Motions of the UTC 95 / L2 192 Joint Meeting
Mountain View, CA -- June 10 - 13, 2003

June 18, 2003

[95-C1] Consensus: UTC accepts the update to UTS #6 SCSU.

[95-C2] Consensus: Create a proposed draft technical report on "identifier and pattern syntax", including information from TUS section 5.15 as well as the items from L2/03-172. Put it out for public review as a proposed draft. This will be UTR #31.

[95-C3] Consensus: Implement a clean-up of PropertyAliases.txt as given in document L2/03-144 in the next appropriate version of the standard.

[95-C4] Consensus: Issue a new proposed update of UAX #29 to add the new informative property Sentence_Terminal (short name STerm) in PropList.txt with the contents given in document L2/03-145 as modified in discussion. Also modify the UAX #29 definition of the "Term" property to reflect point "2" of L2/03-145. The list to be added is as modified in discussion during the meeting.

[95-C5] Consensus: Remove the last 2 lines of the Bengali example in Section 9.2 of TUS 4.0 book (circa page 235). Post a Public Review Issue which describes the two approaches, closing August 18, 2003. The final decision is to be taken at the August UTC.

[95-C6] Consensus: Align the math property as specified by the criteria in 3.1.1 of the draft UTR #25, L2/03-165. Take the first table and remove from the other math property. Take the second table and add to the other math property. The full-width tilde will be struck from the list. The general category is not touched.

[95-C7] Consensus: Advance the draft UTR #25 to UTR #25 with the following changes: align the descriptions in section 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 with the revisions of the other math property such that the weak math property does not contain any characters that have the math property, and with additional text modifications raised during discussion, including responding to comments in document L2/03-182.

[95-C8] Consensus: There should not be an extensive table change to 14651 to handle Thai/Lao, but instead UTC suggests that those interested in approaches to collating Thai/Lao add example methodologies to appendix C2 of 14651.

[95-C9] Consensus: Withhold making the change for eszette as required by UTC Action 94-A54 in UCA 4.0, and update the Action Item 94-A54 to say post 4.0.

[95-C10] Consensus: Accept the 13 New Testament Editorial Characters for encoding at locations U+2E00 - U+2E0C with names as given in L2/03-074R2.

[95-C11] Consensus: Accept the 52 Greek Acrophonic characters in proposal L2/03-075R2 and the one character "Acrophonic two-dot punctuation" as shown in L2/03-193 for encoding at locations U+10140 - U+10174 with the structure of the names changed as discussed in the meeting. (The total number of characters is 53; the ACROPHONIC TWO DOT PUNCTUATION is to be included in this proposal, as shown in L3/03-193.)

[95-C12] Consensus: Accept the 21 Greek Papyrological Numerical Characters documented in proposal L2/03-158R for encoding at locations U+10175 - U+1018A.

[95-C13] Consensus: Accept the "Greek Rho with stroke symbol" for encoding at U+03FC, as documented in L2/03-188.

[95-C14] Consensus: Accept the three general punctuation characters for encoding at suggested locations U+2E0D..U+2E0F with names as specified in L2/03-193. They are:

[95-C15] Consensus: Accept the combining asterisk below as documented in L2/03-186 for encoding at location U+0359.

[95-C16] Consensus: Accept the three dimensional angle and triangle enclosed within triangle for encoding at U+27C0, U+27C1.

[95-M1] Motion: In principle the UTC is in favor of encoding additional diacritic combining characters for productive extension of the Arabic script.

    Moved by Mark Davis, seconded by Eric Muller

        1 for (IBM)
        3 against (Sybase, Adobe, Microsoft)
        3 abstain (Peoplesoft, HP, RLG)
        Basis is out of the room. Motion fails.

[95-C17] Consensus: Accept the 23 characters in L2/03-168 with names as modified in discussion and with codepoints as indicated in L2/03-210: 3 vowels at 065A - 065C, and the other 20 letters at 0750..0758; 075A..075B; 075d..0761; 0764..0767

[95-C18] Consensus: Accept the Arabic Triple Dot Punctuation Mark as documented in L2/03-159 for encoding at U+061E.

[95-C19] Consensus: Accept the four characters proposed in L2/02-274 for encoding with the following names and code point assignments (as in[L2/03-210):

[95-C20] Consensus: Accept the two characters in L2/03-176 for encoding at 0762 and 0763, ARABIC LETTER KEHEH WITH DOT ABOVE and ARABIC LETTER KEHEH WITH THREE DOTS ABOVE.

[95-C21] Consensus: Start a new Arabic block at U+0750 and call it "Arabic Supplementary".

[95-M2] Motion: Accept the repertoire of 11 phonetic symbols with middle tilde as documented in L2/03-174R; codepoints to be determined later.

