Pre-Preliminary Motions of the UTC 100 / L2 197 Joint Meeting
Redmond, WA -- August 10-13, 2004
Hosted by Microsoft
August 20, 2004

[100-C1] Consensus: Accept the 3 name changes in section A.1of L2/04-330 (WG2 consent docket).

[100-C2] Consensus: Accept the names changes to the 12 Tifinagh characters as documented in L2/04-330 (WG2 consent docket).

[100-C3] Consensus: Approve codepoint assignments and one name change for Ethiopic extensions 1200.127F, 1280..129F, 2D80..2DDF as in document L2/04-287.

[100-C4] Consensus: Change name of script, block, and every character from "Tai Lue" to "New Tai Lue" and approve revised order as given in L2/04-287 with 8 additional documented name changes.

[100-C5] Consensus: Approve re-ordering of the CJK additions in 31C0..31EF and 9FA6..9FBC as documented in L2/04-287 and L2/04-330.

[100-C6] Consensus: Switch the order of open superset and open subset to 27C3 open subset, 27C4 open superset, as documented in L2/04-287.

[100-C7] Consensus: Accept the 59 N'ko script characters, as documented in L2/04-287, at U+07C0 .. U+07FA with block name "N'ko" U+07C0..U+07FF, for Unicode 5.0.

[100-C8] Consensus: Restrict block names and script names to character naming conventions plus Latin lowercase letters.

[100-C9] Consensus: Accept the two new generic bracket characters U+2E1C LEFT LOW PARAPHRASE BRACKET, U+2E1D RIGHT LOW PARAPHRASE BRACKET in 10646 amendment 1, as documented in L2/04-287.

[100-C10] Consensus: Accept the name changes for 2E0C Left Raised Omission Bracket, 2E0D Right Raised Omission Bracket, as documented in L2/04-287.

[100-C11] Consensus: Accept Korean Postal Mark, U+327E CIRCLED HANGUL IEUNG U, as documented in L2/04-287.

[100-C12] Consensus: Accept the addition of 106 DPRK compatibility ideographs at U+FA70..U+FAD9 for Unicode 4.1.

[100-C13] Consensus: Postpone the encoding of Phags-pa to Unicode 5.0.

[100-C14] Consensus: Ask for 18 Chinese counting rod numerals to be added to 10646 PDAM 2.

[100-C15] Consensus: Accept the following name changes (in reference to 10646 amendment 1):

U+097D Devanagari Letter Glottal Stop
U+03FD Greek Capital Reversed Lunate Sigma Symbol
U+03FE Greek Capital Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbol
U+03FF Greek Capital Reversed Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbol
U+07B7 Arabic Letter Noon with Two Dots Below
U+0768 Arabic Letter Noon with Small Tah

[100-M1] Motion: Make machine-readable form of the boundary property values in UTR #29 and link it from the document, provisionally placing the file in the UTR #29 directory but with final disposition to be up to the Editorial Committee.

Moved by Mark Davis, seconded by V. S. Umamaheswaran

7 for
0 against
2 (MS, Justsystem)

Motion 100-M1 carries

[100-M2] Motion: In 4.1 NBSP is the preferred base as opposed to SPACE. Drop rule LB7a (rule which says a space with a combining mark acts like a symbol). Add NBSP to "aletter" in TR 29.

Moved by Mark Davis, seconded by V. S. Umamaheswaran

7 for
1 against (Adobe)
1 abstain (Justsystem)

Motion 100-M2 carries

[100-M3] Motion: Accept Hebrew point Holam Haser for Vav at codepoint U+05C7 for encoding in Unicode 5.0, as documented in L2/04-310.

Moved by Rick McGowan, seconded by V. S. Umamaheswaran

7 for
0 against
2 abstain (Justsystem, RLG)

Motion 100-M3 carries

[100-C16] Consensus: Accept 5 mathematical horizontal bracket characters for encoding at U+23DC..U+23E0 with names as given in L2/04-329.

[100-C17] Consensus: Change the general category of YI SYLLABLE WU U+A015 from Letter Other to Letter Modifier (Lm) and give it the property of extender.

[100-M4] Motion: Change general category "Me" to be transparent in joining behavior.

