Action Items of the UTC 96 / L2 193 Joint Meeting
Pleasanton, CA -- August 25 - 28, 2003
September 4, 2003

UTC #   Who? Action Status
96-A1Mark DavisTo put the letter to (DIN) concerning sharp-s in the document registry, with English summary, and forward to WG20. Ref action item 95-A35.  
96-A2Rick McGowan contact Maria Pantelia about her open action items.  
96-A3Jonathan Kew Update all of the recent proposals so that the docs are printable (new chars don't print).  
96-A4Michael Kaplan Review proposed UTR #32 before it is posted for public review.  
96-A5Rick McGowan Figure out the linebreaking properties for Saurashtra. Also look at other property aliases, word-break properties, etc in UTR #29 (text boundaries). Punctuation characters are particularly crucial.  
96-A6Michael Everson Send Glagolitic font to Asmus Freytag for publishing the standard.  
96-A7Hideki Hiura Report to the IRG that the Unicode Standard has corrected an error at that codepoint 3D0A. See 94-A44.  
96-A8Ken Whistler, Ed Committee In 4.0.1, resolve Public Review Issue #10 by not changing the general category, but by making them non-default-ignorable, using an exclusion list.  
96-A9Ken Whistler, Ed Committee Add an erratum that not all characters with dotted-box glyphs have the general category Cf.  
96-A10Mark Davis Add list of soft-dotted characters from Public Review Issue #11, as modified by consensus 96-C4 to Proplist.txt and give to Ken Whistler for inclusion in 4.0.1.  
96-A11Asmus Freytag, Ed Committee Document the behavior of "ij" "fi" and "ffi" ligatures with accents in a FAQ. Ref 96-C4 96-A10.  
96-A12Asmus Freytag, Ed Committee Include documenting the behavior of "ij" "fi" and "ffi" ligatures with accents in an appropriate future version of the standard. Ref 96-C4.  
96-A13Mark Davis Add the following characters from consensus 96-C5 to Terminal Punctuation and post to Ken for inclusion in 4.0.1:
U+05C3 # sof paseq
96-A14Mark Davis, Ed Committee Prepare a document to issue for public review of the consensus 96-C6 (a mechanism for algorithmically terminating clusters for the purpose of collation of certain scripts).  
96-A15Mark Davis Prepare a response to Kent Karlsson regarding documents L2/03-221, L2/03-222, to be a contribution for the October meeting of WG20.  
96-A16Mark Davis Respond to the Hebrew issues raised in L2/03-263 and L2/03-280.  
96-A17Rick McGowan, Ed Committee Draft a Public Review Issue that includes request for information about the Braille processing model (we are considering changing the general category of the Braille characters to be "Letter other" rather than "Symbol other", ref 96-C7).  
96-A18Mark Davis Reply to Kent Karlsson regarding document L2/03-281.  
96-A19Mark Davis, Ed Committee Update the text of proposed update draft 5 of UTS #10 based on discussion in the meeting, and post the text and data tables.  
96-A20Mark Davis Let Kent Karlsson know that the proposed category change in L2/03-276 would destabilize most implementations that use these characters, especially bidi.  
96-A21Mark Davis Update the definitions in L2/03-041R to reflect motion 96-M2 and re-submit.  
96-A22Ken Whistler, Asmus Freytag, Ed Committee Change the annotation in the bullet under U+200B and post an erratum, as in the consensus 96-C9, for consistency with section 15.2 layout controls.  
96-A23Mark Davis Prepare the Public Review document for consensus 96-C10 to change the general category of U+200B and give to Rick McGowan for posting.  
96-A24UTC Members Send feedback on the merged document L2/03-061 before the WG2 meeting in October 2003.  
96-A25Rick McGowan Check with Maria Pantelia on her action items. Ask about updated Greek Musical symbols based on WG2 feedback. Ref WG2-AI-43-7. L2 AI 95-A38.  
96-A26Michel Suignard Send merged data files of L2/03-061 to Rick McGowan for posting to the L2 doc register.  
96-A27Eric Muller, Michel Suignard, Asmus Freytag Update the WG2 font policy and submit. 
96-A28V.S. Umamaheswaran Send to Rick McGowan the WG2 feedback on Kharoshthi script.  