    Moved by Lisa Moore, seconded by Ken Whistler

        5 for (Adobe, HP, IBM, MS, Sybase)
        2 against (Apple, RLG)
        1 abstain (Peoplesoft)
        Basis is out of the room.

[95-C22] Consensus: Accept the 5 characters in document L2/03-163, with atom symbol at U+2692 and fleur-de-lis at U+2693 and all other code points in their positions as indicated in the document.
    2692 ATOM SYMBOL
    2618 SHAMROCK
    2693 FLEUR-DE-LIS

[95-C23] Consensus: UTC accepts the Syloti Nagri Script for encoding beginning at A800..A82B with names as amended in discussion. Syloti Nagari Sign Ful (U+xx28 in the document) is renamed "Eight Pointed Asterisk", and is placed at U+2055. (Note: the name of the above character was changed by consensus 95-C27 on Friday to "Flower Punctuation Mark", as the glyph is not always 8-pointed.)

[95-C24] Consensus: Accept the 7 characters in L2/03-194 and L2/03-201 with codepoints and name changes as amended (note that the papyrus symbol is gone).

[95-C25] Consensus: UTC accepts Arabic Zwarakay for encoding at U+0659, with a combining class of 30.

[95-C26] Consensus: Introduce a normative variation selector property as described in document L2/03-033.

[95-C27] Consensus: Change the name of the codepoint U+2055 to "Flower Punctuation Mark". (This was accepted above in Consensus 95-C23 as part of the Syloti Nagri script proposal.)

[95-C28] Consensus: Use the codepoint assignments for the new Arabic characters as given in document L2/03-210. Note: this decision has been reflected back into the prior motions, so that these minutes reflect the final disposition of codepoints for Arabic proposals accepted at this meeting.

[95-M3] Motion: In view of the many problems which turned up when attempting to design a tailoring mechanism for normalization, the UTC now rescinds consensus 93-C22. (I.e, the committee will not add a mechanism for tailored normalizations.)

    Moved by Mark Davis, seconded by Ken Whistler

        8 for (Apple, HP, Sybase, Adobe, Peopleosft, IBM, RLG, MS)
        1 against (Basis)
        0 abstain
        Motion passes.

NOTE: the above consensus rescinds 93-C22 from L2/02-345: [93-C22] Consensus: Add a mechanism to Unicode Standard Annex #15 Unicode Normalization Forms that allows people to make conformance claims to certain tailorings of normalization, including a syntax for that tailoring, and a small number of named tailorings.

[95-C29] Consensus: Close the Public Review Issue #8 (Math Digits). The UTC sees no reason to change the numeric values assigned to the Math Digits 1D7C9..1D7FF.

[95-M4] Motion: Add the bottom two bullets of L2/03-041R below the definitions D13 and D14, the last below D13 and the only one below D14. They are:

To add below D13: In terms of General Category values (see Chapter 4), a base character is any code point that has one of the categories Letter (L), Number (N), Punctuation (P), Symbol (S), Space Separator (Zs). (In other words, it excludes the values Cn, Cs, Cc, Cf, Zl, Zp, Mc, Mn, and Me). The interpretation of Private Use characters (Co) as base characters or not is determined by the implementation.

To add below D14: Combining characters consist of all characters with the General Category values of Spacing Combining Mark (Mc), Non-Spacing Mark (Mn), and Enclosing Mark (Me). The interpretation of Private Use characters (Co) as combining characters or not is determined by the implementation.

These bullets are to be added to the standard in the next appropriate version.

    Moved by Mark Davis, seconded by Eric Muller

        3 for (Peoplesoft, Adobe, IBM)
        3 against (Sybase, Basis, Microsoft)
        3 abstain (Apple, HP, RLG)
        Motion fails.

[95-M5] Motion: Create a derived core property which defines "Base_Character" with abbreviation "Base", for the next appropriate version of the standard, post 4.0.1.

    Moved by Asmus Freytag, seconded by Ken Whistler

        5 for (Basis, Apple, Sybase, IBM, RLG)
        0 against
        4 abstain (HP, Adobe, Peoplesoft, Microsoft)
        Motion passes.

[95-C30] Consensus: Approve the minutes of the meeting UTC #94/L2 #191 as documented in L2/03-039.

[95-C31] Consensus: Advance PDUTR #30 Character Foldings to Draft UTR #30 after incorporating feedback received during the meeting and review by the Ed Committee.

[95-C32] Consensus: UTC authorizes the initiation of a Unicode 4.0.1 beta with a new Unihan.txt file and other changes approved by UTC.

[95-C33] Consensus: Accept the 32 Buginese characters documented in L2/03-191 for encoding at U+1A00 - U+1A1F.

[95-C34] Consensus: Add "Latin Small Letter th with Strikethrough" for encoding at codepoint U+0238.

[95-C35] Consensus: Accept the Combining Double Breve Below for encoding at U+035C.