Action Items of the UTC 94 / L2 191 Joint Meeting
Mountain View, CA -- March 4 - 7, 2003
March 11, 2003

UTC#   L2#  Who? Action Status
94-A1 Rick McGowanConfirm November meeting with Dean Snyder at JHU. 
94-A2 Asmus FreytagWork with the Mongolian experts to have a description of Mongolian shaping by end of 2003. 
94-A3 Deborah Goldsmith(91-82) will see if someone from Apple can take over 91-82. 
94-A4 Asmus FreytagWork with Martin Duerst to update UTR #20 for 4.0 characters. 
94-A5 Lisa MooreUpdate the minutes accordingly for UTC #93. 
94-A6 Asmus FreytagRaise the issues in L2/03-039 to the convenor of WG2. 
94-A7 Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeMake relevant changes in sections 3.11, 7.7, and 15.2. 
94-A8 Mark DavisLook at the point where grapheme cluster is defined in UAX #29 and see whether this has any effect on properties. 
94-A9 Mark DavisMake update in Proplist.txt and PropertyAliases.txt. 
94-A10 Julie Allen, Ed CommitteeUpdate version 4.0 text with this change. 
94-A11 Mark DavisUpdate the derived numeric values and derived numeric type for 4.0. 
94-A12 John JenkinsRemove the kPrimaryNumeric property for U+5793 and U+43AC from the Unihan database and adjust accordingly. 
94-A13 Mark DavisInclude in the standard information about the implications of canonical equivalence and Turkish case foldings. Update the text of the standard, SpecialCasing.txt and the Case Mappings technical report UAX #21. 
94-A14 Mark DavisModify the description in UCD.html for the hyphen property to be accurate and point to UAX #14. 
94-A15 Cathy Wissink, Sandra O'DonnellCreate a proposal on the linebreaking behavior of currency symbols in a locale independent manner. 
94-A16 Ken WhistlerMake updates to Linebreak.txt and EastAsianWidth.txt. 
94-A17 Mark DavisMake updates to PropertyValueAliases.txt for change required in L2/03-071 sections 2 and 5 with "Next Line". 
94-A18 Asmus FreytagSend Mark Davis the long names for the new linebreak classifications from L2/03-071. DONE. 
94-A19 Asmus FreytagUpdate text of UAX #14 with the changes required from document L2/03-071. 
94-A20 Ken WhistlerWrite a response to L2/03-074 and forward to Debbie Anderson and Maria Pantelia for answers and eventual incorporation into another proposal. 
94-A21 Rick McGowan, Ken Whistler, Debbie AndersonOrganize a meeting on the Greek Numeric and Acrophonic characters. Communicate with Maria Pantelia regarding the proposal. 
94-A22 Rick McGowanSet up "indic" subcommittee mail list. Mention some of the already-posted documents and so forth. Start with the 5 docs for this meeting. Invite participation from Unicore list people. 
94-A23 Mark DavisArrange for a group to visit India to engage in further dialog. 
94-A24 Mark DavisUpdate the property name, property value alias to reflect the new class WJ and relaxation of GL rule as in the above motion. 
94-A25 Asmus FreytagUpdate the text of the UAX #14 to reflect the new class WJ and relaxation of GL rule as in the above motion. 
94-A26 Ken WhistlerUpdate the data file to reflect the new class WJ and relaxation of GL rule as in the above motion. 
94-A27 Mark DavisRegenerate the linebreak table 2 "example pair table" in UAX #14. 
94-A28 Asmus FreytagUpdate the UAX #14 text regarding LB6 split into two pieces. 
94-A29 Mark DavisFix Proplist.txt to reflect removing of FF9E and FF9F from other grapheme extend. Check the text of UAX #29 as well. 
94-A30 Ken WhistlerUpdate the data file to change the linebreak category for U+180E to GL. 
94-A31 Asmus Freytag, Ed CommitteeAdd text quote "Older implementations of Mongolian variation sequences may interpret a sequence with an intervening ZWJ or ZWNJ" to the discussion on variation selectors in section 15.6 of TUS 4.0. Inspect the current language on Mongolian in the description of Mongolian in TUS 4.0. 
94-A32 Mark Davis, Ed CommitteeClarify, if possible, the behavior of join controls (ZWJ / ZWNJ / Variation Selectors) and combining marks with regard to base character, in section 15.2 and elsewhere, as discussed in proposal 2 of L2/03-065. 
94-A33 Asmus Freytag, Ed CommitteeUpdate the description of Narrow NBSP with Mongolian based on the language in L2/03-065. 
94-A34 Michel SuignardInclude U+0603 in the list in Annex F5. This was an oversight. Do the same in the merged document. 
94-A35 Asmus FreytagUpdate the glyph for U+0603 to match the property. 
94-A36 Rick McGowanGet properties for Saurashtra before next meeting, and see that they are inserted into a revised proposal for June UTC. 
94-A37 Rick McGowanGet properties, joining groups, and shaping behavior information for Manichaean. Send message to bidi committee also to inform them of the proposal. 
94-A38 Rick McGowanGet Michael Everson to send font for Glagolitic to Asmus. 
94-A39 Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to reflect acceptance of Gurani and Austral signs. 
94-A40 Rick McGowanInform Everson that UTC approved L2/03-095, two currency signs. DONE 
94-A41 Michael KaplanRelay to INFITT feedback based on comments received at the meeting. 
94-A42 Ken Whistler, Ed CommitteeTake suggested name changes and annotations from Govt of India docs and extract useful annotations for TUS 4.0. Take these as beta feedback. 