96-A29Rick McGowan Work with the authors of L2/02-203R2 Kharoshthi to update the proposal based on WG2 feedback, and resubmit for the October 2003 WG2 meeting.  
96-A30Rick McGowan Review WG2 meeting minutes L2/03-296 and look for items to review with UTC various proposal authors.  
96-A31Rick McGowan Ask Cora to check the set of 107 DPRK compatibility characters in WG2 document N2572, N2573.  
96-A32Cathy Wissink, Michel Suignard Write a response to the Chinese proposal on Tibetan in WG2 document N2558. Respond to WG2 as a US/UTC position.  
96-A33V.S. Umamaheswaran Draft an added paragraph in the WG2 Principles and Procedures document to request contact information from the authors of proposals. Add info on how reviewers can follow the progress of their proposals.  
96-A34V.S. Umamaheswaran Add naming guidelines for submissions to the WG2 Principles and Procedures document. Also add a description of levels 1, 2, and 3.  
96-A35John Jenkins, Ed Committee Synchronize Unihan.txt with 10646:2003 data file, as per consensus 96-C12.  
96-A36Eric Muller, Ed Committee Create a corrections file if substantive differences are found between Unihan.txt and the 10646:2003 data file for the 3.0 -> 3.1 versions, etc.  
96-A37Mark Davis, Asmus Freytag Prepare a working draft of a proposed draft UTR defining named sequences of character codes. Ref 96-M3.  
96-A38Ken Whistler Draft an initial list of known named sequences of character codes. Ref 96-M3.  
96-A39Mike KsarRespond to Sato regarding UTC actions about L2/03-204. Ref 96-M3, 96-A37, 96-A38.  
96-A40V.S. Umamaheswaran Review the list of characters in Annex F for any missing format characters.  
96-A41Joan Aliprand Communicate motion 96-M4 to NISO. 
96-A42Cathy Wissink Communicate motion 96-M4 to INCITS and TC 37  
96-A43Rick McGowan Communicate motion 96-M4 to our liaison organizations, including IETF.  
96-A44Cathy Wissink Communicate motion 96-M5 to the maintenance authority.  
96-A45Rick McGowan Communicate motion 96-M5 to our liaison organizations, including IETF and Unicode members. In the message say: we urge members to contact national bodies in other countries, especially in the most-affected countries.  
96-A46Cathy Wissink Communicate motion 96-M5 to INCITS and TC 37  
96-A47Lisa Moore Post the resolution in consensus 96-C14 as an L2 document and forward to Mike Ksar for posting as a WG2 document in time for the October 2003 WG2 meeting.  
96-A48Rick McGowan Change the Public Review Issue notice to extend the beta review for 4.0.1 to October 27, 2003, and update the beta pages, and make an announcement to notifications list.  
96-A49Rick McGowan Create a FAQ based on John Cowan's document L2/03-271 on hexadecimal digit values.  
96-A50Lisa Moore Add review of "W3C Character Model" to the agenda for next UTC meeting.  
96-A51Lisa Moore, Cathy Wissink Establish guidelines for internet connection capability for UTCs. (The committee informally favored having at least http connectivity during meetings.)  
96-A52Paul Nelson Produce an updated document on Reph and Ya-phalaa for the next UTC meeting. Update the public review issue. Extend it and add more information about this versus the other approaches. Post for consensus-building in the community. PRI to close on Oct 27, 2003.  
96-A53Rick McGowan Explicitly forward web reporting forms on Public Review Issues to the authors of the docs that are put up for PR. Standing action.  
96-A54Lisa Moore Install the process of web reporting feedback to PRI authors in procedures document. Ref 96-A53.  
96-A55Mark Davis, Ed Committee Incorporate some of Kent Karlsson's suggestions in doc L2/03-203 into the appropriate text in the Unicode Standard or UAX #15 for a future version of the Unicode Standard.  
96-A56Mark Davis, Michel Suignard, Ed Committee Improve the conformance statement in UAX #9 so that it is referencable by ISO 10646 and other standards, and create a proposed update for which the public review will close October 27, 2003.  
96-A57Rick McGowan Post the proposed update to UAX #9 as a Public Review Issue to close October 27, 2003.  
96-A58Rick McGowan Look at all of the UTRs, UAXes, UTSs that are in draft form (DUTR, PDUTR, or proposed update) and add them to the Public Review Issues, to close October 27, 2003.  
