UTC 99 & INCITS Subgroup L2 196 Joint Meeting
Toronto, Canada -- June 15 - 18, 2004
Hosted by IBM
June 18, 2004

Unicode Technical Committee Script Subcommittee meeting time:

    Tuesday, June 15           10 am to 5 pm  

Unicode Technical Committee Plenary meeting times:
    Wednesday, June 16       9 am to 5 pm
    Thursday, June 17           9 am to 5 pm
    Friday, June 18               9 am to 12 pm              

L2 Plenary meeting time:
    Friday, June 18               1 pm to 3 pm

Scheduled discussions:

Agenda Item


Date and Time (EDT)

UTC Procedures posted at: http://www.unicode.org/consortium/utc-procedures.html

A. Script Subcommittee Meeting

  A.1 moved to plenary agenda C.17.6 (five additional CJK symbols)
  A.2 Tifinagh [Andries, L2/04-142R,L2/04-195]

  A.3 Proposal to encode two Bhutanese marks for Dzongkhain [Everson, Flynn, L2/04-007]
  A.4 moved to plenary agenda C.17.7 (Chinese counting rod numerals)
  A.5 Proposal to encode orthographic glottal stops [Constable, L2/04-224]

  A.6 Extended Ethiopic [Yacob, L2/04-143]
  A.7 Supplemental set of IPA combing marks, modifier letters, and five-degree coutour tone marks [L2/04-107]
  A.8 Coptic revisions [Everson, Emmel, L2/04-130]
  A.9 moved to plenary agenda C.16.9 (Sinhala)
  A.10 HPhags-pa script encoding [China, L2/04-134; West, L2-04-174]
  A.11 Proposal to add a roman numeral "canopy" character [Andries, L2/04-137]
  A.12 Proposal to encode the HRYVNIA SIGN and the CEDI SIGN [Everson, L2/04-139]
  A.13 moved to plenary agenda C.16.7 (Phoenician)
  A.14 moved to plenary agenda C.16.5 (Script model)

  A.15 Proposal on encoding New Tai Lue [L2/04-147]

  A.16 Proposal for Indo-European laryngeals [Everson, Anderson, L2/04-077,L2/04-191]
    A.16.1 moved to plenary agenda C.16.4 (superscripts and subscripts)

  A.17 Hebrew
    A.17.1 moved to plenary agenda C.16.8.1 (Hebrew vowel holam [Kirk, L2/04-193])

    A.17.2 moved to plenary agenda C.16.8.2 (Hebrew mark meteg [Kirk, L2/04-194])
    A.17.3 Proposal to add ATNAH HAFUKH [Shoulson, Kirk, Everson, L2/03-443]
    A.17.4 Two Hebrew punctuation marks [L2/04-089]
    A.17.5 Proposal to add QAMATS QATAN [Everson, Shoulson, L2/04-150]

    A.17.6 Samaritan pointing [Keown, L2/04-159]
    A.17.7 Babylonian pointing [Keown, L2/04-162]

    A.17.8 Responses to several Hebrew related items [Rosenne, L2/04-213]
  A.18 Proposal to encode N'ko [Everson, L2/04-172]
  A.19 Proposal to add four SENĆOŦEN Latin charaters [Harvey, et. al., L2/04-170]
    A.19.1 Message in support of Sencoten proposal [Anderson, L2/04-182]
    A.19.2  Further information on Sencoten [Anderson, L2/04-211]

  A.20 Myanmar script extensions: Mon, Shan, and Karen (Kayin) [Myanmar NB, L2/04-198]
  A.21 Proposal to encode dominoes and other game symbols [Everson, L2/04-163]

  A.22 Proposal to add combining Glagolitic suspension mark [Everson, L2/04-171]

