Recently Closed Action Items
(since 2005-05-05)

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From UTC #103 and L2 #200

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
103-A1Rick McGowanPing those not in regular attendance on their open action items by about July 15, 2005.2005-07-18 Done 
103-A3Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate NamedSequences.txt for the next release of the standard, to reflect addition of two sequences for Tamil.2005-05-25DoneUCD
103-A5Michel SuignardAdd the 2 new Tamil named sequences to comments on FPDAM2.2005-05-13Done ballot comments
103-A9Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate Appendix D from L2/05-110R into a proposed update of UAX #24 by June 15, 2005. 2005-05-20DoneUAX #24
103-A10Rick McGowanPost a PRI for proposed update UAX #24 to close August 9, 2005.2005-05-20DonePRI #69
103-A12Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeEdit Draft UTR #36 Security Considerations and post as a UTR by the end of June, 2005. 2005-07-07DoneUTR #36
103-A13Rick McGowanClose the current PRI on Draft UTR #36, saying it will be re-posted in another draft form.2005-05-20 DonePRI #64
103-A14Rick McGowanMake a Security Subcommittee mail list for UTR #36.2005-05-20Done 
103-A15Mark Davis, Security subcommitteeCreate the identifier and confusables lists for UTR #36 by June 30, 2005. 2005-07-07DoneUTR #36
103-A17Mark Davis, Security subcommitteeGather feedback on the effect of removing default ignorable code points from identifiers described in UTR #36.2005-07-07Done UTR #36
103-A18Mark DavisConsider the feedback from public review in the update of UTR #36.2005-07-07DoneUTR #36
103-A21Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with 6 new lowercase characters as in motion 103-M2.2005-05-24DonePipeline
103-A22Michel SuignardAdd 6 Latin small letters from motion 103-M2 to FPDAM2 ballot comments.2005-05-13Done ballot comments
103-A25Asmus FreytagAsk Michael Everson to provide a font for the 6 lowercase characters accepted in motion 103-M2.2005-05-18Done 
103-A26Rick McGowanClose PRI #53.2005-05-20 DonePRI #53
103-A30Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeCreate a draft of an en_US translation of NamesList.txt and post for internal review. 2005-05-20Done 
103-A32Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include Dotted Square2005-05-24DonePipeline
103-A34Michel SuignardAdd Dotted Square to ballot comments for FPDAM2.2005-05-13Doneballot comments
103-A36Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with cuneiform changes.2005-05-24DonePipeline
103-A37Michel SuignardAdd comments in L2/05-135 to FPDAM2 ballot comments.2005-05-13Done ballot comments
103-A38Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with status for Balinese2005-05-24DonePipeline
103-A40Debbie Anderson Ask Dept. of Linguistics, UCB, to further research Cyrillic characters with hook in L2/05-080.2005-07-25Done 
103-A41Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with 4 Devanagari letters for Sindhi.2005-05-24Done Pipeline
103-A42Michael EversonProvide a font ot Asmus Freytag for the 4 Devanagari Sindhi imposive characters in L2/05-082.2005-05-18Done 
103-A46Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeDraft and post a PRI for Malayalam digit 0 glyph change and numerics, to close August 9, 2005.2005-06-02DonePRI #71
103-A47Rick McGowanSend an e-mail to Om Vikas and Manoj Jain request Gov't of India review and input on Malayalam issues. 2005-06-07Done 
103-A48Eric MullerCommunicate back to author regarding issues in C.9 and C.10 in L2/05-088R (and other issues)2005-05-24Done 
103-A53Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to reflect acceptance of 6 Greek epigraphic characters from document L2/05-098.2005-05-24DonePipeline
103-A54Debbie Anderson Reply to Nick Nicholas with the resolution of his document L2/05-098. Ask for updated proposal summary form, forward to Mike Ksar for the next WG2 meeting.2005-05-25Done 
103-A55Asmus FreytagCreate and post an erratum, swapping the glyphs for 1D09C and 1D09F.2005-05-12Done Errata
103-A56Michel SuignardAdd glyph errata for swap of two Byzantine Musical Symbols (1D09C and 1D09F) to the ballot comments for FPDAM2.2005-05-13Doneballot comments
103-A58Rick McGowanClose PRI #592005-05-20 DonePRI #59
103-A59Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd a clarifying header in the names list, "Generic Punctuation for Scripts of India", and add a pointer in each script's names list section, pointing to the generic dandas.2005-07-06DoneNames list
103-A64Rick McGowanClose PRI #65.2005-05-20 DonePRI #65
103-A65Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to reflect encoding of 5 chillu letters for Malayalam.2005-05-24Done Pipeline
103-A66Michel SuignardAdd the 5 Malayalam chillu letters to ballot comments for FPDAM2.2005-05-13Done ballot comments
103-A68Rick McGowanClose PRI #66 and note that UTC accepted the 5 chillu forms for Malayalam.2005-05-20Done PRI #66
103-A69Asmus FreytagWrite to Jon Benito to suggest referencing UAX #31 instead of TR 10176, asking how to proceed, and inviting feedback.2005-05-13Done 
103-A74Asmus Freytag, Rick McGowan, Editorial Committee Draft a PRI on 3 Arabic glyph errata, to include as background pages 6 and 7 of L2/05-151.2005-06-20DonePRI #73
103-A75Rick McGowanPost PRI on 3 Arabic glyph errata, to close August 9, 2005.2005-06-20DonePRI #73
103-A78Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipline with Malayalam Letter K2005-05-24DonePipeline
103-A79Michel SuignardAdd Malayalam Letter K to ballot comments for FPDAM2.2005-05-13Doneballot comments
103-A81Michel SuignardAdd support for current N'Ko proposal to ballot comments for FPDAM2.2005-05-13Done ballot comments
103-A82Ken WhistlerMake specified property changes to LineBreak.txt for the next version of the standard.2005-05-25 DoneUCA
103-A83Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeGenerate and post an erratum report regarding the line breaking of U+1735 and U+1736. 2005-05-13DoneErrata
103-A86Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteePrepare the PRI text and background document for a PRI on Bidi_Mirrored property. 2005-06-20DonePRI #72
103-A87Rick McGowanPost the PRI on Bidi_Mirrored property, to close August 9, 2005.2005-06-20Done PRI #72
103-A89Ken WhistlerDraft ballot comments on 14651 Amd 3 to reflect UTC consensus. Deliver to Cathy Wissink by May 28, 2005. 2005-06-24Done 

