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(since 2005-10-25)

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From UTC #105 and L2 #202

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
105-A1 Asmus Freytag Follow up with author of Arabic Math proposals and give him our feedback with the aim of actionable proposal for February 2006 UTC. 2005-11-11 Closed Superseded by 105-A057
105-A5 Rick McGowan Close PRI #76. 2005-12-08 Done  
105-A6 Ken Whistler Update properties for Old Persian. 2005-11-08 Done UCD
105-A7 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Incorporate 1-5 of doc L2/05-286 into UAX #29 and post a new update. 2005-12-12 Done UAX #29
105-A8 Rick McGowan Post a PRI for UAX #29 to close Jan 30, 2006. 2005-12-12 Done PRI #84
105-A9 Rick McGowan Close PRI #79. 2005-12-08 Done  
105-A10 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Update UAX #29 definition of Aletter as documented in L2/05-294 and include in the proposed update. 2005-12-12 Done UAX #29, UCD
105-A11 Mark Davis Update the proposed update UAX #31 based on the discussion of the comments in L2/05-331. 2005-12-12 Done UAX #31
105-A13 Debbie Anderson Follow up with Nick Nicholas to suggest that he update his UTN on Byzantine Music to add these suggested tailorings, explanations, etc. 2005-11-11 Closed Superseded by 105-A055
105-A16 Asmus Freytag, Editorial Committee Make the changes (#7 & #8) to the current working draft of UAX #14. [Ready for review] 2006-01-20 Done UAX #14
105-A17 Asmus Freytag, Editorial Committee Make the changes to UAX #14 as modified by discussion of L2/05-303 in the meeting. (A, B, and D from the document.) 2006-01-20 Done UAX #14
105-A18 Ken Whistler Update Linebreak.txt with items A, B, and D from L2/05-303. 2005-11-09 Done UCD
105-A20 Mark Davis Update Scripts.txt with the change of U+1DBF to value "Greek". 2005-12-02 Done UCD
105-A25 Michel Suignard, Mark Davis Forward to ICANN info on security profiles and comments as in above consensi. 2005-12-02 Done  
105-A26 Mark Davis, Security subcommittee Update UTR #36 and UTS #39 based on feedback in the meeting and post new versions. 2005-12-02 Done UTR #36, UTS #39
105-A31 Ken Whistler, Editorial Committee Reflect items raised in discussion including deletion of K15 and re-numbering of definition rules and clauses in TUS. 2005-11-11 Done Unicode 5.0 text
105-A32 Asmus Freytag, Editorial Committee Reflect items raised in discussion including enclosing combining mark in UAX #14 and elsewhere as appropriate. 2006-01-20 Done UAX #14
105-A33 Uma Contact authors of L2/05-249 and L2/05-295 re open questions on the Malayalam fractions. 2006-01-30 Done  
105-A35 Rick McGowan Ask authors of L2/05-309R to correct the glyph of vocalic RR before submission to WG2 and re-submission to WG2. Rick to forward proposal to WG2. 2005-12-08 Done  
105-A36 Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect addition of four Malayalam characters. 2005-11-08 Done Pipeline
105-A39 Rick McGowan Follow up with the authors to update proposal L2/05-345 and submit to WG2. 2006-01-31 Done  
105-A40 Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect acceptance of TIBETAN SIGN RDEL NAG RDEL DKAR at U+0FCE. 2005-11-08 Done Pipeline
105-A42 Rick McGowan Rick McGowan brief the Tibex list of the UTC actions on Tibetan characters. 2006-01-05 Done  
105-A43 Rick McGowan Follow up with authors of and forward to WG2. Proposal needs to be split into two pieces, and forward the proposal for the accepted one character to WG2. 2006-01-31 Done  
105-A44 Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect acceptance of TIBETAN MARK NYIS TSHEG at U+0FD2. 2005-11-08 Done Pipeline