  A.23 Response to WG2-N2713 - combining right dot above [TCA, L2/04-200]
  A.24 Proposal to add 106 compatibility Hanjas of DPR of Korea to CJK compatibility ideographs [DPRK, L2/04-207]
  A.25 moved to plenary agenda C.17.8 (Proposed extension C2 submission [Jenkins, L2/04-185])
  A.26 Definition of a code position for German umlauts [German NB, L2/04-210]
  A.27 Revision of Cuneiform [Everson, L2/04-189,L2/04-223R,L2/04-225]
  A.28 moved to plenary agenda C.16.6 (Two Africanist phoenetic characters [L2/04-242])
  A.29 Korean postal symbol [L2/04-267]

B. Administrative Issues

B.1 UTC membership roll call
  B.1.1 Call for proxies
  B.1.2 Roll call

B.2 Declaration of joint meeting

B.3 Registration of new documents

B.4 Approval of joint meeting agenda
Latest version of this document [L2/04-155]

B.5 Minutes and action items
  B.5.1 Approval of minutes of Joint Meeting UTC 98/L2 195 [L2/04-003]
  B.5.2 Review of open action items [L2/SD2]
  Minutes publicly posted at http://www.unicode.org/unicode/consortium/utc-minutes.html

B.6 Calendar Review
  UTC 100/L2 197 - August 10-13, 2004, Redmond, host Microsoft
  UTC 101/L2 198 - November 15-18, 2004, Cupertino, host Apple, Annual Members Mtg
  UTC 102/L2 199 - February 7 - 10, 2005, Mountain View, host, Unicode
  UTC 103/L2 200 - May 10-13, 2005, Nashua, host HP (to be confirmed)
  Calendar posted at http://www.unicode.org/unicode/timesens/calendar.html

B.7 Letter Ballot Review 

C. Liaison Reports and Technical Topics

C.1  WG2
  C.1.1 Convenor's report [Ksar]  
  C.1.2 Liaison report [Freytag, L2/04-165; Whistler]
  C.1.3 WG2 - action items [Umamaheswaran]
  C.1.4 ISO/IEC 10646:2003/Amd.1:2004 (PDAM 1)
    C.1.4.1 Ballot comments [Suignard, L2/04-135L2/04-154,L2/04-241]
    C.1.4.2 On the ordering of the Tai Lue script in the PDAM code chart [Everson, L2/04-164]
  C.1.5 Unconfirmed minutes of WG 2 meeting 44 [Umamaheswaran, L2/04-196]
  C.1.6 Architecture change to 10646 to remove the encoding space above 10FFFF

C.2  WG20
  C.2.1 Convenor's report [Whistler]
  C.2.2 ISO Country, language, and currency codes [L2/04-126, L2/04-127]   

C.3 SC2/SC22/SC36
  C.3.1 Liaison report [Ksar]
  C.3.2 Position 14651 SC2 discussions

  C.4.1 Liaison report [Jenkins, L2/04-176]
  C.4.2 Resolutions of IRG #22 [IRG, L2/04-175]
  C.4.3 Request for collection identifier for international ideograph core subset in ISO/IEC 10646 [IRG, L2/04-184]
  C.4.4 IICore V2.1 – CJK basic [IRG, L2/04-201]
  C.4.5 Resolution from the Old Hanzi Interest Group [IRG, L2/04-204]

  C.5.1 Liaison report [Ksar]
  C.5.2 Position on 14651 ad hoc discussion planned for SC2 meeting

  C.6.1 Liaison report [McGowan]
C.7 W3C
  C.7.1 Liaison report [Davis]
  C.7.2 Character model for the world wide web [L2/04-105]

C.8 UC Berkeley Department of Linguistics
  C.8.1 Liaison report [Anderson, L2/04-203]

C.9 ILCAA (Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa)  

  C.10.1 Liaison report [Kaplan, L2/04-249]

  C.11.1 Liaison report [Davis]
  C.11.2 Punctuation and strings [O'Donnell, L2/04-250]

