From: Raymond Coleman [rcoleman@scc.ca]
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003 12:51 PM
To: 'Lisa Rajchel'
Cc: Roz Waddell
Subject: Canadas submission on JTC1 N7025

Ms. Rajchel,
Roz Waddell is away and I want to make sure that this is submitted on time.  Our delegate to the meeting will be Mr. Alain Labonte, the paperwork will follow.

Canada is of the opinion that cultural and linguistic adaptability (CLA) is a JTC1-wide matter whose scope goes beyond the one of SC2, SC22/WG20 and SC35, which formed the previous TD on CLA.

CLA should be seriously examined each time a new work item proposal has to be made. Currently there is a question on that matter that is sometimes ignored by proposers who still use the old form (the one that existed prior to the 1999 JTC1 Plenary).JTC 1 should ensure that all SCs use the new form when submitting a new work item proposal and complete the box on CLA

CLA is involved everytime input and output from/to an end-used is made by I.T. applications, and whenever text data is exchanged and processed (compared/sorted/searched), even in invisible, under-the-hood, processes.

To help guide every SC in examining errors to be avoided and CLA-conformant tasks to do in early design of a standard, it is proposed that a technical report type-3 be produced on how to draft international standards in a CLA perspective.

Such a work item has already been proposed by Canada in SC35 (see document SC35 N0202 -- Guidelines for drafting ISO/IEC standards respecting cultural and linguistic adaptability principles) in the beginning of 2001 and the work item was approved but the proposer could not continue his work for administrative reasons.

This NP suggested the following diocuments as a starting point:

- Identification of Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability and User Interfaces related areas (document JTC 1 N5608)
- Report to JTC1: work on electronic commerce standardization to be initiated, BT-EC (document JTC 1 N5296)
- SC22's TR 11017 - Framework for internationalization.
- Recommendations of the Paris December 1998 CLAUI meeting (document JTC1 N5629, in particular recommendations on unambiguous culturally-neutral identifiers, character coding directions, multilingual provisions in metadata elements, and so on) as adopted by the 1999 Rio de Janeiro JTC1 Plenary (document JTC1 N5748).
- Electronic commerce and Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability and User Interfaces related areas : practical examples and horizontal issues (document JTC1 N5626)
- Work under development on ISO/IEC 18038 Identification and Mapping of Various Categories of Jurisdictional Domains
- Work under development on ISO/IEC 18022 Identification, Mapping and IT-enablement of existing standards for widely used encodable domain

To this should be added the heritage in documents produced by the CLAUI TD since 1998.