105-A46 Rick McGowan Ask Anshu revisit the Kaithi proposal to fit it into 6 columns and other suggested improvements. 2005-12-08 Done  
105-A49 Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect inclusion of 4 Egyptological alef/ain characters. 2005-11-08 Done Pipeline
105-A52 Rick McGowan, Editorial Committee Create a PRI for correcting glyphs for Omega with Titlo saying that UTC will update the glyph if we don't get information to the contrary. Post to close Jan 30, 2006. 2005-12-08 Done PRI #83
105-A54 Ken Whistler Annotate Byzantine characters based on L2/05-106. 2005-11-18 Done Names list
105-A57 Ken Whistler Add to pipeline the MUSICAL SYMBOL MULTIPLE MEASURE REST at U+1D129. 2005-11-08 Done Pipeline
105-A60 Eric Muller, Editorial Committee Create a PRI on the preferred order for 2 combining marks in Gurmukhi. 2005-12-07 Done  
105-A61 Rick McGowan Post the PRI for Gurmukhi to close January 30, 2006. 2005-12-08 Done PRI #82
105-A62 Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to include acceptance of U+0A51 GURMUKHI SIGN UDAAT. 2005-11-08 Done Pipeline
105-A67 Ken Whistler Check pipeline for updates re the additional characters, name changes, and code changes in code point assignment given in "Part I" of L2/05-270 for Unicode 5.0. 2005-11-08 Done Pipeline
105-A68 Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect acceptance of U+2E18 INVERTED INTERROBANG. 2005-11-08 Done Pipeline
105-A70 Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect acceptance of Ol Chiki. 2005-11-08 Done Pipeline
105-A71 Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to reflect acceptance of the 81 Saurashtra characters at U+A880..U+A8DF. 2005-11-08 Done Pipeline
105-A72 Ken Whistler Update the pipeline to include the four already-approved Sindhi characters 097B, 097C, 097E, 097F in Version 5.0. 2005-11-08 Done Pipeline
105-A73 Ken Whistler Add the four already-approved Sindhi characters 097B, 097C, 097E, 097F to the data files as required for 5.0. 2005-11-09 Done UCD
105-A75 Lisa Moore, Magda Danish Invite ITU to the next UTC meeting. 2005-11-17 Done  
105-A77 Ken Whistler Make updates to data files for property changes for 23B4 TOP SQUARE BRACKET, 23B5 BOTTOM SQUARE BRACKET, 23B6 TOP AND BOTTOM SQUARE BRACKET. 2005-11-09 Done UCD
105-A78 Mark Davis Comment back to the 15924 JAC that Khutsuri is not an adequate description of Georgian Khutsuri. Need to annotate in the 15924 table that Khutsuri is a type of Georgian. 2005-12-02 Done  
105-A79 Mark Davis Communicate with Everson on above AI and that the current Script assignments for Georgian is "geor". 2005-12-02 Done  
105-A80 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Document that the default case folding algorithm doesn't handle atypical uses of Lithuanian correctly. 2006-01-26 Done Unicode 5.0 text
105-A81 Asmus Freytag Add changes to proposed update of UAX #14, in accordance with items 2, 3, 5 of L2/05-292 as amended in discussion. 2006-01-20 Done UAX #14
105-A83 Ken Whistler, Editorial Committee Issue the 5.0 beta to close on January 30, 2006. 2005-12-13 Done UCD, beta page
105-A85 Asmus Freytag, Editorial Committee Document in the description of soft hyphen that it works in cursive scripts as in other scripts, in UAX #14 and chapter 16 of the book. 2006-01-20 Done UAX #14, Unicode 5.0 text
105-A86 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Add a pointer to the above description of soft hyphen in Arabic to UAX #9. 2005-12-12 Done UAX #9
105-A87 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Draft revision of PRI #80 re Bidi_Mirrored property, updating data and adding background doc. Remove HL6 from UAX #9. 2005-12-12 Done PRI #80, UAX #9
105-A87a Rick McGowan Extend the closing date of PRI #80 to January 30, 2006. 2005-12-08 Done PRI #80