From UTC #102 and L2 #199

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
102-A17Cathy WissinkSupply editorial committee with comments to UTS #10 text. [Deadline passed, so not done.]2005-05-06 ClosedMoot, not done
102-A19Mark DavisUpdate the collation test file for data
102-A21Cathy Wissink, Mark DavisWork out how to forward the UTC position regarding the problems with ISO 4217 Currency Codes to TC68 ahnd BSI, and other appropriate committees or organizations. 2005-05-09Done 
102-A66Mark DavisVerify that UAX #31 can safely replace the references to Annex A of TR 10176 by programming language standards.2005-05-11Done 
102-A71Rick McGowanNotify the Tibetan experts that they are welcome to join the tibex discussion list, and submit as a WG2 document to Mike Ksar. Include instructions for joining the list. 2005-05-09Done 
102-A75Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and post PDUTS #37.2005-05-20DoneUTS #37
102-A76Rick McGowanOpen a new PRI for PDUTS #37. (Get blurb from Eric.) PRI to close 5/3/2005.2005-05-20Done PRI #70
102-A86Michel SuignardSee what the UTC needs to do about pending W3C I18n WG action items.2005-05-09Closed Not done
102-A89Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the consortium positions web page with newest information on the stability and availability of codes. See Mark Davis about content and changes. Due April 21, 2005.2005-05-09Done 
102-A91Lisa MooreUpdate and post the approved UTC #101 minutes.2005-05-09DoneMinutes

From UTC #101 and L2 #198

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
101-A28Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #6 and post ASAP.2005-05-09DoneUTS #6
101-A35Asmus FreytagProduce a new committee draft for UTR #33.2005-05-09ClosedUTR #33, superseded 102-A083
101-A54Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and post UTS #18.2005-05-06DoneUTS #18

From UTC #100 and L2 #197

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
100-A16Michael Everson, Editorial CommitteeDraft text for Unicode 5.0 discussing the code point U+05C7 HEBREW POINT HOLAM HASER FOR VAV (revise to U+05BA)2005-05-09ClosedUnicode 5.0 text, superseded by Peter's text

From UTC #96 and L2 #193

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
96-A11Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeDocument the behavior of "ij", "fi", and "ffi" ligatures with accents in a FAQ. Reference 96-C4, 96-A10. [Editorial committee decided that documentation in 5.0 text per AI 96-A012 would be sufficient.]2005-07-13Closed Not done

From UTC #95 and L2 #192

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
95-A12Rick McGowanTake over action item 91-A082 from Asmus Freytag. Point to W3C documentation and prepare a web document on the known discrepancies in E. Asian mapping tables. Also get data from Mark Davis and the ICU team.2005-06-07Done