March 31, 2003

Subject: Farance Inc. Contribution Regarding L8 and V36 Participation in JTC 1 Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability Meeting
From: Frank Farance, Farance Inc.


I just saw the call for US participants in the JTC1 Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability meeting.  The list only requested L2 and V2 participants.  There are other projects within JTC1 that directly affect this work.

In particular, L8 (as TAG to SC32/WG2) has "locale identifier" as one of its projects in SC32 <-- this work was originally in SC22 (WG15 and related work in WG20), but now has moved to SC32 as per JTC1 resolution in Sophia Antipolis.

Also, SC36 has its CLFA (culture, language, and function accommodation) Rapporteur Group.  The SC36 CLFA is closely coordinated with SC35 work (close coordination means: no overlap, awareness of SC35 activities).  SC36 plans on sending two representatives to the JTC1 meeting.  Thus, V36 will have an interest.

Regarding both TCs:
  1. I've spoken with the L8 Chair, Dan Gillman.  L8 will probably not want to send anyone to the JTC1 meeting, but *would* want to participate in coordinating US positions *prior* to the meeting, especially given what Canada and Denmark will propose.

  2. I'm spoken with the V36 Chair, Bruce Peoples.  V36 will want to participate in the meeting (delegates to be named) because V36 will already be sending delegates to the SC36 CLFA meeting in Geneva on the Thursday and Friday, which was timed to occur just before the Monday and Tuesday of JTC1 meeting the week afterwards.
I recommend that INCITS ask L8 and V36 for nominations of delegations.

Also, I recommend that the US have a telecon prior to the JTC1 meeting so that the US can coordinate its positions.  I spoke with Arnold Winkler on Thursday and he was supportive of that idea.

Frank Farance
Farance Inc.

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