the Norwegian member body" and create in its place a Clause D.3 "Previous specifications". Directly under this new Clause D.3, create subclause D.3.1 "Overview".

- Remove the phrase "The Norwegian member body .... and continue directly under D.3.1 Overview with "It is noted ... down to BNF may be found." Finish the paragraph with "The following are the issues in question."

- Create Subclause D.3.2 "LC_PAPER" and follow on directly underneath with the existing paragraph "The LC_PAPER category ...."

- Create Subclause D.3.3 "LC_MEASUREMENT" and follow on directly underneath with the existing paragraph "The LC_MEASUREMENT category ..."

- Create Subclause D.3.4 "Double increment hexadecimal symbolic ellipses" and follow on directly underneath with the existing and final paragraph "The double increment ..."


I hope this is of assistance to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments you may have on the above suggestion.


With kind regards,


Pamela Bradley

Technical editor



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