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Open Issues for Public Review, May 12, 2006

75 Proposed Update UTR #25, Unicode Support for Mathematics 2006.05.09
UTR #25, Unicode Support for Mathematics, is being updated to account for recent and pending additions to the character repertoire of mathematical characters in the Unicode Standard.

81 Proposed Update to UAX #34: Unicode Named Character Sequences 2006.05.09
A provisional process for the approval of named character sequences has been added to the text of this UAX. A data file containing provisional named character sequences is now available, separate from the list of approved named character sequences. See: http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr34/tr34-4.html  Please review the provisional entries in NamedSequencesProv.txt, as well as the proposed text of the update.

83 Changing Glyph for U+047C/U+047D Cyrillic Omega with Titlo 2006.05.09
UTC has received information indicating that the glyphs for U+047C and U+047D should be changed. In the accompanying figure below, the current shape is shown on the left. The proposed new shape is shown on the right. UTC will move to implement this change if no information to the contrary is received by the end of the review period.

U+047C glyph comparison

84 Proposed Update to UAX #29: Text Boundaries 2006.05.09
A number of changes have been made to simplify implementations and cover edge cases in the rules.

85 Proposed Update to UAX #31: Identifier and Pattern Syntax 2006.05.09
Clarifying text has been added for ideographs and the use of additional characters in identifiers.

86 Proposed Update to UAX #15: Unicode Normalization Forms 2006.05.09
There are no substantive changes in this version of UAX #15. Sections were added to clarify stability and versioning issues, and to make some formatting changes for Unicode 5.0.

87 Proposed Update to UAX #24: Script Names 2006.05.09
This proposed update contains a proposed change in default script value for unassigned characters from Common to a new value Unknown, and a correction for the contents of the Script=Inherited value.

88 Proposed Update to UAX #14: Line Breaking Properties 2006.05.09

The UTC has modified the conformance clauses of UAX #14 and the text they reference. These changes clarify precisely what is tailorable in conformant implementations and what is not. The non-tailorable results are limited to interactions among a small set of well-defined core characters, such as CR, LF, NBSP, SP, and so on, where the semantics of the characters is bound up in how they linebreak.

Please see the background document for details of other changes and items to review.

89 Proposed Update to UTR #23: Unicode Character Property Model 2006.05.09
This proposed update reflects changes to the definitions that are planned for the forthcoming Unicode Version 5.0 and includes a new section on the difference between code point properties and abstract character properties.

90 Unicode 5.0 Beta 2 2006.05.09

The Unicode Consortium has decided to issue Beta 2 of the Unicode Character Database for Unicode 5.0. This extends the feedback period until May 9, 2006. The relevent public review issues for UAXes have also been extended to the same date. Some information on changes and updates to the UAX #9 beta will be announced soon. Data files will also be updated during this period.

During the extended beta review period for Unicode 5.0, the UTC is seeking feedback on potential errors or inconsistencies in all of the data files. However, please note that some of the character properties will be frozen as of March 1. The freeze will apply to all properties defined in the following files: UnicodeData.txt, Scripts.txt, and EastAsianWidth.txt; to a specific list of properties from PropList.txt (White_Space, Hex_Digit, Diacritic, and Ideographic); and to two derived properties, Numeric_Value and Numeric_Type. Substantive feedback received after March 1 regarding any of those properties will be recorded and taken into consideration in review of future versions of the standard, but will not be reflected in modifications for Unicode 5.0.

The Unicode 5.0 beta data files are available at http://www.unicode.org/Public/5.0.0/ucd/. General information regarding these data files is available at http://www.unicode.org/Public/5.0.0/.

91 Proposed Update to UAX #9: The Bidirectional Algorithm 2006.05.09
Conformance to the Unicode Bidi Algorithm (UAX #9) has been tightened in the area of bidi mirroring. The list of characters with the Bidi_Mirrored property has also been extended for consistency. Several other editorial clarifications have been made.

92 Proposed Draft UTS #40: BOCU-1 MIME-Compatible Unicode Compression 2006.05.09
This document describes a Unicode compression scheme that is MIME-compatible, directly usable for e-mail, and preserves binary order (for databases and sorted lists). It replaces UTN #6 and adds a formal description of the algorithms, without substantially changing the specification.

93 Representation of Malayalam /au/ Vowel in Traditional and Reformed Orthography 2006.05.09
The vowel /au/ in Malayalam is represented differently in the traditional and reformed orthographies. This public review issue relates to the representation of these vowels. Details are provided in the background document.

94 Proposed Update to UTS #10: Unicode Collation Algorithm 2006.07.31
Draft UTS #10 is available for public review. The main changes are the incorporation of informative material from UTN #9, and updated references to Unicode 5.0 and to UCA 5.0 data tables (to follow soon). The only planned changes in the weights to pre-Unicode 5.0 characters are for Tifinagh labial modifier letter.

Note: for constraints on proposed changes, see the Unicode Stability Policies.

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