UTC 104 & INCITS Subgroup L2 201 Joint Meeting
Mountain View, California -- August 9-12, 2005
Hosted by Microsoft
August 10, 2005

Unicode Technical Committee Script Subcommittee meeting time:

    Tuesday, August 9              10:30 am to 5:30 pm

Unicode Technical Committee Plenary meeting times:
    Wednesday, August 10        9:30 am to 5:30 pm
    Thursday, August 11            9:30 am to 5:30 pm
    Friday, August 12                9:30 am to 3 pm              

L2 Plenary meeting time:
    Friday, August 13               3 pm to 5 pm

Scheduled activities:

Agenda Item


Day and Time (PDT)

Call-in Information
C. Scripts McGowan
Tuesday, 10:30 am to 5:30 pm
Toll-Free (US & Canada): 866-500-6738
Toll: 203-480-8000
Participant Pass code: 741167
Thursday, 9:30 am to noon
Toll-Free (US & Canada): 866-500-6738
Toll: 203-480-8000
Participant Pass code: 741167

Ad  Hoc Meeting Rooms:

Ad Hoc Subject
Day and Time (PDT)
Call-in Information
Variation Selectors
Tatsuo Kobayashi, Eric Muller, et. al.
Thursday, noon
Toll-Free (US & Canada): 866-500-6738
Toll: 203-480-8000
Participant Pass code: 741167

Related meetings:



Day and Time (PDT)

Location Call-in Information
Davis, et. al.
Tuesday, 8 am to 9 am

UTC Procedures posted at: http://www.unicode.org/consortium/utc-procedures.html

A. Administrative Issues

A.1 UTC membership roll call
  A.1.1 Call for proxies
  A.1.2 Roll call

A.2 Declaration of joint meeting

A.3 Registration of new documents

A.4 Approval of joint meeting agenda
  Latest version of this document [L2/05-107]

A.5 Minutes and action items
  A.5.1 Approval of minutes of Joint Meeting UTC 103/L2 200 [L2/05-108R]
  A.5.2 Review of open action items [L2/SD2, L2/05-207]
  Minutes publicly posted at http://www.unicode.org/unicode/consortium/utc-minutes.html

A.6 Calendar Review
  UTC 105/L2 202 - November 1-4, 2005, San Jose, host, Adobe, Annual Members Mtg
  UTC 106/L2 203 - February 6-9, 2006, Mountain View, host, Unicode
  UTC 107/L2 204 - May 16-19, 2006, host, Apple
  UTC 108/L2 205 - 3Q, 2006

  Calendar posted at http://www.unicode.org/unicode/timesens/calendar.html

A.7 Letter Ballot Review

A.8 Schedule of Ad Hoc Meetings

A.9 Membership update

B. Liaison Reports and Technical Topics

B.1  WG2
  B.1.1 Convenor's report [Ksar]  
  B.1.2 Liaison report [Freytag]
  B.1.3 WG2 action items [Umamaheswaran]
  B.1.4 Ballots

B.2 SC2/SC22/SC35/SC36
  B.2.1 Liaison report [Ksar]
  B.2.2 SC2 documents [L2/05-217, L2/05-220, L2/05-221]

  B.3.1 Liaison report [Jenkins, L2/05-160]

  B.4.1 Liaison report [Ksar]

  B.5.1 Liaison report [McGowan]
B.6 W3C
  B.6.1 Liaison report [Davis]
B.7 UC Berkeley Department of Linguistics - Script Encoding Initiative
  B.7.1 Liaison report [Anderson, L2/05-198]

B.8 ILCAA (Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa)  

  B.9.1 Liaison report [Kaplan]

  B.10.1 Liaison report [Davis]

B.11 Public Review Issues
  B.11.1 Issue 69: Review of Proposed Update Unicode Standard Annex #24: Script Names
    B.11.1.1 Feedback [L2/05-200]
    B.11.1.2 Working draft for review [Freytag, Davis, L2/05-204]
  B.11.2 Issue 70: Review of Proposed Draft Unicode Technical Standard #37: Registration of Ideographic Variation Sequences
B.11.2.1 Feedback [L2/05-200]
    B.11.2.2 Working draft for review [Hiura, Muller, L2/05-205]
  B.11.3 Issue 71: Questions on Malayalam Digits
B.11.3.1 Feedback [L2/05-200; Sulochana, L2/05-164; Kerala State, L2/05-165; Johny, L2/05-173]
    B.11.3.2 PRI text and background documents [Editorial Committee, L2/05-199, L2/05-201]
  B.11.4 Issue 72: Stability of the Bidi Mirrored Property
B.11.4.1 Feedback [L2/05-200]
    B.11.4.2 PRI text and background documents [Editorial Committee, L2/05-199, L2/05-202]
  B.11.5 Issue 73: Representative Glyphs for Arabic Characters U+06DF, U+06E0, U+06E1
B.11.5.1 Feedback [L2/05-200]
    B.11.5.2 PRI text and background documents [Editorial Committee, L2/05-199, L2/05-203]
B.12 Unicode Technical Reports, Standards, and Standard Annexes
  B.12.1 Unicode Standard Annex #15: Unicode Normalization Forms
B.12.1.2 Suggestions for UAX#15 [Davis, L2/05-211]
  B.12.2 Unicode Technical Report #23: The Unicode Character Property Model
B.12.2.1 Suggested changes in the character property model  [Davis, L2/05-197]
  B.12.3 Unicode Technical Report #30: Unicode Support for Mathematics
    B.12.3.1 Draft text [Freytag, L2/05-192]
  B.12.4 Proposed Update Unicode Technical Report #36: Unicode Security Considerations
B.12.4.1 Comments [Sasaki, L2/05-161, Sanz, L2/05-225]
    B.12.4.2 Draft text [Davis, L2/05-209]
B.12.5 Draft Unicode Technical Report #32: Assessing Unicode
B.12.6 Unicode Standard Annex #29: Text Boundaries

