Action Items of the UTC 97 / L2 194 Joint Meeting
Baltimore, MD -- November 4 - 7, 2003
Hosted by Johns Hopkins University
November 13, 2003

UTC #   Who? Action Status
97-A1John Jenkins Prepare a document describing the provisional properties of Unihan and make a recommendation as to which are stable and high-quality enough to be upgraded to be informative.  
97-A2Rick McGowan Close the public review issue #15, noting both the unchanged general category and the changed bidi category.  
97-A3Ken Whistler Update Unicode Data to reflect the change of Braille pattern symbols bidi property from OtherNeutral to strong Left to right in 4.0.1.  
97-A4Mark Davis Update derived properties file, reflecting change of Braille pattern symbols bidi property from OtherNeutral to strong Left to right in 4.0.1.  
97-A5Ken Whistler, Mark Davis Update UCD.html, reflecting change of Braille pattern symbols bidi property from OtherNeutral to strong Left to right in 4.0.1  
97-A6Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Explain in an FAQ the use of Braille and other symbols in searching, and in sorting.  
97-A7Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Update the UAX #29 with feedback received during the review period and as discussed in the meeting and post the update for 4.0.1.  
97-A8Rick McGowan Close PRI #16 and post the resolution as in consensus 97-C4.  
97-A9Rick McGowan Close the public review issue #17 for UTS #18.  
97-A10Rick McGowan Close the public review issue #18 for UTR #23.  
97-A11Asmus Freytag, Editorial Committee Update DUTR #30 to add a description of what syllabic folding is, but not necessarily add syllabic folding tables.  
97-A12Rick McGowan Close the public review issue #19 for DUTR #30.  
97-A13Asmus Freytag Get more info on U+205D TRICOLON to see if it should be unified with U+2AF6 triple colon operator.  
97-A14Asmus Freytag Investigate possible unification of U+2E13 dotted obelos and U+2052 Commercial Minus.  
97-A15Michael Everson, Editorial Committee Document in Unicode 4.1 the range of variation in glyphs for Afgani sign.  
97-A16Michael Everson Write a tech note on phonetic notation (Insular G and related IPA & Latin characters).  
97-A17Michael Everson Write a tech note on the double oblique hyphen.  
97-A18Ken Whistler Research the name of the tool that's pictured in the glyph for U+2692 HAMMER AND CHISEL.  
97-A19Cathy Wissink Get feedback from Peter Constable about Tai Lue names (Tai Le, Tai Lue versus "Xishuang BannaDai", and *Old* Xishuang Banna Dai in the next row).  
97-A20Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect changes as in document L2/03-397, section 9a, acceptance of Tai Lue and Phags-Pa.  
97-A21Mark Davis Respond on U+1361 comment in L2/03-389, re public review issue #20.  
97-A22Rick McGowan Close public review issue #21, general category of U+200B, as per motion 97-M1.  
97-A23Ken Whistler, Mark Davis Update the data files for 4.0.1, changing the general category of U+200B from Zs to Cf.  
97-A24Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Add text on the general category change of U+200B from Zs to Cf, in Unicode 4.0.1.  
97-A25Benson Margulies Review the text of UTR #29 for clarity.  
97-A26Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Change the property Sentence Terminal to Sterm and update explanatory text on necessary tailorings to TR29 and update UCD.html as per discussion at the meeting.  
97-A27Rick McGowan Close public review issue #23, as per consensus 97-C20.  
97-A28Mark Davis Respond to Daniel Yacob on the Ethiopic comments on public review issue #23.  
97-A29Mark Davis, Cathy Wissink, Editorial Committee Incorporate the collation mechanism for syllabic scripts from public review issue #22 and create an update to UTS #10.  
97-A30Rick McGowan Close public review issue #22, with the resolution as in action 97-A29.  
97-A31Rick McGowan, Editorial Committee Update the Indic FAQ and add the clarification in document L2/03-394 to Unicode 4.0.1.  
97-A32Rick McGowan Close public review issue #9, with resolution as in motion 97-M2.  
97-A33Mark Davis, Editorial Committee draft two public review issues on the correct numeric type of Ethiopic numbers and Tamil numbers.  
97-A34Rick McGowan Post the two issues of Ethiopic numbers and Tamil numbers for public review after receiving text from Mark Davis.  
97-A35Mark Davis Respond to Daniel Yacob on the documents L2/03-279 and L2/03-298.  
97-A36Ken Whistler, Editorial Committee Update Ken's document L2/03-403 to reflect that this is a general purpose mechanism that should be used in specific circumstances and incorporate other comments made during the meeting.  
97-A37Eric Muller, Hideki Hiura Form a group to develop the policies and procedures for a registration process for the Han Variation Selectors. See motion 97-M3.  
