Title:Proposed Balinese Line-Breaking Classes
Source: Rick McGowan
Date:April 25, 2005

 These are proposed line-breaking class assignments for the Balinese characters in L2/05-008.

Codepoint Range  Description Proposed Class
1B00 - 1B04non-spacing marksCM
1B05 - 1B33alphabetic lettersAL
1B34 - 1B43vowel signsCM
1B45 - 1B4Balphabetic lettersAL
1B50 - 1B59decimal digitsNU
1B5A - 1B5Csection punctuationBA  *
1B5Dcolon-likeBA  *
1B5E, 1B5Fdanda, double-dandaBA  *
1B60line-breaking hyphenBA  *
1B61 - 1B6Astand-alone musical symbols AL
1B6B - 1B73non-spacing musical marksCM
1B74 - 1B7Cstand-alone musical symbols AL

* See also page 3 of L2/05-008 regarding punctuation combinations. Probably the general "BA" is the most reasonable approach to these.