94-A43 Deborah GoldsmithGet John Jenkins to write an erratum entry for the Unicode "updates and errata page" on U+3D0A. Provide a font with the correct glyph and instructions for U+3D0A. 
94-A44 Deborah GoldsmithRequest John Jenkins report to the IRG that the Unicode Standard has corrected an error at that codepoint 3D0A. 
94-A45 Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt superscripts and subscripts, for TUS 4.0. 
94-A46 Mark Davis, Ed CommitteeUpdate text on U+2044 for TUS 4.0. 
94-A47 Mark Davis, Ed CommitteeUpdate UCD.html making decimal digit an invariant of decimal number type. 
94-A48 Rick McGowan, Ed CommitteePrepare point #2 of consensus 94-C10 for public review and post, with review to close on June 1, 2003. 
94-A49 Mark DavisUpdate the Unicode data file and PropList.txt and UCD.html to modify the derivation of default ignorable codepoints. 
94-A50 Rick McGowanWrite text on the public review page to say that the issue of deprecating lang tags is closed: there is no change in status; additional clarification was added to TUS 4.0 text. 
94-A51 Rick McGowanUpdate the closing date to June 1 for Public Review Issue #5 (Object Replacement Character). 
94-A52 Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerInform Marc Kuester of the change in collation weight for sharp s. 
94-A53 Rick McGowanUpdate the Public Review page as required by UTC discussion of the open review issues and send notification about updates to various mail lists. 
94-A54 Ken WhistlerUpdate the UCA table as required by the above concensus on collation weight for sharp s. 
94-A55 Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerEnsure that versions.html reflects the above consensus and docment that the numeric value type excludes the two characters U+5793 and U+4EAC in document L2/03-094. 
94-A56 John JenkinsMake the updated Unihan.txt file available with all fixes as soon as possible. 
94-A57 Rick McGowanUpdate the public review issue #7 (tailored norm forms) to extend the closing date to June 1, 2003. Post a link to Document L2/03-047 as part of documentation for the issue. Announce this new doc when posting notification. 
94-A58 Mark Davis, Ed CommitteeUpdate UAX #9 for Unicode 4.0 to reflect option C of L2/03-064. 
94-A59 Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerUpdate the text in version 4.0 and the ArabicShaping.txt file, and in the derived files the formula for deriving "T" class. [Ref L2/03-064] 
94-A60 Ken Whistler, Ed CommitteeUpdate the Myanmar block intro with information from the executive summary and table of L2/02-283R. 
94-A61 Asmus Freytag, Ed CommitteeSplit the conformance section of UAX #14 into two parts. Part 1 addressing the normative nature of some of the character properties; part 2 describing the informative nature of the algorithm. 
94-A62 Mark Davis, Ed CommitteeMake the editorial updates to UAX #15 without final review of the UTC as the updates are only informative. 
94-A63 Mark Davis, Ed CommitteeMake updates and post the TR Template [L2/02-393R] online in the reports folder. 
94-A64 Mark DavisCreate a new document on UTR Sample Conformance clause review, based on L2/02-393R for discussion at the next UTC in June. 
94-A65 Asmus Freytag, Ed CommitteeMake changes as discussed in the meeting and post UTR #23 proposed draft as a draft TR. 
94-A66 Mark Davis, Ed CommitteeTake the four points of feedback from the ad-hoc Indic group into account, as feasible, for 4.0: 1. Use italicized word "halant" in the standard where feasible in running text instead of the formal name "virama"; 2. Add annotations of the 2 part vowels in the names list for those scripts that have them; 3. Have descriptions in the script blocks of how to represent characters that aren't obvious; 4. State more clearly how one would represent the function of the ISCII "INV" character. 
94-A67 Mark Davis, Ed CommitteeMake updates to UAX #9 with target date of April 3, 2003 for final text. 
94-A68 Mark DavisUpdate the document format of L2/03-081, adding a status section, have Ken Whistler review it, and forward the document to WG20. 
94-A69 Mark Davis, Ed CommitteeUpdate UTS #10 with further informative notes on tailoring Hangul. 
94-A70 Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerRelease a 4.0 UCA beta table. 
94-A71 Mark DavisUpdate UAX #29 for publication with Unicode 4.0. 
94-A72 Mark Davis, Ed CommitteeMake the updates to UTR #18 as in the above consensus and document L2/03-107, and post as a proposed draft UTS. 
94-A73 Rick McGowanMake sure the programming language committee reps are on the notification list. 
94-A74 Rick McGowanSend out a notification of the proposed draft UTS #18 when it is available. 
94-A75 Mark Davis, Ed CommitteeUpdate UAX #24 and the two data files (Scripts.txt, PropertyValues.txt) to reflect the addition of Braille as a script name. Post for Unicode 4.0. [Note: There should be an annotation in UAX #24 that in addition to "common" and "inherited" types, there may be "pseudo scripts" also named that are notational systems.] 
94-A76 Eric Muller, Ken WhistlerReview FDAMs and follow up with the 10646 editor Michel Suignard about discovered editorial defects in the FDAMs. 
94-A77 Ken Whistler, Ed CommitteeUpdate the 4.0 text and the FAQ to reflect the above consensus on ya-phalaa. 
94-A78 Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to reflect acceptance of L2/02-394. 
94-A79 Peter ConstableChange the status of L2/02-394 to submit as an L2/UTC contribution and forward to WG2. 
94-A80 Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to reflect acceptance of L2/02-254. (Document is already N2560 in WG2.) 
94-A81 Lisa MooreRespond to the letter from David Tarkhan-Mouravi. [DONE] 
94-A82 Rick McGowanDiscuss the outcome of the UTC decision on Georgian with Michael Everson.