96-A59Mark Davis, Asmus Freytag, Ed Committee Update the document L2/03-284. Ref 96-C16.  
96-A60Mark Davis, Ed Committee Make the corrections to UAX #29 and post the result as a (final) UAX, as part of Unicode 4.0.1, when the UCD data file is ready as well.  
96-A61Rick McGowan Update the draft 4.0.1 pages to include UAX #29 final.  
96-A62Mark Davis See where the text can be improved in response to L2/03-290 and make the updates.  
96-A63Mark Davis, Ed Committee Amend UTS #18 as discussed in committee and post.  
96-A64Lisa Moore Add Ethiopic Properties to agenda for November UTC.  
96-A65Mark Davis Respond to Daniel Yacob re L2/03-279. 
96-A66Mark Davis, Ed Committee Incorporate feedback and prepare an update to UTR #31, and post for public review, to close on Oct 27.  
96-A67Rick McGowan Add new Public Review Issue for UTR #31 to focus on new parts of UTR #31 that should be reviewed. Close on October 27, 2003.  
96-A68Mark Davis Respond to Peter Kirk regarding his feedback on UTR #31.  
96-A69Eric Muller Come back with a list of variation sequences needed to distinguish the compatibility codes, for the next UTC meeting in November 2003.  
96-A70Asmus Freytag The Unicode liaison to WG2 is instructed to support the DPRK compatibility characters, assuming they are vetted and stable. [See 96-A31 for Cora re 107 chars, above]  
96-A71Richard Cook Work with Ken Whistler, Mike Ksar, Michel Suignard, Rick McGowan, Tatsuo Kobayashi, on a proposal for WG2 on Han Variant issues raised in L2/03-286.  
96-A72Ken Whistler Draft language for consensus 96-C20 for inclusion into 4.0.1 and create a FAQ for Combining Grapheme Joiner to describe its use in preventing normalization from re-ordering combining marks.  
96-A73Joan Aliprand, Sandra Martin-O'Donnell Identify key comments in L2/03-250, and back out the DTR comment.  
96-A74Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to change the name of U+267F from "Handicapped Sign" to "Wheelchair Symbol".  
96-A75Rick McGowan Verify that WG2 has the latest proposal for U+267F and that it matches "Wheelchair Symbol" name.  
96-A76Rick McGowan Supply to Michael Kaplan the character properties for Tamil Letter Sha by Sept 5, so that L2/03-273 can be updated to include property assignments.  
96-A77Michael Kaplan Work with authors to update the document L2/03-273 to remove the reference to "Grantha" in the document title.  
96-A78Michael Kaplan Get permission from Peri Bhaskararao to include his paper L2/03-278 in the revision of L2/03-273 to be posted as a WG2 document.  
96-A79Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to include Tamil Letter SHA at U+0BB6 as in document L2/03-273.  
96-A80Michael Kaplan Forward to WG2 (Mike Ksar) the revised document L2/03-273 as a contribution from UTC and INFITT in time for the October 2003 WG2 meeting.  
96-A81Michael Kaplan Send an updated Tamil font to Asmus Freytag, including the new Tamil Letter SHA at U+0BB6.  
96-A82Joan Aliprand Write a response to L2/03-215, to find out if they need 2-way or 3-way distinction. Send response to Mike Ksar for posting as a WG2 document in time for the October 2003 meeting.  
96-A83Cathy Wissink Follow up with Peter Constable and Michael Everson to get a font for eleven phonetic symbols with middle tilde. L2/03-174, motion 95-M2.  
96-A84Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect new status of the codepoints for eleven phonetic symbols with middle tilde. Ref L2/03-174, motion 95-M2.  
96-A85Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to include four bent arrow characters with the names as suggested in L2/03-119R for encoding at codepoints U+2B0E - U+2B11:
96-A86Rick McGowan Update the proposal L2/03-119R using new proposal summary form and providing glyphs, and information about the source of the font, and answering other questions that may occur on the new form. Forward to Mike Ksar in time for the Oct 2003 WG2 meeting.  
96-A87Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect acceptance of the Georgian proposal L2/03-230R with modifications as in consensus 96-C28 (Turned G to be encoded at U+1D77, Cyrillic EN to be encoded at U+1D78; with block name "Georgian Supplementary", 2D00 - 2D2F).  