Moved by Mark Davis, seconded by V. S. Umamaheswaran

5 for
0 against
4 abstain (MS, Sybase, Justsystem, RLG)

Motion 100-M4 carries

[100-C18] Consensus: Accept 21 letters from L2/04-246R (other than Chinantec tone marks and at signs):

xx00-xx06 encode at 1DC4-1DCA
xx10-xx12 encode at 0242-0244
xx15-xx1F encode at 0245-024F but reverse so capitals preceed smalls

[100-C19] Consensus: Add kHDZRadBreak field to Unihan.txt for Unicode 4.1.

[100-C20] Consensus: Remove the Final_Cased condition from the standard and replace with final sigma as defined in UTR #21-5.

[100-C21] Consensus: Approve public posting (as Public Review Issue) of a proposed draft UTR on Unicode Security considerations.

[100-C22] Consensus: The UTC agrees to establish an Indic conjoining behavior model consisting of the following hierarchy:

A. no joiner -- "full conjunct form"
B. Cons virama ZWJ -- "alternate form for leading consonant"
C. ZWJ virama Cons -- "alternate form for trailing consonant"
D. Cons virama ZWNJ Cons -- "fully expanded form with explicit virama"

[100-C23] Consensus: UTC will make available XML versions of the UCD. In case of conflict, the original non-XML version is authoritative.

[100-C24] Consensus: The UTC asks the Editorial Committee to prepare a plan for implementing a new distribution format for the UCD as documented in L2/04-333 for review at the next UTC meeting.

[100-C25] Consensus: Give U+1D170 through U+1D172 the "Other_Grapheme_Extend" property.

[100-C26] Consensus: Clarify a relationship of stacking behavior and fixed-position classes and document the expected encoding for the Thai examples given in L2/04-332.

[100-C27] Consensus: Add vertical tab to the definition of line boundaries in Regex UTS #18.

[100-C28] Consensus: Retract the "Katakana_or_Hiragana" category and give the characters currentlyh in that category the script value "Inherited" instead.

[100-C29] Consensus: Advance proposed update UTR #17 (L2/04-288) to UTR #17 after review by the editorial committee.

[100-C30] Consensus: Progress DUTR #30 after review by the Editorial Committee to UTR #30.

[100-C31] Consensus:

A. Change the collation algorithm so that all completely ignorable characters interrupt contractions.
B. Arabic Number Sign and Invisible Times and like characters (U+0600..U+0603, U+06DD, U+2061..U+2063) make not completely ignorable.
C. Document in the UCA the general use of CGJ to break contractions or in tailoring to have special effects.

[100-C32] Consensus: Adopt recommendations on collation 1-7 (1-5 and 7, excluding 6) of document L2/04-277.

[100-M5] Motion: Issue a public review issue on the ten most required UCA Latin recommendations from L2/04-311: the characters in Section 1 and the first 7 chars in section 2.

Moved by Gabriel Plumlee, seconded by Cathy Wissink

6 for (incl RLG, JustSystem)
2 against (MS, Sybase)
2 abstain (Adobe, SAP)

Motion 100-M5 carries

[100-C33] Consensus: Issue a proposed update of UCA with a draft 4.1 beta table of AllKeys.txt.

[100-C34] Consensus: Issue a proposed update UAX #24 based on L2/04-289 after edits as discussed in meeting.

[100-C35] Consensus: Issue a proposed draft UTR #33 (Unicode Conformance Model).

[100-C36] Consensus: Approve the minutes of UTC #99 as documented in L2/04-156R with the update to action 99-A53.

[100-C37] Consensus: Advance working draft L2/04-339 to proposed draft UAX #34 (Named Unicode Sequences).

[100-C38] Consensus: Make mods in UAX #15 and post as Proposed Update UAX #15.

[100-C39] Consensus: In reference to document L2/04-308, adopt #1 for UAX #29 and post as proposed update to UAX #29.

[100-C40] Consensus: From document L2/04-308, adopt points 4, 5, and 6 for UAX #14. Include in the proposed update UAX #14 and post.

[100-C41] Consensus: Authorize proposed update to UTS #18 following the text in L2/04-308.

[100-C42] Consensus: Authorize a proposed update to UTR #23.

[100-C43] Consensus: Make the change in L2/04-308 under "Related Items" first two bullets.

[100-C44] Consensus: For the acceptance of Holam Haser for Vav, the procedures of the joint ad hoc meeting of L2 and the procedures of L2 and UTC have been followed, including the due consideration of alternative proposals.