B.13 Editorial Committee
  B.13.1 UTC action items assigned to the Editorial Committee
    B.13.1.1 Editorial Committee completed action item list [L2/05-206]
  B.13.2 Errata
  B.13.3 Editorial Committee report [Whistler]

B.14 Properties 
  B.14.1 Proposal to obsolete the Grapheme_Link property [Whistler, L2/05-168]

B.15 Criteria for disunifying diacritics [Freytag, L2/05-172, Andries and Yergeau L2/05-223]

B.16 Language Tags
  B.16.1 Initial language subtag registry [Ewell, L2/05-195]
  B.16.2  Tags for identifying languages (3066bis) [Phillips, Davis, L2/05-196]

B.17 Casablanca statement on ICT localization in Africa [Osborn, L2/05-163]

B.18 Unicode policies

B.19 Stability of named sequences

C. Script Subcommittee Meeting

C.1 Lepcha

  C.1.1 Proposal for encoding the Lepcha script [Everson, L2/05-158]
  C.1.2 Background documents [Everson, L2/05-061, Govt India, L2/04-397, Kai, L2/03-259]
C.2 Vai

  C.2.1 Proposal to add the Vai script to the BMP [Everson, et al, L2/05-159]
  C.2.2 List of contributors and participants in the Vai proposal [Riley, L2/05-171]
  C.2.3 Background document [Rivera et al, L2/05-053]


C.4 Towards a computerization of Lao Tham system of writing [Kourilsky, Berment, L2/05-166]
C.5 Malayalam

  C.5.1 Proposal to encode Malayalam numbers as distinct characters [Kerala State, L2/05-175]

  C.5.2 Chandrakkala, Samvruthokaram, Chillaksharam [Chitrajakumar, Gangadharan, Vedi, L2/05-210, L2/05-213, L2/05-215]
C.6 Proposed changes to Gurmukhi 2 [Sidhu, L2/05-167]
C.7 For a correct encoding of N'ko [Yergeau, Andries, L2/05-169]
C.8 Proposal to add Jain religious symbol Teen Lok [Jain, L2/05-170]
C.9 Irish comments on cuneiform [Everson, L2/05-174]

C.10 Myanmar
  C.10.1 Extending Myanmar to incorporate Sgaw Karen [Hosken, L2/05-178, Myanmar NB, L2/04-198]
  C.10.2 Disassociating Myanmar Medials [Hosken, L2/05-184, Myanmar NB, L2/04-273]

C.11 Preliminary proposal to add medievalist characters [Everson, Haugen, et al, L2/05-183]
C.12 Tamil

  C.12.1 Documentation for KSSA as non-conjunct consonant and conjunct consonant in Tamil [ INFITT, L2/05-185]

C.13 Lao Tham in terms of Lanna: response to L2/05-166 from L2/05-095 [Hosken, L2/05-188]
C.14 Report on implementing the Uralic Phonetic Alphabet [Lehtiranta et al, L2/05-189]

C.15 Claudian

  C.15.1 Proposal to encode Claudian Latin letters [Everson, L2/05-193]

  C.15.2 Proposal for dealing with lowercase Claudian letters [Whistler, L2/05-191]
C.16 Proposal to add LATIN SMALL LETTER GLOTTAL STOP [Ireland and Canada NB, L2/05-194]

  C.16.1 Background information in IPA [Davis, L2/05-212]

C.17 IPA
C.18 Cyrillic additions [Priest, L2/05-080R; Anderson, L2/05-215]
C.19 Latin additions [Priest, L2/05-097R]
  C.19.1 New IPA sound: the labiodental flap [Constable, Esling, L2/05-208]
C.20 Saurashtra [Everson, Krishnamoorty, L2/04-222]
C.21 Todo Mongolian Punctuation Marks [China and Mongolia NB, L2/05-218]

D. Miscellaneous

D.1 Updated UTC Procedures [Moore]

E. Close of Joint Meeting

E.1 Review of UTC motions (recommendations to L2) [L2/05-0109]

E.2 UTC position on current ballots [Wissink]

E.3 Closing of joint meeting