96-A88Asmus Freytag Let Michael Everson know the new codepoint assignments: Turned G to be encoded at U+1D77, Cyrillic EN to be encoded at U+1D78. Ref L2/03-230R, 96-C28.  
96-A89Lisa Moore Inform the chair of GSDIT of the acceptance of Georgian repertoire as documented in L2/03-230R and 96-C28.  
96-A90Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect acceptance of the Lithuanian proposal for combining zigzag above as in document L2/03-219, for encoding at U+035B.  
96-A91Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect acceptance of the "Arabic Letter Lam with Bar" as in document L2/03-228R, for encoding at U+076A. (Note the name change.)  
96-A92Jonathan Kew Update L2/03-228R with the new name "with bar" (not "through") and forward to Mike Ksar for consideration by WG2 in Oct 2003.  
96-A93Jonathan Kew Supply the font for L2/03-228R by September 30, 2003.  
96-A94Rick McGowan Draft a WG2 document giving feedback on the Saurasthra proposal, that Saurasthra is not currently ready for encoding. Send doc to Mike Ksar in time for October 2003 WG2 meeting. Send Peri Bhaskararao's feedback to WG2, after getting permission from him.  
96-A95Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect acceptance of Phags-pa script as in L2/03-229R2. Ref 96-C31, 96-C32, 96-C33.  
96-A96Ken Whistler, Ed Committee Figure out how to extend the pipeline to include variation sequences.  
96-A97Ken Whistler Include the four variation sequences from the Phags-pa script in the pipeline. Ref 96-C32.  
96-A98Rick McGowan Send Asmus a font for Phags-pa by September 15, 2003.  
96-A99Rick McGowan Follow up with the proposer to provide an alternate name for AB9A (that does not have a leading hyphen) and correct the names for ABB0 - ABB1 (remove the first "mark").  
96-A100Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect acceptance of 94 Glagolitic characters plus 3 punctuation characters from document L2/03-282 for encoding at U+2C00 .. U+2C5F and U+2056, U+2058, U+2059; with Glagolitic block 2C00-2C5F..  
96-A101Michael Everson Send Asmus a font for Glagolitic. 
96-A102Rick McGowan Get linebreak properties for Glagolitic punctuation characters. Description and narrative is helpful.  
96-A103Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect acceptance of the 58 Coptic characters for encoding at U+2C80 .. U+2CBF, excluding the Chi-Rho symbol, and encoding Full Stop and Fraction One Half at U+2CBE and U+2CBF.  
96-A104Rick McGowan Inform Michael Everson of the changes requested by UTC to L2/03-283 in consensus 96-C34. Request that he send a Coptic font to Asmus Freytag by September 15, 2003.  
96-A105Rick McGowan Correct the symbol properties for Coptic in L2/03-283 and post to Michael Everson for inclusion in the updated Coptic proposal.  
96-A106Eric Muller Ask Michael Everson for more examples of double-hyphen. UTC recommends to write a separate proposal for encoding of double-hyphen. (Double hyphen wasn't accepted in the Coptic proposal.)  
96-A107Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect acceptance of the 50 Old Persian Characters for encoding on the SMP at U+103A0-U+103D5, block name "Old Persian" 103A0-103DF; with property corrections noted in the meeting: Most should be "Letter other"; word divider is not "Zs", it should be the same as Ugaritic word divider.  
96-A108Rick McGowan Correct the properties and forward the info to Michael for inclusion.  
96-A109Michael Everson Forward the Old Persian font to Asmus Freytag by September 15, 2003.  
96-A110Joan Aliprand Forward document L2/03-261 to Dr Seth Jerchower and get his feedback.  
96-A111Rick McGowan, Asmus Freytag Draft FAQs that address the issues that are of generic concern in document L2/03-261. (Linguists access, UTC policies, etc)  
96-A112Lisa Moore Add Unihan updates (L2/03-285 and L2/03-288) to the agenda for next UTC meeting.  
96-A113John Jenkins Verify and incorporate the fixes to the errors in Unihan.txt documented in L2/03-287 and L2/03-301, plus others identified by Sept 30 into 4.0.1.  
96-A114Eric Muller Ask Richard Cook to cross-check Super-CJK for the same errors.  
96-A115Eric Muller Communicate to Richard Cook the Sept 30 deadline for reporting errors to be fixed in Unihan.txt in 4.0.1.