97-A38John Jenkins Make sure that demo/overview of CDL gets onto the IRG agenda for December meeting. Ask IRG to examine it and encourage their support of it.  
97-A39Rick McGowan Discuss with Richard Cook that if he wishes to post L2/03-404 and L2/03-420 as a tech note, to address the Intellectual property and naming implications.  
97-A40Deborah Goldsmith, John Jenkins Ask Cora to generate CDL descriptors for the characters for Ext B, starting with the ones not currently available from Richard Cook.  
97-A41John Jenkins Turn the CDL descriptors for Ext B into a set of IDS descriptions for IRG use, as soon as can be done.  
97-A42Asmus Freytag, Editorial Committee Put disclaimer that East Asian Width does not conform to modern layout practice, in the UAX #11 for Unicode 4.0.1.  
97-A43Ken Whistler, Mark Davis Make the required changes in the data files UnicodeData.txt and derived files to reflect consensus 97-C23 (change the bidi class for Interlinear Annotation Characters from Boundary Neutral to Other Neutral).  
97-A44Mark Davis Draft a public review issue discussing a possible disposition of characters that are default-ignorable (DICP) but not boundary-neutral (BN). See consensus 97-C23.  
97-A45Rick McGowan Post the Public Review Issue drafted by Mark Davis in 97-A44.  
97-A46Ken Whistler, Mark Davis Update the Linebreak and East Asian Width data files, for Unicode 4.0.1, to reflect consensus 97-C25.  
97-A47Asmus Freytag, Editorial Committee Update the text of UTR #14 with adding rule 19b reflecting the above consensus 97-C25, and the data lists, for Unicode 4.0.1.  
97-A48Asmus Freytag Create a new internal draft of DUTR #23 Character Properties decribing immutable, fixed, and limited properties.  
97-A49Asmus Freytag Create a new internal draft of UTR #30 on Character Foldings. Add the concept of filtering and the concept of syllabic folding.  
97-A50Mark Davis See if ICU can supply some of the folding tables for UTR #30.  
97-A51Mark Davis Prepare and post a draft update of PDUTR #31 for public review, incorporating feedback received.  
97-A52Michael Kaplan Get suggested edits for working draft PDUTR #32 to Mark Davis.  
97-A53Asmus Freytag Come up with suggested improvements in the documentation of file formats (post Unicode 4.0.1), with regard to the proposal to add a header to UnicodeData.txt.  
97-A54Asmus Freytag, Editorial Committee Discuss the problems brought up in L2/03-310.  
97-A55John Jenkins Incorporate the data references in L2/03-285 and L2/03-288 into a future version of the UCD.  
97-A56Richard Cook Make a proposal for encoding the 31 characters mentioned in L2/03-288.  
97-A57Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Fix and post the texts of UAX #9 as per discussion in the meeting, and post for Unicode 4.0.1.  
97-A58Ken Whistler, Mark Davis Update the data files to change the bidi properties of U+002B, U+002D, and U+002F, to ES, ES, CS respectively.  
97-A59Rick McGowan Issue a notification immediately regarding the above motion 97-M4. Include the bidi list.  
97-A60Ken Whistler Update the data files to change the bidi properties of U+002B, U+002D, and U+002F, to ES, ES, CS respectively. Closed
97-A61Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Issue 4.0.1 before February 2004 UTC meeting.  
97-A62Eric MullerUpdate L2/03-407 and send to Rick for posting, and to John for his use at the IRG meeting.  
L2A-194.1Asmus FreytagPursue reviewing the technical report on SGML publishing and technical sets with David Carlisle.  
97-A63Lisa MooreAdd L2/03-410 to the agenda for next UTC meeting. (We will need to take a position opposing this if we don't have more information forthcoming at the Feb meeting.)  
97-A64Eric MullerCommunicate with the government of Hong Kong regarding L2/03-423, that the first four characters can already be represented in Unicode and request more evidence of usage of the two circuit symbol characters. We believe the 1st is "ground symbol" and should be so called in Unicode/10646; we don't know what the second symbol would be.  
97-A65Action Item for Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeDocument how to represent phonetic symbols used in dictionaries in a tech note and FAQ, using information from L2/03-359.  
97-A66Michel SuignardInclude in ballot comments the above consensus 97-C30 (moving LATIN SMALL LETTER TH WITH STRIKETHROUGH from U+0238 to U+1D7A).  
97-A67Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate the new definitions of Graphic, Base, and Combining character(s) from L2/03-041R2 into Unicode 4.0.1.  
97-A68Rick McGowanClose the action 95-A96 for Mark Davis to add a base character property).  
97-A69Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the list in L2/03-400 by adding the four accented-E Hong Kong characters to the repertoire of named composite entries, and prepare for publishing a revised list in Unicode 4.0.2.  
97-A70Rick McGowanRequest "Phags-pa character names" and any other unused agenda items from meeting 97 for the next meeting.