C.12 Public Review Issues
  C.12.1 Closed Issue 13: Unicode Beta
    C.12.1.1 Feedback [L2/04-173]
  C.12.2 Issue 20: Review of Draft Unicode Technical Report #31: Identifier and Pattern Syntax [Davis, L2/4-253]
    C.12.2.1 Feedback [L2/04-173]
  C.12.3 Issue 25: Review of Proposed Update Unicode Technical Report #17: Character Encoding Model [L2/04-254]
    C.12.3.1 Feedback [L2/04-173]
    C.12.3.2 Types of character sets [Davis, L2/04-228]
  C.12.4 Closed Issue 27: Joiner/Nonjoiner in Combining Character Sequences [Davis, L2/04-097]
    C.12.4.1 Feedback [L2/04-173]
  C.12.5 Issue 29: Normalization issue [Davis, L2/04-094]
    C.12.5.1 Feedback [L2/04-173]
  C.12.6 Issue 30: Bengali Khanda Ta [Constable, L2/04-062,L2/04-252,L2/04-262]
    C.12.6.1 Feedback from Gautam Sengupta [Sengupta, L2/04-192]
    C.12.6.2 Feedback [L2/04-173]
  C.12.7 Issue 31: Cantonese Romanization [Jenkins, L2/04-039]
    C.12.7.1 Feedback [L2/04-173]
  C.12.8 Issue 32: Review of  Draft Unicode Technical Report #23: Character Property Model [L2/04-256]
    C.12.8.1 Feedback [L2/04-173; W3C I18N, L2/04-251]
  C.12.9 Issue 33: UTF conversion code update
  C.12.10 Issue 34: Review of Draft Unicode Technical Standard #35: Locale Data Markup Language [L2/04-255]
    C.12.10.1 Feedback [L2/04-173,L2/04-251]
  C.12.11 Issue 35: Encoding LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH STROKE as a phonetic symbol [Constable, L2/04-132]
    C.12.11.1 C stroke examples from BAE report 1884 [Starner, L2/04-145]
    C.12.11.2 Slashed C Feedback [Anderson, L2/04-202]
    C.12.11.3 Feedback [L2/04-173]
  C.12.12 Issue 36: Review of  Draft Unicode Technical Report #30: Character Foldings [L2/04-257]
    C.12.12.1 DiacriticFolding table [Cowan, L2/04-179]
    C.12.12.2 TR30 data tables [Davis, L2/04-169]
    C.12.12.3 Feedback [L2/04-173]

C.13 Unicode Technical Reports, Standards, and Standard Annexes
  C.13.1 Unicode Technical Standard #10: Unicode Collation Algorithm
    C.13.1.1 Bug in Kannada collation [Pavanaja, L2/04-102]
    C.13.1.2 Ordering rules for Hangul, CTT suggestion [Karlsson, L2/04-108]
    C.13.1.3 Indic scripts collation grouping, CTT suggestion [Karlsson, L2/04-109]  
    C.13.1.4 Ordering rules for Khmer, Thai, and Lao, CTT suggestion [Karlsson, L2/04-110]
    C.13.1.5 Ordering rules for Khmer, Thai, and Lao, annex C.2, B.5 [Karlsson, L2/04-111]
    C.13.1.6 Request to change Greek collation order for SAN [Anderson, L2/04-034]
    C.13.1.7 Request to change Greek collation order for KOPPA [Kirk, L2/04-030R, Anderson, L2/04-055]
    C.13.1.8 UCA revised latin [Davis, L2/04-031R]
  C.13.2 Unicode Standard Annex #29: Text Boundaries
C.13.2.1 Katakana_Or_Hiragana updates [Davis, L2/04-152R; Cowan, L2/04-160]
    C.13.2.2 Proposed changes to UAX#29 [Goldsmith, Davis, L2/04-215
  C.13.3 Working Draft Unicode Technical Report #XX: Unicode Conformance Model [Freytag, L2/04-166]
  C.13.4 Working Draft Unicode Standard Annex #XX: Indic Text Representation [Muller]

C.14 Editorial Committee
  C.14.1 UTC action items assigned to the Editorial Committee
    C.14.1.1 Editorial Committee completed action item list [Allen, L2/04-180]
  C.14.2 Errata
    C.14.2.1 Bidi errata [Esfahbod, L2/04-168]
  C.14.3 Unicode 4.0.2 [Davis]
  C.14.4 UAXes vs. Unicode book [Scherer, L2/04-153]
  C.14.5 Significance of dot and dot dot releases and ... [Davis]
  C.14.6 Inconsistency between data files in 4.0.1 [Freytag, L2/04-167]
  C.14.7 Unicode 4.1