From UTC #104 and L2 #201

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
104-A3 Asmus Freytag, Editorial Committee Add a "deprecated" metaproperty to UTR #23. [Ready for review.] 2006-01-31 Done UTR #23
104-A4 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee With reference to Consensus 104-C2, update the UCD data files accordingly for the next version of the standard. 2005-12-02 Done UCD
104-A6 Asmus Freytag, Editorial Committee Remove Appendix A (script icons) from the next proposed update for UAX #24. [Ready for review.] 2006-01-14 Done UAX #24
104-A21 Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Prepare and issue a proposed update for UAX #15, adding material on stability, for a particular version and applying corrigenda. 2006-01-20 Done UAX #15
104-A22 Rick McGowan Post a PRI for UAX #15, to close January 30, 2006 (updated from Oct, 2005). 2006-01-20 Done  
104-A23 Asmus Freytag, Mark Davis, Editorial Committee Take L2/05-197 and see how some of the suggested changes (down to "Preservation") can be incorporated into proposed update UTR #23. 2006-01-31 Done UTR #23
104-A32 Rick McGowan Create a PDF of L2/05-134 to be placed in the doc register. 2006-01-25 Done  

From UTC #103 and L2 #200

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
103-A4 Eric Muller, Editorial Committee Put up a FAQ about the status of TSCII "shrii" mapping. 2005-11-30 Done FAQ
103-A7 Mark Davis, officers Procure a last resort font (free of IP or for unrestricted use). Remand to officers' agenda. 2005-11-02 Closed last resort font
103-A27 Markus Scherer, Martin Hosken, Jonathan Kew, Mark Davis Come up with a consensus proposal for dealing with charsets having contextual mapping (in UTS #22). 2006-01-26 Done UTS #22, L2/05-359
103-A43 Eric Muller, Editorial Committee Document in version 5.0 of the standard that using anudatta on the unadorned chars is not the way to represent Sindhi imposives. Create a FAQ on this issue. 2005-12-08 Done FAQ, Unicode 5.0 text
103-A44 Michael Everson Update proposal on inverted interrobang with more evidence of actual usage and support among Spanish user community. 2005-10-25 Done L2/05-337
103-A49 Eric Muller, Editorial Committee Draft a proposal to document a list of recommended orderings for independent vowel plus dependent vowel combinations. Include discussion of the Gurmukhi cases. 2006-01-31 Done PRI #82
103-A52 Peter Constable, Editorial Committee Prepare text for Unicode 5.0 for the Syloti Nagri block description, with regard to consensus 103-C14. 2005-12-05 Closed Unicode 5.0 text
103-A57 Asmus Freytag Review L2/05-106 and document suggested recommendations for the next UTC meeting. Done by Debbie Anderson. 2005-10-25 Done L2/05-341
103-A84 Asmus Freytag, Editorial Committee Prepare a proposed update of UAX #14 to incorporate a note for U+00A1 and U+00BF. (ready for review) 2006-01-20 Done UAX #14
103-A85 Mark Davis Investigate the GC and Linebreak values of the characters U+3164 and U+FFA0 in the context of the claims made in L2/05-093. [no changes required] 2006-01-25 Done L2/05-292, L2/05-314
103-A88 Mark Davis, Bidi Subcommittee Give clear implementation guidelines on the use of Soft Hyphen in the context of Bidi and linebreaking. (superseded by 105-A086) 2005-12-05 Closed Superseded by 105-A086

From UTC #102 and L2 #199

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
102-A2 Mark Davis Add "Nko" to Scripts.txt for Unicode 5.0 as script long name. 2005-12-02 Done UCD
102-A28 Om Vikas Take feedback on Lepcha and set up a teleconference on Lepcha encoding. Participants from UTC: Michael Everson, Rick McGowan, Peter Constable, ken Whistler, Eric Muller, Mark Davis. 2005-11-02 Closed Not done
102-A53 Peter Constable, Hideki Hiura, Mark Davis, Eric Muller Write a tech note on rendering different languages using the same script. 2005-11-02 Closed Note Done
102-A60 Om Vikas Set up a teleconference on Indic issues in advance of the next UTC to review papers and discuss potential issues. 2005-11-02 Closed Not done

From UTC #101 and L2 #198

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
101-A3 Asmus Freytag, Debbie Anderson, Editorial Committee Write a description of Mongolian shaping so we can get it into Unicode 5.0. (Moot, Andrew West provided documentation.) 2005-12-05 Closed Unicode 5.0 text
101-A65 Asmus Freytag, Editorial Committee Take linebreak info for Cuneiform from document L2/04-354 into account when updating UAX #14 for Unicode 5.0. Also L2/05-289. 2006-01-20 Done UAX #14