C.15 Properties 
  C.15.2 Musical symbol errors [Whistler, L2/04-258]
  C.15.3 Items from 4.0.1 [Davis, L2/04-123]
  C.15.4 Script values [Davis, L2/04-124; Freytag, L2/04-125]
  C.15.5 Unihan
    C.15.5.1 Proposal to add 'kHDZRadBreak" to Unihan.txt [Cook, L2/04-138]
    C.15.5.2 Status of the Unihan database [Jenkins, L2/04-186]
  C.15.6 Soft-dotted characters in the pipeline [Hallissy, L2/04-144]
  C.15.7 Change in Final_Cased condition [Davis, Scherer, L2/04-148]
  C.15.8 Unicode property invariants [Davis, L2/04-151]
  C.15.9 Requirements for adding and updating Unicode properties [Freytag, L2/04-183]
  C.15.10 Properties of Kannada vowel signs e and i [Cline, L2/04-188]
  C.15.11 XML Representtion for the UCD [Muller, L2/04-220]
  C.15.12 Decimal problem [L2/04-229]
  C.15.13 Other alphabetic [L2/04-230]

C.16 Scripts, New Characters
  C.16.1 Consent Docket [McGowan, L2/04-259R]
  C.16.2 HKSCS and GB18030 PUA characters [Suignard, Muller, Jenkins, L2/04-161,L2/04-221,L2/04-240,L2/04-263]
  C.16.3 Using space as a base character [Muller, L2/04-234]
  C.16.4 Request to consider superscripts and subscripts in linguistics [Anderson, L2/04-214]
  C.16.5 Script model [Davis, L2/04-146]
  C.16.6 Two Africanist phoenetic characters [L2/04-242]
  C.16.7 Final proposal for encoding Phoenician [Everson, L2/04-141R2]
    C.16.7.1 Miscellaneous input on Phoenician encoding proposal [Kass, Anderson, et.al., L2/04-149]
    C.16.7.2 Expert feedback on Phoenician [Anderson, L2/04-177]
    C.16.7.3 Rebuttal to final proposal for encoding the Phoenician script [Keown, L2/04-181]
    C.16.7.4 Phoenician recommendation [McGowan, L2/04-187]
    C.16.7.5 Additional examples of the Phoenician script in use [Everson, L2/04-190]
    C.16.7.6 Responses to the revised "Final proposal for encoding the Phoenician script" [L2/04-141R2]
      C. [Kirk, L2/04-206]
      C. [Snyder, L2/04-218]
      C. [Anderson, L2/04-178]
  C.16.8 Hebrew
    C.16.8.1 Hebrew vowel holam [Kirk, L2/04-193]
    C.16.8.2 Hebrew mark meteg [Kirk, L2/04-194]
  C.16.9 Sri Lanka standard for Sinhala [Dias, et. al., L2/04-131,L2/04-231,L2/04-235,L2/04-239,L2/04-248]
C.17 CJK
  C.17.1 Ideographic variation selectors [Muller, L2/04-219]
  C.17.2 Sources for CJK compatibility ideographs [Muller, L2/04-212]
  C.17.3 JIS 213 mappings
  C.17.4 Proposal to add 6 KP source references to existing CJK unified ideographs [DPRK, L2/04-208]
  C.17.5 Proposal to add 13 KP source reference to existing CJK compatibility characters [DPRK, L2/04-209]
  C.17.6 Proposal to encode five additional CJK symbols [West, L2/04-029]
  C.17.7 Chinese counting rod numerals [Jenkins, L2/04-227]
  C.17.8 Proposed extension C2 submission [Jenkins, L2/04-185]

D. Miscellaneous


E. Close of Joint Meeting

E.1 Review of UTC motions (recommendations to L2) [L2/04-157]

E.2 UTC position on current ballots [Wissink]

E.3 Closing of joint meeting